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Not even fandom can hold back the sick feelings that real-world news has been bringing, much less get me through calling my m.f. red-state-senators as often as I can make myself, so my IG has ballooned with all manner of OTT cooking and baking accounts. Some of them only last a couple of days, so I'm always looking for more, which is how I stumbled over So Yummy, which I swear is what Darcy from in deep with you darling is doing while she's in hiding in Wakanda. I mean, there are a lot of crazy baking blogs/IGs out there, but none of them quite hit the level of Funfetti Fried Oreos or Red Velvet Oreo Lava Cakes. Clearly, she started off coming up with this stuff to keep herself from going crazy while she's there, but now she's in a groove and monetizing it (to an offshore account, of course) so when everything gets sorted out and life can get back to normal, she's got a little nest egg + a shiny new career path, yeah? (Clint has taken to adding another couple of miles to his daily run just to keep up with all the sugar and carbs she throws at him every day. He is totally okay with this.)

(I guess it really always does come back to fandom to keep me more-or-less sane. No surprise there.)

Okay, I swore (to myself, at least) that I'd keep up with the Wednesday book meme, so let's do that, too.

Hunted, Megan Spooner -- YA retelling of Beauty and the Beast, where Beauty is a hunter and spends a fair amount of her time with the Beast working out how she's going to kill him. Beauty as an archer? I was all over it, and I feel like there are a fair number of ppl reading this who would also take to the concept. And I am happy to say it pretty much fulfilled its promise, so feel free to go for it.

The Darwath Trilogy, Barbara Hambly -- I always forget how much I like her writing until I stumble over another of her books and get sucked in to a world that's different from all the others.

The Dark Days Club, Alison Goodman -- what Pride and Prejudice and Zombies could have been if the author had actually liked the conventions of the Regency romance he was building on. And knew how to create a supernatural world that overlays the normal one.

Midnight Riot, Ben Aaronovitch, narrated by Kobda Holdbrook-Smith -- I feel like I'd really like the book anyway, but the narration is ten shades of awesome.

When Dimple Met Rishi, Sandhya Menon -- New Adult romance that I think I'm about ready to bail on. It's not them, it's me, etc, etc, etc… I think I'm officially Too Old For This.

I think that Currently Reading list is more than enough to deal with for now!
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It's kinda been not fun lately, and I've spent a lot of time worrying about things that I have to do that I don't want to do and conversations that have to be had, but that I really don't want to have. But #2Son's former therapist is just an amazing woman, and she helped get some of the things done and conversations started, which is helping some (I wish I could say that it solved everything, but that's not how life works, right? Plus, the cat pulled down the shower curtain rod at 5:30 this morning, which ruined my exciting plan to sleep until 6:45. And then there were ants in the kitchen so I didn't make it into the office until after 9, but at least there haven't been any emails that have made me want to cry and I have some old favorites cued up to read on the treadmill today.)

But, you know, my default icon has been this one for years, because it's so true, and even amid the dreck, the following awesomeness has happened, which I'd like to pass along to the rest of you:

  • Via a link from [personal profile] newredshoes, I ended up with Besame Victory Red Lipstick, which makes me want to go find pictures of my grandmother and her sisters during WWII. I almost always wear very neutral lip colors, but sometimes you need a true red, and this is definitely it.

  • Via [ profile] zelda_zee, I started subscribing to The Rec Center, a weekly tinyletter, which has led me so some lovely fic in fandoms where I know nothing and no one. Given that I have barely been able to focus on anything book length lately, this has been a lifesaver.

