Nov. 9th, 2016

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Ok. Here’s the deal: I am literally sickened by the election, plus, I live in a red, red, RED state already, so the atmosphere kinda sucks outside of the city anyway. But. I have a kid who is incredibly sensitive to anxiety (and who I am pretty sure is at least bi, if not gay, though we haven’t really ever talked about it, not even when his brother came out as bi) so I cannot, CANNOT, let this overwhelm me. Plus, I am just mad as HELL.

So. I totally understand the need to take a break and regroup, and totally support whatever you need to do to cope (but please, PLEASE, try healthy means. Please. I love you guys, and you have kept me sane over the years. I want you around for the rest of it, and if that sounds selfish, I’m sorry, I hope the support goes both ways.)

In that vein, I made chicken soup this morning, and took the new, crazy!dog on a walk, and will be spending the night with BabyBoy’s dress rehearsal.

(Ok. Small break in the sanity here. My s-i-l just texted me happy birthday greetings, and added: “And just for you, the US elected a new president!”




I have been married to her brother for 27 years, and with him for 6 more, and not especially reticent about my political views, and that’s what she texts me? Even if it’s a joke (and I’m not entirely sure that it is), seriously, what the fuck is she thinking?)

Right. MAD AS HELL. Coping strategies.

What I was leading up to before the stupid, oblivious text, was to say that I come from that branch of fandom where you bring the presents on your birthday, but I’ve been working on things that aren’t done yet, so perhaps today we could distract each other with ficlets? Leave me a fandom, and some characters (pairings or gen, either is fine) and a prompt if you want and I’ll see what I can come up with. I’m [ profile] topaz if you want a timestamp from something I’ve written, or I can see if I can fake something for a fandom I haven’t written in yet. I’m not sure my brain is functioning well enough for actual, 100 word drabbles, but I can try for them if you want.

(Sorry to the non-fandom ppl on my circle/flist, but geekiness runs deep and is my longtime strategy for keeping my sanity. Um, if you want, I can share a recipe with you if you’re not into the fandom thing? Food is my other coping method. :D Tell me what you like and I’ll see what I have stashed around (because it’s not like I don’t have a ToBeCooked list that’s as long as my scary, teetering TBR pile.)

So, yeah, tell me what to write to break the OMGNOWWHAT cycle for just a little bit…

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