Mar. 13th, 2013

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wow, so a new pope. My mother is stunned (in a good way)--she never thought she'd see a non-European pope in her lifetime. She & my dad were having lunch with their priest (which they do every week, so you know, no, I don't share my writing with them, koff) when it was announced; apparently, she whipped out her iPad and started googling him at the restaurant ('well,' she said, 'you know I don't eat') when they realized it wasn't the Italian frontrunner. ::beams:: This from the woman who 'didn't need anything electronic'. hah.

Circling back to What I'm Reading Wednesday...

What I'm Reading Now
The Dark Enquiry (Deanna Raybourn) - I'm very happy to see that Aquinas remains in Julia's employ; people are just starting to die. I like Julia but she is suffering in comparison with Cordelia Naismith.

Barrayar (Bujold) - I went and raided Oldest's bookshelves for this once I finished Shards. So far I'm only a few pages in, so I can't offer much but Oldest assures me I will continue to love Cordelia.

Grave Mercy (Robin LaFever) -- Still haven't made much progress, but still not giving it up.

What I Just Finished
To Marry A Prince (Sophie Page) -- SO much better than the last royal-with-commoner debacle. It's actually kind of sweet and mellow and while nothing massively exciting happened, I found myself wanting to know more about the characters, all of them, so I think we can call it a success.

Shards of Honor (Lois McMaster Bujold) - I really did (as predicted) love Cordelia and Aral, enough that I mostly didn't care about the semi-odd pacing. As mentioned above, went off to find the next book as soon as I finished this one.

What I'm Reading Next
I swear I'm buckling down with the nun assassins next. Also, if comixology ever un-fucks their downloads, I have a whackload of Marvel #1s to read through.

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