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Thing the First: For whatever reason, my brain has been going off on all these PWP tangents, this time a random addition to the almost-canon Clint/Darcy (I was fine with it until the farm arrived and it was way too late to change.) This is really the set-up to the pr0n, but there's a little bit of (mostly tame) knifeplay, if that's a thing for you. More coming soon! (I hope.)

ready for the start of something new, MCU, Clint/Darcy, Part 3 of the fall in with you series (though really, it's just pr0n, so you're not really missing anything if you skip the earlier parts)

Thing the Second: It was Beach Week last week, and I posted the pretty pictures to IG, but I thought I'd share a couple of goofy ones here...

it was the Year of the Pegicorn )

and the unicorn floatie 'nursery' in the hot tub )

With any luck, no one got photographic evidence of us trying to ride the silly thing in the waves. (Or video, omg.) There was frozen sangria & voodoo juice involved (you're shocked, I know.)

Thing the Third: BabyBoy's Shakespeare thing was great, and he has gone and hung out with his group of fellow actors several times, so I think we can count it as a success. Even better, the extended family was confused enough by the actual verse that none of them realized the actor playing the boy/girl part was actually a guy (though shading to agender, still using he/him) and thus did not flip out at BB kissing him. (I didn't get to see the performance where all BB's HS drama friends came, but D said the kiss got a lot of hooting and hollering. No extended family there that night either.)
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Highlights this year included:

  • The Supermoon rising over the ocean the first weekend we were there**

  • The teenagers singing karaoke until dawn (literally)

  • A new grill at the house which rendered our standard first night feast of beef tenderloin rubbed with crushed garlic and rosemary, shrimp skewered on the rosemary stalks, and grilled asparagus into something ridiculously sublime

  • Four new pairs of sandals/flip-flops during the outlet shopping spree (I seriously need a pedicure now)

  • Some spectacular lightning storms over the ocean, the kind where you pull up a chair and go oooooo / aaaaaaaaah**

  • Some very wide-ranging, deep, meaning-of-life discussions with assorted teenagers on topics ranging from roommates of the opposite sex to Ayn Rand to Marvel vs. DC

  • Many books read (more on this topic on Wednesday)

  • Enforced no-work time as I left my laptop on the desk in my foyer, which was nice, except that meant I didn't really do anything with my Marvel Big Bang, which was not so nice

  • Frozen drink of the year was a Mike's Hard Lemonade slush layered with Firefly to make an extra-alcoholic frozen Arnold Palmer. Or possibly one of B's sangria concoctions--he had both red and white wine versions available this year. Any one of them made me cross-eyed before I got halfway through the first glass.

  • I'm not sure if having the staff at the Urgent Care Center recognizing us by sight is a highlight or a low light, but some years are just like that (one back strain, one wasp sting and not-good reaction, one mild case of strep.) Fortunately, this particular UCC is located right behind where our favorite Italian restaurant relocated to, so we could at least pick up a pizza for the injured/sick parties.

    I'm still unpacking coolers, much less clothes, so I'll just wish you all a happy Monday night and see if my brain comes back online later in the week. Ciao, bellas

    * -- for those new to the flist/circle, Beach Week is 8 adults, 10 kids, 1 ocean-front house, all the food and drink you could possibly imagine. We spend the week eating and drinking and playing bocce for shots, with the judicious application of outlet shopping and golf. We've done it for 22 years now and it still takes us a month to recover from it all.

    ** -- I'm crossing my fingers that someone got some good pictures of all this, as the moon was huge and orange as it rose and the lightning was hitting three and four strikes at at time.
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