Mar. 27th, 2013

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What I just finished
The Dark Enquiry, by Deanna Raybourn, which is the fifth (?) of her Lady Julia Grey novels, and which (at least to me) rejuvenated the series a bit. spoilers for the series overall + this book in particular )

Barrayar, Lois McMasters Bujold -- I knew the general outcome of the book so I wasn't too worried about major characters, but I did spend a fair amount of time fretting about my favorites among the minor characters. Then again, once I finally put my mind to reading and got into the story, I whoooooshed through this in a day, so there wasn't all *that* much time spent in absolute terms (there was some substantial time in doctors' offices to kill recently.) I did, as everyone assured me, adore Cordelia, though I kindof missed Aral. Oldest promises to sort through the rest of the series and leave me them in order, so I'm guessing I'll be working through those during the spring.

What I'm reading now
A Little Folly, by Jude Morgan -- It was there on my reserve shelf when I went to collect the most recent batch of cookbooks from the library,** but I honestly can't remember where I found it. Still, Regency, and (god, I hate to say this), fairly Austen-esque, at least from the first few pages. (Definitely more Austen than Heyer and miles above your average Regency, even from the little I've read.)

Grave Mercy -- Okay, I might have to set this aside until I've got a dedicated amount of time, because I keep having to re-read to get the world-building. (This is entirely me, not the book; it's just a richly detailed world and my brain power is not up to it these days.)

What's Next
Also on my reserve shelf was The Madness Underneath, by Maureen Johnson. YA paranormal and the sequel to The Name of the Star, which did a great spin on Jack the Ripper (using the case in modern day.) I've heard excellent things about the sequel, with most people saying that while they liked the first book (as I did), it was like the pilot episode and now that the worldbuilding is taken care of, things really rocket along with the second book. I also probably should start knocking down some graphic novels/trades, as my stack over there is getting out of control again.

**I'm leaving the cookbooks out of the list this time, but noting them here: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home, which 'witch, The Lee Brother's Southern Cookbook (I may never crawl out of this one, especially given the good ol' boy I'm married to), Joy The Baker (back for a second round as I didn't get through it the first time I checked it out.)

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