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and we're into another week, plus fic

The first part of this is all really boring stuff, but it's stressing me out, almost to the point of my not being able to function, and certainly past the point where I can enjoy much of anything, so here's my checklist and where I stand on getting through it.

  • BabyBoy registered for credit recovery summer school – Presumably done, though it took 3 calls prior to registration, an in-person trip to register, and 12 (yes, TWELVE) calls after to actually get his account activated and classes to show up, so I am not striking through this yet, not until he gets through a couple of lessons. At least my brain might stop with the nightmares of him not being promoted to 11th grade b/c they lost his summer school registration. (But holy crap, how many kids don't have someone who is stubborn enough to keep calling? Or who can step away from work to make call after call?)

  • #2Son jury duty exemption – Also presumably done, in that his therapist signed off on the forms, got her sig notarized, and I got the forms in the mail. We still need to see if the jury management team is going to require anything else, so again with the not striking this through, but at least the ball is in their court.

  • Oldest doctor appointments – Dentist next month, vision appt, he needs to call for ADHD appointment

  • Beach Week – Pre- and post-house hotels, vacation time approved, set up online grocery order, find paperwork/keys for storage unit, decide where WonderDog stays, call neighbors for cat-sitting

  • New York – I *was* doing great on this trip-planning (hotel booked, Hamilton tix, restaurant reservations mapped out) but then D told me there was some baseball thing happening and he needed to be in ATL. Which, fine, we were going b/c I wanted to see Hamilton, so I booked plane tickets for BabyBoy and me, but now there might not be the baseball thing happening? So I might or might not have to change the hotel room, the plane tix, and the restaurant planning (BabyBoy is super-adventurous and will go eat anything with me, while D is what your picky eater grows up into and there needs to be a steak on the menu at all times.) I also have to put in for the time off, which requires fighting with the automated calendaring system.

  • Me – I lost my driver's license and need to go get a replacement. This is happening on Wednesday. I could also use some new glasses & sunglasses. And an annual physical to get the break on insurance rates.

  • D – Also needs physical

    On the good side of things, I added another little bit to the Darcy/Sam fic I started last winter, loving you whether whether. This is looking like it's going to be a bunch of snapshot-type chapters, with no real giant plot arc, just Darcy and Sam finding their way together. I am pretty okay with this.

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