May. 4th, 2016

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Well, more like the April reading meme, but roll with me...

When a Scot Ties the Knot, Tessa Dare -- I... really should have loved this one, but for a really long time, I thought it was going to go DNF. I liked all the disparate parts (her, him, the castle, people finding a home, etc, etc) but I dislike the trope TD used to get them together, and only finished by skipping over the parts with sex (not that it was badly written per se, just that I don't like the set-up used to get them naked.) Finished, though.

White Night, Jim Butcher -- I'm still trundling through the Dresden audiobooks (I only started reading them b/c the HoB loved them and kept wanting me to read), but as advertised, I do think they're getting better. I can remember how the middle part of the early books just draaaaaaaggged on, but now things keep moving along. Also, I think there are enough side characters I really like to keep all the books populated with a favorite. In this case, both Marcone and Thomas are around, which is perfect for me. Harry's idea of how to mentor/teach Molly makes me want to smack him, but I do feel that's actually consistent with his character. Also, wow with the Harry/Marcone in this one. 

Scandal Wears Satin, Loretta Chase -- Book #2 of her Dressmakers series, which suffers, I think, from the HEA of the first book. The stakes aren't nearly as high in this one--no one is going to starve if things don't work out. Everyone is in reaction mode, b/c the big issue affects a side character and only spills over to the h/h by proxy. Still: LC. A favorite for a reason.

Arabella, Georgette Heyer -- An old favorite, but on audiobook this time through. It suffered a bit in how the narrator read Beaumaris and how that just didn't match up with how he's sounded in my head for lo these many years. 

March, Geraldine Brooks -- I went into this knowing that Brooks based the character of Mr. March was based on Bronson Alcott, who is not my favorite authorial parent (to say the least!) I'm actually pretty shocked that I not only finished this, but enjoyed the journey. I feel like I found personal letters & journals of people I'd only known as a child, with all the good & bad that seeing them through adult eyes implies. 

The Iron Duke, Meljean Brook -- Despite my love of steampunk, I had somehow not managed to read this one (which is sort of the ur-steampunk romance) until this most recent 24-Hour Readathon. The world-building is really fantastic and Brook manages not to info-dump it all at once. I think I could have gone with a bit more character development and the end felt rushed (in that we had this glorious ride of a build-up but then the HEA almost happens off screen, but that's possibly because it was more of an action-adventure with a romantic subplot that grew all kinds of crazy) but I did really enjoy it.

You Are A Badass, Jen Sincero -- sigh. I really need to not take random recommendations to heart. The non-stop advice to Be on the right 'frequency to engage' with the universe/spirit/god/etc was bad enough but then there was the part about how people are depressed so they can get attention & that was enough of that. DNF.

Come As You Are, Emily Nagoski -- Given that I grew up in a Catholic family (sex is only for baby-making) during the sexual revolution of the 70s (if it feels good, do it), I kinda feel like it's a miracle I have at least a semi-adjusted attitude toward sex. This book would have been invaluable to college-aged!me (less guilt! better orgasms!), but it was still fascinating to all grown up me.

Level Up, Cathy Yardley -- Short contemporary romance that ultimately felt really disposable. Plus points for a Hispanic, computer geek of a heroine, and even more plus points for the group of friends she finds herself in the middle of (I want a bookstore like the one in the center of the plot), but everything moved so quickly that I'm having trouble recalling details even though I only just finished it. 

Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates -- The library just delivered my hold, which is great timing given that we (#2Son and I) just finished his first Black Panther (and loved it.)

Small Favor, Jim Butcher -- #10 of the Dresden Files. I'm rolling my eyes (Luccio, REALLY?), but still listening. 

The Bollywood Bride, Sonali Dev -- I just started, but there's a lot of backstory being alluded to.

The Raven King, as soon as I can get my butt to the library!

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