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Daily December #9 - fic and me

So far behind on the daily posting, sorry! (So far behind on so many things, actually. ‘Tis the season, right?)

[ profile] wendy asked me about my fic, specifically, what was my favorite, which is not an easy question to answer (I can’t even pick a favorite movie, so it’s no surprise I can’t pick when the stakes are more personal.)

I decided to talk about a few of my favoriteS (please do note the plural) and why they pop up in my brain as often as they do. These aren't the things I think are my "best" (whatever that means), just the ones that I think of with a little extra fondness.

Going all the way back to my popslash roots (which is where I really started writing for real—I don’t think I’d be able to find my Buffy or X-Files fic even if I wanted to, which I really, really don’t), closeout never really left my brain (seriously: after however many years (11? 12?), I still think about them at the oddest times—I just found a random picture on tumblr that fit with the vibe of the Australian house I got them into.) I’m not sure what possessed me to write an NSYNC surfer AU, but it was pretty cool how it all fell together.

Moving on to Supernatural, on the RPF side of things, there’s always Enough, which I co-wrote with [personal profile] without_me even before I actually got into the show itself. (A was trying hard; she just hadn’t quite gotten me over the mental hurdle of I-don’t-need-another-show—REALLY-I-DON’T.) There’s nothing quite like introducing yourself to a new fandom with a kink-leaning PWP, right?

Also in SPN, I have to mention when push comes to shove, which is the first Big Bang-length fic I wrote on my own. There was a plot! And characters! And I finished it on time!

And then, a few years later, I had another crazy idea and decided to write a gay Regency RPF, An Uncommon Season and once again, I have no idea what possessed me, but somewhere there are chat logs between [ profile] withdiamonds and I where I’m utterly giddy at how the actors were falling into their parts. (She was quite the enabler, too.)

And then came Hawaii Five-0, and in that first mad rush of the premiere, I ended up writing Four Times Nobody Noticed It Was A Date, and One Time There Wasn’t Any Doubt, which, yes, stupid title, but I was writing a BB-length fic 3 episodes into canon. Such a ride that was.

I can’t not mention Shining On The Quay, my sole Trek fic, especially in light of the events portrayed in Into Darkness. I like my version of reality MUCH BETTER, kthanxbye.

And then we get to the Marvel stuff, which is almost a complete full circle back to my days as a proto-geek, reading X-Men on the sly (comic books were A Waste Of Time And Money when I was growing up), and there I have to go with you need a rock not a rolling stone, which I had a glorious time writing, especially given that I was synthesizing 30 years of comics canon and just playing with the bits and pieces I liked best and wrapping it all up with a minor movie-verse character. So much fun. doesn’t matter if I bleed and Come Near were both fix-its for The Avengers, but rolling stone was just for fun.

In fact, if I had to pick just one, I’d close my eyes and hold my breath and go with rolling stone and run away before I had to think about it more.

If you’re still reading, you deserve a cookie, thank you!

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