  • [ profile] withdiamonds pointed me toward the Hogwarts Running Club, which has given my time on the treadmill just enough of an extra boost that I have kept going. I don't care about my times, but it's nice to get a little reward for the mileage. (I have given up on the 'find something you love' narrative—my idea of enjoyable exercise is getting up every half hour to poke the fire I'm reading in front of. Full stop. I'm doing much better with just going and doing something, not looking to enjoy it.) The Half-Blood Prince Half-Marathon medal was gorgeous and the current race looks really cool, too. Also in that reward category are the runDisney virtual races, of which I have completed the first and have my schedule cleared for the second one this Friday. And for the overall geekiness, the website Eowyn has the daily mileage the Fellowship walked from the Shire to Mordor. I am almost to Tom Bombadil's house (it's going to take me forever to even get to Rivendell, but it is ridiculously satisfying to tick off each day as I reach the mileage.) /geek

  • Have you seen the Quidditch-playing sky divers?

  • Remember that time I went crazy and decided to write a gay Regency romance for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang? Yeah, this is where they lived happily ever after. I would really love to be there now but that's not going to get anything done that needs to be done so off I go to deal with what I can deal with.
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    Super random thoughts:

    Pat Conroy… sigh. On the one hand, yes, such a fabulous writer. On the other hand, I got to the point where I started every new book hoping he’d been able to move on, but knowing he hadn’t. I finally got to where I couldn’t allot any more energy to his messed-up childhood (and I honestly do use The Great Santini as a shorthand for my own.) I really hope writing out the demons kept the rest of his life free of them, but I haven’t read a book of his in 20+ years (probably once I started trying to figure out how actual functional family dynamics worked so as not to repeat the generational insanity) and I have no plans to revisit any of them now that he’s gone.

    I watched the final episode of Downton Abbey last night, despite not really having watched it for years … cutting for spoilers )

    Ohhhh, I just saw on twitter that Marjorie Liu is writing a new Han Solo title (with Mark Brooks doing the art)--my squee overfloweth!

    The New York Times has put together a collection of Mark Bittman's most popular recipes, which is kinda interesting. I would not have thought the chocolate tofu pudding would have excited much interest in the NYT general readership, but there it is.
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    So, yep, Happy Superbowl Monday, where you find out more than you wanted to know about your co-workers outlook in life as filtered through their reactions to Gaga and Bey. It’d be pretty depressing except for how I knew how prematurely middle-aged and feeling defensively left behind they all were a long time ago. On the bright side, it does help identify kindred spirits by who’s explaining the “Who knew Effie Trinket could sing like that?” meme and who is still completely clueless even after.

    Slightly related, I made these Fried Mozzarella Sticks, for part of the traditional too-much-food buffet, and hot damn, but they were good. (My only change would be to use grated parm for the salty flavor kick at the end rather than plain salt.)

    And while we’re on the topic of food, Cooked, by Michael Pollan, yay for Netflix.

    ALSO on the topic of food, and about as far away from MP as possible, here is the semi-fancy version of Darcy’s chocolate-covered potato chips from in deep with you darling, just in case you thought I made those up. :D
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    ugh, I have cold (not the flu, just a cold, thank goodness.) I'm self-medicating with tea and Austen adaptations (S&S for some lovely Rickman-Brandon and then Persuasion for a little RPJ-Wentworth drama. I may possibly shift over to the Brontes, but only for Tom Hardy's Heathcliff. This is all [ profile] powrhug's fault, btw. She needed new Brit series and my brain went, ooooo, we haven't watched any of *that* in a while...) We got a wee dusting of snow overnight, but not even enough to freak out the Southerners. It's cold and windy, though, so I am helping the furnace along with some baking and pizza-making.

    On twitter, [ profile] withdiamonds linked to the Hogwarts Running Club, and I somehow ended up registered for the Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper 5K. I guess my brain decided that a goofy medal was a worthy reward for my last few months on the treadmill?

    Due to one of those long, random sessions on the internet, where you start out looking for recipes and end up an hour later reading podcast reviews, I stumbled across Story and Star Wars, which has been vastly entertaining over the last few days of commuting. (Seriously, anyone who can spend a solid 10 minutes waxing rhapsodic over "I love you" / "I know" in intellectual, geeky glee is one of My People.)

