Jan. 30th, 2013

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hmm, there is a solid wall of a front bearing down on us. Working from home today; I feel like I should be literally battening down the hatches, etc, but will probably just hole up in the office and listen for the tornado sirens.

Speaking of my home office, #2Son went and bought/built a gaming computer and then he and his dad ran 100 ft of ethernet cable through the drop-ceiling so my office is suddenly My Office again, as all the computer focus is now in the old playroom. I hardly know what to do without having to shovel out a layer of boy-grunge before I start working there. It's so exciting. (okay, fine, my life leaves a little to be desired on the exciting side of things, but work with me here.) I am suddenly inspired to attempt some sort of decorating theme. (What? It could happen.)

What I'm Reading Wednesday

What I'm Reading

Persuasion, Jane Austen === I'm finding myself reading very slowly this time, just enjoying the characters and setting and Jane's sense of humor.

I just finished up stuff, so this is all I've got working now.

What I Just Finished

Something Like Normal, Trish Doller === The YA PTSD somewhat romance I mentioned last week, and I have to say, she did manage to pull it off. It's not graphically horrible, as befitting the YA part, but it still rang true. This isn't the focus of the book--in fact, it's entirely in the background (which works well with the POV character being a 19-year-old guy with other stuff going on)--but I really loved that the mothers had become friends. It was also an incredibly quick read.

Roselynde, Roberta Gellis === I swear, everything I know about Richard the Lionheart I know from this series.

What I'm Reading Next

The Billionaire's Vinegar, Benjamin Wallace === Foodie book club. I'm not super-excited to read it, but there's a sommelier coming to our next gathering and she's bringing liquid refreshment so I'm sure I can power through this in exchange. I might give myself a halfway-through-reward and watch Chris Pine and his supertight '70s jeans in Bottleshock. It'd still be on-theme, right?

Wonder Show, Barbara Rodgers Barnaby (YA traveling carnival mystery set during the Depression) is in my messenger bag now and is my excuse to not have to talk to anyone at lunch. Introversion ftw, y/y?

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