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Title: Long Way Home, Epilogue
Fandom: CWrps
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 (this part)
Length: ~4400 words (for this part) // ~33,000 (total)
Disclaimer: Clearly, this never happened, but just in case you're confused, nope, I don't know anything about anybody.
Notes/Thanks: This is the epilogue I should have written when I originally posted, but I ran out of time (and inspiration.) Better late than never? The whole story, which was written for the 2010 [ profile] j2_everafter Disney movie challenge (for Candleshoe) starts here on LJ, and here on AO3.

Summary: Jared is all grown up now, and he has plans for New Year's Eve.

Long Way Home, Epilogue )
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Title: faraway home
Fandom: popslash
Pairing: JC/Justin
Rating: PG
Notes/Warnings: Written for the Brave Author challenge. I went with my Anon Reader's prompt for a timestamp to Closeout, because how could I not?

Present-day timestamp, inspired by the ungodly number of surf documentaries that get me through the winter months. )
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Title: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Author: [ profile] topaz119
Artist: [ profile] facesplitgrin
Pairing: JP/JA
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; explicit m/m sex.
Length: ~35,000 words
Disclaimer: Don't know anyone; this is alllll made up.
Notes: Written for the 2010 [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. Thanks to Lana, who didn't freak out when she ended up with what was essentially half a story to start working on her art; [ profile] withdiamonds, who wouldn't let me freak out when I had essentially half a story a month from when I needed to post; and [ profile] without_me, who did all the heavy lifting on beta and editing literally one step behind me this week.

Summary: Texas in July is not exactly where Jensen Ackles has any desire to be, but a job's a job and interviewing Jared Padalecki, the most famous and successful winner of America's Next Celebrity Chef for Saveur magazine isn't something Jensen's going to turn down. He'll do the interview, try not to laugh, and get back on the plane. Jared isn't any happier at the thought of yet another interview with someone who's already made up his mind that Jared's nothing but a pretty face, but the network insists, so fine. He'll do the interview, practice his patience, and be done with it.

Funny how things don't quite work out that way.

Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three || Chapter Four


Art Master Post


Podfic read by exmanhater
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Title: Long Way Home
Fandom: CWrps
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. Threats, abuse (non-sexual), off-camera parent deaths.
Length: ~29,000 words
Disclaimer: Clearly, this never happened, but just in case you're confused, nope, I don't know anything about anybody.
Notes/Thanks: Written for the 2010 [ profile] j2_everafter challenge, riffing off of Candleshoe. Thanks to [ profile] tassoss for cheerleading me through the rough draft; [ profile] hurricanemegan for telling me it held together; and [ profile] pensnest for Brit-picking. Serious editing handled (as always) by the ever-patient and -excellent [ profile] without_me. And of course, much love to [ profile] withdiamonds who traipsed around Disney World with me, plotting stories for prompts we didn't get. Next time!

Also posted to AOOO, starting here.

Summary: All Jared had to do was get in, find the treasure, and get out before everybody figured out the scam. Simple. Yeah, right.

Long Way Home, Prologue )
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Title: Sugar Shock (Kisses Sweeter Than Wine)
Fandom: CWrpf
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Notes: For [ profile] without_me's birthday, a tiny bit early. She might or might not be enabling me in this crazy AU where Jared is the latest winner of the reality show America's Next Celebrity Chef, and Jensen is the uptight foodie who has to interview him, but I got this this "anonymous" sugar cookie snowflake gift that wondered what Jensen might be making for Jared this holiday season, and this is the (long-form) answer.

eta: Now with an awesome banner from [ profile] facesplitgrin to go along with the rest of the AU, which I did indeed manage to write for the 2010 [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang

cut for 7500 words of baking and sex. mostly baking, but they do get to have a little fun by the end. )
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Title: Cutback
Fandom: CWrpf
Pairing: Jared/JDM
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Never happened. No, really.

Notes: More of Caught Inside. Jeff promised he wouldn't bail if Jared came back later. This is Jeff, not bailing.

A cutback is when you turn back into the wave and start a whole new ride. )
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Title: Silver Star
Fandom: CWrpf
Pairing: Jensen/JDM
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~20,000 words
Warnings: Guns, threats, people get hurt
A/N: Written for the [ profile] spn_meanttobe challenge. My prompt was:
Beneath the Badge === As a Texas Ranger, Hayes Keller was used to tough assignments. But protecting Taylor Landis after a recent attack and keeping his professional distance was the most challenging job Hayes had ever faced. Every instinct told him not to let her get under his skin, but sticking by her side--all day and through the hot summer night--was pushing him to the limit. (1)

It, uh, got a little complicated on me. Thanks and babbling at the end.

Also posted in one part at AOOO, here.

Jeff Morgan hated hospitals. )
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Title: Caught Inside
Author: [ profile] topaz119
Artists: [ profile] feyuca and [ profile] theantimodel
Genre: CWrps, AU
Pairing: Jensen/Steve/Chris, Jeff/Jared (with a little Jensen/Jeff and Steve/Chris)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~ 40,000
Disclaimer: I don't know anybody.
Warnings: Language, casual drug use, explicit sexual content.

Summary: It's been a year since Steve left, and three months since Jensen's last talked to him, but if there's one thing Jensen knows, it's that Steve's invitations never expire. When Jensen finally decides to take Steve up on his offer, though, there's a strange guy in the house and nothing's like Jensen expected it to be.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Art Master Post (theantimodel)

Art Master Post (feyuca) -- Coming Soon!

AO3 (for ePub/PDF/Mobi click the Download link at the top of the AO3 page)

Podfic (read by [ profile] chemm80): MP3 || Audiobook (m4b)
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Title: Warm Oil and an Innocent Smile (the French Quarter Remix)
Fandom: Popslash
Pairing: Lance/AJ
Rating: R
Notes/Warnings: Written for We Invented the Remix: 6 Catch the Latest Trend. I took [ profile] pensnest's Warm Oil and an Innocent Smile off to New Orleans (mostly so AJ could be a pirate. *g*)

Also posted at AOOO, here.

James Lance Bass, eldest son and heir to Blackwater Ridge, was many things, but a farmer was not one of them. )
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Title: Whitewater
Fandom: Popslash
Pairing: Justin/JC, AU
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: ::shakes head:: Nope, never happened.

A/N: Written for Megan in the 2007 JuC Author Swap

Also posted on AOOO, here

Two guys, a river, and zero communication... )


Mar. 18th, 2005 11:03 pm
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Justin/JC, NC-17
Written for JuC Day, 2005

I can pretty much tell you that we wouldn't be here without [ profile] nonchop reading this, paragraph by paragraph, and in some cases, line by line, as I wrote. And [ profile] learn_me was my real estate agent. Every house in that story has a real life counterpart, and C found them for me. And then she fed me pictures (more about that in a minute.) [ profile] without_me sent me a print of an anonymous surfer in the curl at Pipeline that was inspirational. All of them read and beta'd and held my hand when the sex just would.not.happen.

And J (y'all know J, right, my friend who I've dragged into the sparkly madness?) let me borrow her house, because it had the vibe that I wanted/needed for Lynn's house.

...and then there were the pictures... )

Thanks to everyone!
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Fandom: Popslash
Pairing: gen, Justin, AU
Notes: Companion piece to Summer Song. Still don't think it really happened, right?

Justin's story )
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Fandom: Popslash
Pairing: Chris/JC
Rating: R
Notes/Disclaimer: Um, clearly an AU that never ever happened, right?

On AO3, here or behind the cut )

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