Feb. 6th, 2013

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Lots and lots of fog this morning, but the sun burned through and it is gloriously bright out there now. My energy level and overall mood approve.

I am having lots of fun writing trope snippets (but wow, you guys like the accidental-baby-acquisition one. SekritVirgin, too, but that's not that big of a surprise. Who knew babyfic had such a following?) and it is not too late to play along! See here on DW and here on LJ to leave a pairing/fandom and pick a trope to go along with it. I will bundle them all up and post them neatly once I work through them.

...and it is Wednesday, so I will do the reading meme. (Wow, 3 weeks in a row--this is some kind of a record.)

What I'm Reading
Still savoring Austen's Persuasion. Possibly because my youngest kid had a meltdown this last weekend and I have been sensitized to it, but Wentworth is kind of a drama queen, yeah? (In a totally manly, Royal Navy kind of a way, I mean.)

Non-fictionally, I'm kind of reading The Billionaire's Vinegar (Benjamin Wallace) for a book club, though I'm finding myself going through it in grad-school style. And since I tend to read in cycles, I'm also skimming Mark Oldman's Guide to Outsmarting Wine and Brave New World of Wine. It's almost time for the museum's wine auction & associated festivities to start and like I said, I read in cycles.

What I Just Finished
Wonder Show (Hannah Barnaby), which was wonderfully atmospheric without being precious. The setting, especially the travelling wonder show of the title, was pretty much a character in and of itself and I enjoyed the multiple points of view she used.

What's Next
I think The Secret History of the Pink Carnation has the next due date, so that, probably. Or not, depending on what catches my eye. :D

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