    Stay warm and safe, y'all!
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    So, these are always fun...

     photo 93d6de2a-3dc0-4f51-8fe2-117f98d4b96b.jpg

    And I've written a few: 

    Star Trek AOS, Jim Kirk/Chris Pike, touch-starved Jim

    Hawkeye (Fraction run), Kate Bishop/Clint Barton, So she said what's the problem baby

    Also, I am still open for questions/topics on the December Posting Meme, come give me something to talk about: DW or LJ.
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    Fortunately for you, dear readers, my computer blue-screened yesterday and took with it the whiny rant I was intending to post about the weather and the commute and the latest thing D had done that was making me crazy.

    Today, thank all applicable deities, is a work-from-home day, albeit one where I am going to take the car in to see what's wrong with it *this* time. I think I've reached my limit on dealing with it on a daily basis and may just break down and go get whatever Carmax has for me this weekend.

    I have managed to write/post my daily words for [ profile] mini_wrimo so far this month, \o/. (Yes, I know it's only 3 days at this point, but I am celebrating all wins.) I also managed to get another free month's membership at the fitness center at the new office (it's based on how many times you go in the previous month), so yay for that, too.

    Before I go see how bad the car related news is, have some links of interest/entertainment:

  • Lots of Regencies on sale, including a fair number of Heyers, several of which also have the Audible tie-in offers, so if you grab the Kindle edition (for $1.99), you can also add the audiobook for ~$3.99.

  • Ira Glass's 10 favorite episodes of This American Life (links to the actual episodes for streaming purposes.)

  • Free, streaming narration of a.ll the Narnia books, just in case you need a quick hit of your childhood

  • I still haven't lost my love of the surfer world (for those of you who are new-ish, it's a long story and one that's entwined with the thing I have for military pilots), and apparently Teahupo'o was crazy this year.

    Have a good one!
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    Things are a little stressful around here (some good stress mixed in with the rest of it, but still: stress) and somehow the universe managed to throw the tumblr Cabin Porn at me.

    Between that and the readathon, I might make it through Monday without sending my blood pressure up into stroke territory.

    Happy Friday!
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    yay, it's Friday (though I have a deployment going live tomorrow so the odds are tilting toward working at some point as the implementation teams shake out any weirdness that will need to be captured for the next deploy.) While I'm sitting around on the go/no-go call (the software industry looooves to be dramatic, so where better to borrow from than NASA, though we do not get anything nearly as dramatic as a Saturn V lighting up at a go decision) I am cleaning out months worth of random tabs and thought I would share:

  • The Disney fandom is nearly in core meltdown today, as the D23 Expo kicked off in Anaheim this morning. Overnight, the first pictures of the detailed model they're using for the new Avatar land (tall blue people Avatar, not Last Airbender Avatar) at Animal Kingdom hit twitter, etc. This is the best/biggest shot I've seen, with the floating mountains (and ride) in the very back, the bridge from Harambe at the lower left, and the mess hall/restaurant on the right. (Keep clicking and then zoom in to get a sense of scale.) Now to see if the hard-core fans can survive until the Parks and Resorts presentation to get some idea of what's up with Hollywood Studios...

  • Apparently, adult coloring books are all the rage now, which is great, because I've done them for forever and it's nice to have choices outside of museum gift shops, but one of my other favorite things is paper dolls. I love the historical ones Dover puts out, so I've been geeking out with this artist's free downloads, with lots of Disney and the occasional Avenger and a lovely set of Les Mis.

  • Video of Kelly Sue DeConnick's 99U presentation, How to Make People Uncomfortable and Still Make a Living.

  • Nail wraps! I am trying to decide between the aurora borealis, nebulae, or treasure maps design for DragonCon.

  • BabyBoy is testing for his black belt (tonight, omg!) so we have been planning out the carb-loading menu here and nutella-stuffed pancakes are at the top of the list.

