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So, when I mentioned I’d gone on a Yankee Candle outlet shopping spree this past weekend, the first question was, “Did you get the Chris Evans candle?” And my answer was, "Sadly, no." :( Despite looking high and low (and googling the original tumblr post to make sure I had the name right), I couldn’t find even one. ::sadface::

But then, I realized that there was an actual YC store at the high-end mall near the new office, and, well, I haven’t gone out for lunch for ages, right? And fandom people I have known for a gazillion years were curious! And I had fall-type scents, and Christmas-y scents, but I could maybe look for some scents for the long post-holiday slog. And the sale, right? And… and…
And, you know where this is going, doncha?

Yep, you do: As of Tuesday afternoon, I am the proud owner of a small tumbler Mountain Lodge candle. (Also, because I am weak and not to be trusted in a store, I snagged another small tumbler of Beach Holiday (because, hey, that’s half my life) and then, since I’d passed some threshold of spending (I didn’t even ask) I could buy one of their wood wicks for under $10, so I ended up with Stargazer or something like that. (I told you I couldn’t be trusted in a retail establishment. Also, this is really too close to my office. Temptation abounds.))


I only got the small tumbler (you don’t know how many times I’ve typed tumblr, sigh) b/c in addition to the fangirl CE rhapsodies of joy, I’d also read that it smelled like rancid, cheap aftershave. And I gotta tell you, that in the store (surrounded by 200+ scents, I have no idea how the women working there don’t go home with migraines every day), I was leaning toward Option #2. I decided that the price for the small tumbler was worth the experiment, though, and stayed strong.

And, y’know, Option #1 actually wins out. There’s definitely a cedar-y top note, which is really all you smell from just the wax and gives that cheap aftershave suggestion, but once you light the wick, that gets sucked down into the sage and something else warm and deep, and becomes just a hint of the outdoors. And surprisingly enough, it’s a very subtle scent when it’s burning. Tres yummy.

The verdict: I totally can go for Evans in a flannel shirt for this one (or, pursuant to my more recent obsession interest, a certain much shorter, Tahoe-dwelling person. Also in flannel & denim.) And really, that might just be enough to stave off a day or two of the screaming jeebies during late January, which is totally worth the 10.99 USD.

And thus ends my fangirl expedition to the fancy mall (it’s the kind of place that has an American Girl store and café.) Thank you for reading along and stay tuned for more exciting adventures (there’s a Lucky store that I made myself pass, but I feel like that won’t last for long (my most favorite purses all come from Lucky and they’re starting to fall apart.)
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... or at least back because I was talking about it earlier and it's always good for me to remind myself, because while fandom does generally make me happy, sometimes the specifics make me crazy. Originally posted in 2008 (and loosely aggregated for years previously.)

Stuff to Remember When Fandom Isn't Keeping You** Sane

**as authored by my subconscious, and where "you" == "ME" / YMMV [where "you" == YOU]

  • When fandom is pissing you off, go back to the source.

  • Stay off the boards, whether they be TWOP, show boards, ONTD, or the JJB. They're not nearly as clever/amusing as they think they are, even when they're at the top of their game.

  • Fandoms change. They grow and morph and you don't want them to not do that, because then they're dead. If you find a fandom that is perfect for you, say THANK YOU and enjoy it for as long as it lasts, because it WILL change. Think of it fondly over the years as you enjoy what else comes along. (RIP, The Bronze (circa 1st & 2nd Season Buffy))

  • It's not cheating to tailor your reading/watching/participating. Even if you've previously loved everything that a person has written (whether meta or fic), it's OKAY to step back and say, "wow, are WE on different pages here," and move on. You're in a different place, she's in a different place, you're both coming from different experiences--what might piss you off to the nth degree doesn't necessarily have to even blip her radar. That does not make you a fragile flower or her a insensitive douche. It means you have differing opinions. Full stop.

  • Remember how much you hated grad school? Remember the totally disbelieving look on D's face when you mentioned a PhD? Right. Critical analysis is like poison for you. It sucks the joy out of not only that which is being analyzed, but out of everything in your life. Stop thinking that you "should" enjoy it. You don't. Deal.

  • It's not fandom--it's people. Fandom is not especially wanky--trust me on this. You want wank? Go to the full round of elementary/middle/high school PTA meetings that you're signed up to attend. And seriously, there are asshats in fandom, just as much as there are asshats in any other group. If you want to run around and get upset about every idiot saying idiotic things, have at it. But recognize that you can end up spending every free second doing that.

  • Once you've put something out there, it's *out there*. Forever. And ever. Plan accordingly (aka, motherfuckingTHINK before you pop off at the mouth.)

  • The fandom experience is a continuum; people join in at all points. You really don't have to rehash the "why fanfic/slash/rpf?" discussion *again*, not unless you want to, but it's okay for others to do it. Let it slide. (Unless they're being stupid and/or insulting, in which case, pop some popcorn and settle in. Also, this would be a good time to check old links so the next time Teh Stupid happens, you can lay down that comment that says, "god, this discussion is *so* 1997" and leave.)

    ...and most importantly:

  • You really *don't* need all that swag. Honestly. No, really. Trust me--okay, fine. You're right: it *is* too much fun. I'm sure we can find someplace to put it all.
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    I used to have an intro post, but it is long lost to the un-tagged history and it was old, too, so here's a new shiny one for everyone I friended last month:

    10 things you'll probably see here )

    I also spend some time at [ profile] topaz119 & I love to interact wherever!

    me too!

    Sep. 13th, 2013 08:41 pm
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    I see by a quick skim of my flist that it is SPN's birthday and people are posting about their entry into fandom. I went back and looked, and on Marc 31, 2006, I posted this:

    uncle. uncle. uncle.

    Ok, fuck it. I give.

    There's only so much I can take, and a flist that includes [ profile] callsigns whimpering "jared padalecki half-naked in a towel. JARED padalecki half-naked in a towel. jared PADALECKI half-naked in a towel. jared padalecki HALF-naked in a towel. jared padalecki half-NAKED NAKED NAKED in a towel. jared padalecki half-naked in a motherfucking towel." followed by [ profile] liz_w's "Speaking of WB shows, Jared Padelecki was MOSTLY NAKED on my TV last night" and [ profile] unholyglee's open letter to Jared's hip bones, and I'm ONLY HUMAN.

    Ok, A, send the tapes/downloads/whatever. This is me, caving.

    What? I never said I wasn't shallow...

    The flist leapt into action and I had burned episodes in my mailbox in a week and I managed to watch the entire season in time to see the S1 finale live. The first fic (J2 counts, right?) followed soon after, a PWP co-written with [personal profile] without_me and then a second one, which ended up being a crossover with Angel also enabled by and co-written with [personal profile] without_me. Then we dragged [personal profile] withdiamonds into the madness and 4 Big Bangs (and 40-ish other stories) later, here we are, and whatever else, the rush of actually writing a Big Bang-length fic on my own is still one of the coolest things out there.
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    Happy e Day! (No, not *that* e, the other one. Not the one that made your rave days so much more fun, the one that made you cry in math class, the limit of (1/1+n) n as n--> ∞.) It's not quite as much fun as Pi Day, mostly because of the lack of pie, but it's still a good geek day.

    In the actual point of this post, [ profile] sv_madelyn is running her Valentine's Day game once more, \o/. Send love and ♥ to your special fandom someones!

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