Dec. 10th, 2013

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Those of you who've been around for a while know that my relationship with my parents is not always a smooth one. We're all trying to be better about it, but it's still best if I have something I can do while I'm visiting so I can mentally check out during together-time. The gas fireplace they put in recently is very helpful in that it gives me an excellent reason to sit on the opposite side of the room with a book or a tablet or something. The only thing is that it's not an environment particularly conducive to actual creative work, so writing or reading something that I'm really into is out.

This year at Thanksgiving, I had a stroke of genius and started sorting through all the recs and bookmarks I'd accumulated over the years. Going way back, I had stuff in delicious, but then that imploded and I got in the habit of just sharing them on lj, and then dw. I imported my delicious into pinboard, but my tagging was worth shit and then there were the many hundred links I had that were just sitting around. So this Thanksgiving, I sat in front of the fire and copied and pasted and reworked my tagging and generally found some order in the utter mess.

I still have about 50 new recs to add in, but I've decided I'm never going to be actually caught up there, so I'm declaring victory and (:: cues fanfare::) saying here they are:

[ profile] topaz119 - Currently, 792 recs/links in 40+ fandoms (not counting the miscellaneous books, TV, and movies where I only have a single rec
The big ones are (no surprises here):

  • Marvel Movies
  • Supernatural
  • CWrpf
  • Hawaii Five-0,
  • popslash
    …but there are at least 10 more fandoms that have 5 or more links and bunches more that only have a few (but yuletide is nigh upon us again, so that number may grow.)

    As my Eastern European aunties used to say: Please to enjoy!

    Note: I did not go back & check for dead links--possibly that will happen once I get the most recent batch written up.

    Note2: These are things that made me happy and, as such, exclude wide swathes of the fannish zeitgeist (A/B/O I'm looking at you.) I also do not consistently mention warnings so please be aware of that as you click through & check at the fic itself.
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