    Happy weekend!
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    I am cautiously optimistic that I survived the week. #2Son may actually have completed requirements for his HS diploma. I am whispering so as not to jinx it. but, yay!omg!yay!)

    In actual fannish content, [community profile] femmeremix is live! And my remixer went and took the women of my lone Trek fic and told their stories in the aftermath of the Narada attack, about which I am still not really able to form thoughts beyond !!!!1!!\o/!!. Somewhere in my archives is the post where I talked about how rewatching Pike's episodes on TOS, originally to get more of a feel for Number One, but then rediscovering Yeoman Colt and having her energize me is really the only reason that fic got finished, so yes, getting a remix of Colt and Number One (and Gaila!!) is really, deeply satisfying, and I might have been flailing in the car on the way to the office, complete with flappy hands of glee at three consecutive stoplights.

    TL;DR: Every Morning After The End Of The World (The Disaster Recovery Remix)!!!

    Tangentially related, holy cow, in posting my remix, I went over a million words on AO3!!! I don't even know what to do with that number. I think I need to celebrate somehow, but after this week, my brain is mush. I will think upon it this weekend.

    I am working from home today, so I'm going to go make pizza dough and start the oven/steel pre-heating, because my basil has gone wild & so have the tomatoes, so it would seem to be an excellent day for margherita pizzas for dinner. Have a lovely weekend!
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    There is so much going on here, but by Friday, it will be all wrapped up, just in time for school to start on Monday. Y'all, this weekend is going to be nothing but frivolity.

    I did get my [community profile] femmeremix story posted (about 10 minutes before the deadline last night) and then went back and fiddled with it some today, but I am actually pretty happy with it, \o/. And I'm still happy with what I wrote for the [ profile] be_compromised AU exchange (Viridian Skies), mostly because steampunk! After all these years of boots and corsets and green wigs/lipstick and goggle headbands, I finally actually wrote some. (So that was fun, though I wish I'd had more time... cutting for writer-y babble )

    Also, bonus points (or a drabble of your choice) to anyone who sees the Easter eggs my brain kept embedding.

    Oh! and I have to point you to my gift story, A Different Truth Between Us, which is (as the author says) the X-Files AU you never knew you needed. :D Reading it brought back all kinds of happy fandom memories.
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    3-Course Comics

    Given that I walked out of the bookstore on my birthday with a cookbook and a giant, 12-foot poster of all the Marvel 'verses, this is like someone made it just for meeeee.

    round up

    Aug. 18th, 2014 09:07 pm
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    The last few weeks have been a little more bonkers than usual, including the weekends, so when I say I didn't do anything but mess around in the kitchen and listen to podcasts and poke at various writing projects this weekend, I don't think it really conveys how truly excellent it felt to have a quiet couple of days.
    In the kitchen, I finally used all the blueberries the boys have picked recently to make Martha's Blueberry Cobbler. It's a biscuit-y cobbler top (though biscuits made with heavy cream, so it's not like it's particularly light) but it was easy enough. To go with it, I made a Ben & Jerry's vanilla ice cream made in the food processor, as described on Food & Wine, which worked out super well. And since I was on a roll, I also tried the sliced-frozen-banana + food processor=soft-serve banana ice cream trick (I hesitate to call it a recipe, as it is literally just frozen bananas) and despite everything looking like a gray, glue-y mess at the start, it did actually turn out to be an unqualified success. I added about a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa and whoaaaaaaa, it was awesome. I feel that there are many occasions when chocolate-banana ice cream w/no dairy or sugar or fat would keep me from a screaming fit. (I feel like I should also mention that the HoB gave multiple thumbs up for this, too, and you know damn well they could care less about anything but the taste, so I assure you this isn't an instance of 'this tastes okay for what it is' but rather that it really does taste awesome (if you like bananas, obvs.))

