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greetings from pajama-land!

Holiday greetings to everyone celebrating!

For whatever reason, I was not on my game this year, so cards have not gone out, cookies have not yet been baked, and I was out of the house before 8 a.m. on Christmas Eve to blast through the stuff I hadn't taken care of. I did fairly well, hitting one store after another as they opened (WalMart, Publix, Costco, back to a different Publix, Target) until I got to the sporting goods store (for the baseball cap that was standing in for the tickets that were the actual present for D) and the line, I swear, was 60 people deep. Even feeding into 8 registers, it took forever. And then it took 3 different stores to find bagels for Christmas morning breakfast. (Seriously, I was buying 2 or 3 at each store because they mostly only had the weird flavors left, and trust me, spinach-whole grain was not going to fly with the House of Boys.)

But as [ profile] withdiamonds has been known to remind me, Christmas happened regardless. Santa may have given up the ghost on filling stockings and just left all the extra charging cords, splitters, and power sources in a Container Store bag, but hey, at least it was a festive-looking bag. And dinner went off almost without a hitch (the sous-vide beef tenderloin experiment was a resounding success, look out Beach Week), though by the time I got the first load of kitchen crap into the dishwasher, I was almost sleep-walking (after getting in from D's family & our Christmas Eve celebrations at 1 in the morning, the new dog woke me up at 5:30 to go outside and throw up, though yay for the 'outside' part of that sentence.)

Since we don't need to drive over to the coast this year, D's family is coming up tomorrow to visit and I'm working on Wednesday and Thursday, and then some combination of us are driving down to Disney World to ring in the New Year, so today, I am lounging about in my pajamas and thinking about baking cookies.

I've been dipping into yuletide a little at a time--before I lose track, have a few of the stories I've enjoyed:

Indian Ocean. Present Day., Top Gun, Maverick/Ice, ~16,500 words, Mature === Post-apoc Navy pilots trying to hold it all together, holy cow, how many tropes does this one hit for me? Many, many, many is the answer.

Therefore Is Winged Cupid Painted Blind, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Jack/Phryne, ~6200 words, Explicit === ::fans self:: When pressed, Jack has quite the mouth on him. (Mind the warnings.)

We Arrive In The Dark, The Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, ~5800 words, Mature === Fantastic Miranda Priestly voice, an Andy who is both mature enough to deal with Miranda and still not very polished, all woven together with a lush fairy tale theme that remembers both the sparkly part and the darkness of reality, all without being a fairy tale itself.
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Sounds like you needed that down time!

Hope you have a great New Year.