May. 27th, 2016


May. 27th, 2016 12:21 pm
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Oh, y'all, school is finally done for this year. (Well, there is still somewhat decent chance that BabyBoy will have failed one or two classes and will be in summer school, but that's online, and we'll deal with it if it happens.) The last week has been full of projects and papers and assignments until midnight, with a couple of highly dramatic meltdowns and boatloads of drama. On the good side, though, he and a couple of friends wrote, shot, edited and posted two videos for their AP World History classes (he did his best Jimmy Fallon and interviewed Joseph Stalin) and there was a short story written and edited to go along with the research paper. AND, my only contributions were the final SPAG edit on the written stuff, and a template for a newsletter. The rest of the time I sat and colored and offered encouragement. (The coloring was to keep my brain occupied so I didn't go overboard on the I-told-you-so's as to how he really should have been keeping up during the year. He was frustrated enough with himself that he possibly heard me this time, but the jury is still out. (He has 3 AP classes next year, so let's hope he has.) It is really stressful not to leap in and fix things. I always forget how hard it is just to sit and color.

Anyway. I went to bed at 9 last night. It was barely even dark. It was pretty damn glorious.

And then this morning, I got to have the external-validation-is-nice-but-you'll-kill-your-creativity-if-you-build-your-self-worth-around-it talk with him (Jimmy & Joseph only got a 92 and he was super-frustrated with that, which I totally sympathize with. The production values alone were worth a much higher grade and if you don't want to grade on technical issues, don't assign it as a video, assign it as a script for a video.) The talk was a good refresher for me, too, and my cousin the actor had just posted a don't-let-the-gatekeepers-be-your-only-measurement-tool essay on facebook, so clearly, it is that time of year.

In less academic/creative angst sort of news, I have discovered the following two recipes for my abundance of cilantro 'problem':
1. A green sauce from John Besh's My Family Table, a sort of no-cheese cilantro pesto (thanks to [personal profile] st_aurafina for the pesto suggestion), which is super good on grilled steaks/chicken/fish (it's not online, but it's really just ½ cup olive oil, juice from ½ lime, 2 green onions, a small bunch of cilantro (just the leaves), 2 cloves garlic, all zapped in the food processor/blender.) It holds well in the fridge and is great the following week brushed on grilled/broiled flatbreads with or without any of the leftover grilled meats, and some grated manchego.

2. Mexican Street Corn Salad, which is fabulous on its own, but also amazing tossed into a burrito with the grilled protein of your choice and some rice and guac.

Also, for the Regency readers on my circle/flist, Amazon and Audible have had the Rosamund Pike narration of Pride & Prejudice on sale for $3.99 if you have your accounts linked and a kindle edition of the book (any kindle edition, even the free one.) I can't tell if it's still ongoing, but the RP-narration is fabulous and well worth checking to see if it's still happening.

Have a good weekend (and if you're in the US, a good long weekend, and yay, summer!)

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