Apr. 12th, 2016

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It took me 105 minutes to get to work this morning. Even the Smart Bitches podcast with the author of Come As You Are (the best book on sexuality I've read in ages, possibly ever) couldn't really counteract the frustration.

Fandom thing #1: Having to keep reminding yourself while reading the daily economics news that IMF==International Monetary Fund, NOT the Hunt/Brandt/Benji employer (clearly, Renner's fault.) If I could only just knock out a quick post-Rogue Nation PWP, but *nothing* on the fic writing front is coming quickly or easily these days…

WonderDog and the cat (who is a Dalek in disguise) teamed up to take down a bird this past weekend, which the dumb dog then ATE, which ended with him at the emergency vet for x-rays and monitoring and expensive, bland food for the next few days as his digestive system had all it could do to deal with that. The dog's vet bills are now higher than the college tuition I'm paying.

Fandom thing #2: My friend's 5 year old little girl (who is utterly adorable) has recently gotten into Star Wars (I may have consulted on the proper viewing order of the movies, but I know you aren't surprised by that) and finally watched TFA last weekend. She was a little confused as to why Han Solo looked 'like a grandpa' but then decided it was okay since Princess Leia looked like a grandma. "They were very sweet," she told me. "Until…" Tragic frown. "Poor Chewie." Big sigh. Cue me trying not to die laughing. She is off to WDW next month and is just as excited about meeting Chewie than she is about the FastPass for Anna & Elsa. \o/ for new generations of fangirls!

For any USians (like me) who were unaware, tax day is not until Monday, 4/18 this year, because Emancipation Day in DC is being celebrated on 4/15. This is not a bad thing. ::eyes the stack of receipts::

Fandom thing #3: Ta-Nehisi Coates really nailed Black Panther #1... I really might have to break my 'no monthlies, only TPBs' and get my hands on the actual paper copies and it has been a seriously long time since that's happened.

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