May. 24th, 2013

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It's been a couple of weeks but then last night I fell into a Felicity/Oliver-shaped hole and came to share with y'all and, lo! There were comments! and it was fun!

So. Posting would be good. And hey, I have SO.MANY. things bookmarked to share. Clearly, trying to do them all in one big swoop (or even monthly) isn't happening so my brain finally woke up and ingested enough Diet Coke to produce the thought that I should just throw a couple of them out each day. (You probably don't want to know how much Diet Coke that took, but those who have shared a hotel room with me over the years can attest to my ability to down oceans of the stuff and let's just say it has been a long, long month of paper-cut type aggravations.)

Thus: Happy-making Thing(s) of the Day (mostly fic, natch, but there are Lots Of Things starred and tagged and bookmarked across my internet-ready devices.)

Also, starting off today with the A-Z meme behind the cut )

Daily Happy-Maker
One from the oldest part of my list & one from the most recent:

The Adventure of the Tattoed Fighter by [ profile] ariadnes_string, Sherlock Holmes / Hawaii Five-0, Holmes/Watson, ~10,800 words, PG-13 === Super-fun fusion where Holmes and Watson come to the aid of a mysterious stranger and end up with his loud, fast-talking partner, too. Danny Williams translates to Victorian London much more smoothly than you'd expect. :D

Con Limon Y Sal by [ profile] Lacinia, Avengers, Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanoff, ~12,000, Mature === Really excellent Bruce and Natasha (and Clint) in the year after the movie, doing what it takes to keep going and finding unexpected relationships along the way. Tiny bit AU for the movie at the beginning, but nothing major.

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