Sep. 4th, 2013

topaz119: (hanging on)
Life around here generally resembles a house of cards, and I mostly get by without losing my mind because not everything redlines at the same time, except when they do & then I run around like a crazy woman, see: today. On the plus side, at least it was the AmEx to which I sent a payment for the wrong account (because Platinum customer service means they fixed it without drama) & BabyBoy took the initiative to call & tell me we'd forgotten the PSAT money so I could make a mad dash to get cash before I went to pick him up (sitting in car pool line now & the Lexus in front of me just smacked his bumper into mine to make sure he took every last inch of space, wtf?) & some days are just like this, right?

Fannish/bookish content to come later...

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