musesfool: Princess Leia (so what level up)
i did it all for the robins ([personal profile] musesfool) wrote in [personal profile] topaz119 2016-12-20 12:49 am (UTC)

Yeah, that final scene on the beach was fantastic.

I thought the Mon Mothma in this movie, with how she was working the Alliance, not exactly manipulating everyone, but more than willing to play things at cross-purposes when she could (she wouldn't go against the vote of the council but she surely had to know (or at least hope) that someone would be willing to support the Rogue team, etc) fit well with the characterization the book had of her and how everything sort of fell apart when she died.

*nod nod*

And if you've read Aftermath: Life Debt, she's in that too, again very willing to step back and let things play out. Which was even more interesting, because I don't know if Wendig did it deliberately, but Leia's situation had a lot of resonance with Padme's in RotS, and I feel like Mothma would have recognized that.

(I haven't seen CG since she started writing Star Wars tie-ins [and it wasn't like we were buddies or anything but I sat with her at fangirl dinners a couple times], but I would seriously love to pick her brain about them.)

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