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Black-Throated Wind
Supernatural Crossover
Pairing: Dean/*cough*mutter*mumble, um, take your best guess?
Rating: NC-17; violence, sex, language; y'know, pretty much all of it
Disclaimer: At the end, to not spoil the pairing.

Co-written by [ profile] topaz119 and [ profile] without_me for the "All CW All The Time" Kink/Cliche Challenge. We ended up using the prompts bruising in compromising places, biting to leave marks, and enclosed spaces. If you tilt your head and squint, we might have also managed a passing nod to masturbating for your partner.

Many thanks to [ profile] aproposofnothin, [ profile] cardamom_23, [ profile] darkseaglass, and [ profile] liz_w for reading and beta duties.

Also posted in one part on AOOO, here.

Black-Throated Wind, Part 1 )
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But for the amount of effort it took, I'm damn well archiving it somewhere. You'd think after having three kids, I'd learn the danger of offering open gifts, but apparently I'm slow to learn. I told one of my oldest friends that I'd write any pairing for her birthday. She picked Rupert Giles/Alex Krycek. This is my best shot.

Unimaginable, non-chronological shorts.

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