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(i really need to update my acct so i have all my icons)

Ugh, I am in one of those funks, where everything is annoying me. I have to curtail my interpersonal interaction (on- and off-line) during times like this, or I just stress myself out and end up in an ugly spiral that totally kills my New Year's Resolution ("Be less of a bitch this year than last.") Or possibly ends up with me fired for calling people names, which is also problematic.

So: good thingsā€¦

  • I did go see Civil War on Saturday (with #2Son and D) and we all enjoyed it, even D, who is so not into the geek scene (of any flavor. He saves his energy for sports.) #2 and I had a blast. He loves Black Panther and was over the moon with his introduction. I think I've left maybe 2 comments about the movie overall, both flail-y squee, but while I really do understand Tony's motivations, I am growing weary of his inability to deal with his emotions. At a certain point, it becomes impossible to distinguish between active malevolence and benign incompetence. Let's be real, Tony trying to do the right thing out of his knee-jerk reactions caused more damage than Crossbones and his evil henchmen. I freely admit I have buttons that are being pushed here due to my own life and having to deal with my own dysfunctional extended family, but holy shit, Stark, you have more money than god, stop pretending that your brain knows anything outside of the engineering sphere and figure out some way to not blow up the world (and make yourself happy at the same time.)

    That being said, has somebody written the Tony/Rhodey where Tony finally puts all those years of sexual debauchery to good use and reassures the good Colonel that hell, yes, he's still hotter than hell, or am I going to have to write that myself?

  • I spent most of Mother's Day writing Darcy's reaction to Civil War, which is always entertaining (and in this case, somewhat cathartic), plus: posting fic, \o/. This is Darcy from in deep with you darling, so she's been through all the ups and downs of the MCU -- Operation: Normal Life Is So F*cked.

  • My herb garden is going nuts this spring. I have more cilantro than I know what to do with, even with making batch after batch of a chimichurri-like sauce for steaks and chicken. The dill and basil and mint, I'm keeping up with, but the cilantro is trying to take over the world.

  • I finally have The Raven King in my hands and am blocking out time to read, \o/.

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