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It has been A Week, people.

First off, we had to say good-bye to our Riley, aka WonderDog. His kidneys were failing and there really wasn't anything that could be done. #2Son and I held him and told him how much we loved him and he slipped away very peacefully. (And I'm crying again just typing it.) We're planning on scattering his ashes down at the foot of our property, by the creek he loved to get into (and then track back through the house.) Macgaraidh (aka, the Berserker) is getting lots of love now at home.

Then, Toyota finally made the remedy for the airbag recall available for my van, so I was at the dealership bright and early Monday morning, before they were even sure it was ready. It took them an extra day to do make the fix (the parts were still at the regional warehouse) but it is DONE and I don't have to figure out how to pack the kids and all the junk into the remaining space for the beach trip. But, jumping through all the hoops and getting to/from the office/home was not particularly fun.

Then, there was a giant storm yesterday and the boys were suddenly saying, MOMMOMMOM, THERE IS WATER IN THE BASEMENT, which omg, there was A LOT OF WATER. Like, splish-splashable levels. D was all about borrowing a wet vac, but yeah, no, I was on the phone to ServPro and Sears to see who could get there the fastest. (Sears won. Under an hour. No idea how much it's going to cost. Don't care at this point.) In the middle of all this, D looks at me and says, 'uh, BabyBoy?' which, whoops, the kid was still downtown doing his Shakespeare thing. Yeah, so an hour later, I manage to get there and pick him up. I was only 35 minutes late. #supermom?

This morning, while I'm throwing in the second load of disgusting towels from the gush of water, a contractor I had given up hearing back from emailed to say she could come out and look at the house on Friday, if that worked for me. It's my last day at this job, and the day before we leave for Beach Week, but she comes highly recommended and I'm freaking out about all the work that needs to happen at the house, so yeah, that works for me.

By the time I actually get to the beach, I am going to desperately need an adult slushie.

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