Dec. 17th, 2013

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Oh, flist/circle, the plans I had....

Well, you know how it goes--things take longer than expected and new bits and pieces pop up (like, oh, say, a new implementation guide before the end of the year) and people don't feel well (not me, but guess who picks up the slack?) and before you know it, it's a 10 days and counting until the holiday and there's an ugly, ugly tree in your living room, no cards written out and a tiny fraction of the holiday gifts under control.

On the plus side, BabyBoy (all 6 feet of him) and I went to see the good Santa at Lenox Mall this weekend because he claims I never took him as a kid. Now, I feel certain this is untrue, but I also feel like he could have missed out on the last decade or so of visits. So. We went, we saw, we conquered the insane crowds. Plus points for bonding with a kid, even if it's accomplished while circling an urban mall at 2 mph because it's gridlocked, right?

Also on the plus side, we found a new, way less ugly tree and moved the disaster downstairs where it didn't matter that it was stunted and scalped on the bottom. Two trees! Yay! (I officially stopped decorating them this afternoon when I ran out of ornament hangers.)

Possibly on the plus side is that I went trolling on ebay and added more bits and pieces to my Christmas village collection: the Globe Theatre, to be exact. (What this has to do with the rest of the Victorian London/Dickens theme I know not, but somebody wanted to get rid of the thing and I was happy to take it off their hands at the ridiculously low price they were asking for it.) D will be less thrilled, I'm sure, but this is what happens when it's late and I'm frustrated with oh-so-MANY-things. I'm counting it as a win, if only because I haven't gone totally insane and gotten into a bidding war for the Twelfth Day of Christmas figurine, as that one is the one they set up for scarcity and people want/will pay stupid amounts of money for it.

[ profile] wendy asked for pictures of the decorating, so this is your fair warning that that's coming, later in the week after I excavate the house from the storage boxes.

Definitely on the plus side is that I'm really not all that stressed about the holiday. It's nuts and I'm enjoying things and I'm not playing the this is all too much, you have to cut back game, because that's not any fun.

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