Sep. 14th, 2013

topaz119: (Agent Carter)
  • To the surprise of no one here, I'm sure, I snagged the JARVIS app for my iPhone and have been having a ridiculously good time with it. Between this and the Agent Carter short, I think I'll be getting the Iron Man 3 BluRays, if only to encourage more fun extras. (I liked IM3 well enough, but I probably wouldn't have bought anything. Another win for Marvel, yeah?)

  • On the flip-side, I stumbled across this tumblr:
    My teenage, Batman/Wonder Woman-loving self is so sad, y'all.

  • ...and I can't figure out the embed code on my phone, so here's the link to Beatdown Boogie's short version of DragonCon cosplay:

    alittleblue and kachera and their group are in there (Bat-Totoro ♥) and if you get to the very end you'll see my unofficial DC home, aka the Atrium bar at the Marriott. Much love to the bartenders there.
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