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[fic] Starlit Wave, Star Trek AOS, Pike/Kirk, Explicit, Complete

Title: Starlit Wave
Fandom: Star Trek Beyond / AOS
Rating: Explicit
Length: ~8400 words
Pairing: Christopher Pike/Jim Kirk
Notes: Since it was pretty obvious that Star Trek Beyond was pretending that Into Darkness didn't actually exist, I decided I could do the same, too. So, yeah, that stuff with Pike in the beginning of the second movie? Nope. Never happened.

Summary: So far as Chris could tell, with the warp capabilities of this particular ship, it was going to take a week and a half to get out to Yorktown, and probably the better part of the remaining half-week to finalize the approach and docking.

That gave him two weeks to figure out what the hell he was doing.

Link (AO3): Starlit Wave

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