    I also kind of fell down the Disney World fandom abyss and somehow ended up listening to about 3 hours worth of speculation about what might or might not be coming in the next few years. (Bottom-line, there are gonna be lots of construction walls but Hollywood Studios might actually end up being navigable and StarWarsLand is coming. Also, Anna and Elsa are never ever going away, but you probably knew that already.) I find I still could care less about the actual events of Avatar (not the last Airbender Avatar, but the Pocahontas-in-space one) but I am still surprisingly excited to see the world around the events. There might also have been a few additions to the bad-for-you-but-hey-it's-vacation list of foods (BLT-ranch fries, BabyBoy is ready to go now) and some preliminary discussions about the plan of attack for the Food & Wine Festival this year. So, yeah, not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning while the laundry was trundling along.

    …and writing… My [ profile] marvel_bang is progressing (which is good news after having lost a thousand words and then getting caught up in the mess of school starting again/#2 finishing a semester.) I think it's falling into a three-part structure and the first part is almost done, the second is solidly in progress and I at least know why the third part happens. So that's good.

    In the same crash/reboot/crash sequence, I also lost almost everything I had on a [ profile] be_compromised ficathon prompt, and that really stalled everything out there, but I did have fun with the three-sentence mini ficathon, and ended up writing a bunch over the weekend (all Clint/Natasha)---

    The Female Gaze (prompt: these hips don't lie)

    between the rock and the hard place (prompt: nowhere left to run)

    nerds in love (prompt: Movie night: Star Trek or Star Wars?), plus [ profile] alphaflyer (whose prompt it was) responded with a little bit more, which I also added to.

    the family that spies together (prompt: Everybody just assumed that Natasha didn't want/couldn't have children)

    trust fall (prompt: being forced into corporate teamwork event)

    It's been a long time since I've done one of these. Aside from how I haven't lost my love of run-on sentences (look away, [personal profile] without_me, look away!), I'd forgotten how much fun it is to try to distill a story down this far.
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    SnowJam 2014, v. 2.0 has kicked off with sleet and freezing rain this morning. No school and I'm working from home, so yay for getting to turn off the alarm clock last night. I started the fun-cooking last night with Snickers Chex Mix, which is ridiculously OTT and addictive. BabyBoy has already requested it for Beach Week.

    Today, I think I'm going for cupcakes with nutella buttercream frosting. (I am, btw, also concocting real food, but that's not nearly as fun as the lineup of sugar-highs I've got planned out.)

    At least this time I don't have crazed deadlines at work (nothing is more fun than trying to hack together a publishable guide from bad PDF sources while the power keeps going up and down like last time.) I might even get all the holiday stuff put back in the storage room (it's all down, but half of hit is still strewn across the pool table, which is probably going to become hot property if the power goes out and the boys need non-electronic entertainment options.)

    My life, so exciting...
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    monday, rainy, 40 degrees F/4 Celsius -- I know half the country is snowed in, but ugh.

    I see that today is Adm. Grace Hopper's birthday (107, to be precise.) My favorite part of her legend (a true part, even) is how she used to hand out "nanoseconds" -- a piece of rope about a foot long that was the distance light would travel in a nanosecond. For all you youngsters out there, this was an issue because, in the pre-integrated circuits world, this would have severely impacted the size/speed of computers and GH was on a crusade to explain this (and many other things.) I had a prof in college who'd met her at a conference or something and kept his little loop of a nanosecond hooked over the blackboard in his office (yes, I'm old enough to pre-date cheap/available whiteboards.) I think that gives me 2 degrees of separation from her, right?

    eta: Courtesy of [personal profile] sarah, Herself on Letterman, complete with nanoseconds and bonus picoseconds

    Also, as we enter the second week of December, with the holidays staring me down, it is time to haul out the Embrace Imperfection icon (w/seasonal lighting effects) just to serve as a reminder.
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    Things that have happened since last we chatted:
  • Drove 400 miles with BabyBoy for company. Browsed a book store. Ate wood-fired pizza.
  • Searched fruitlessly for a non-foofy angel to replace our beloved lady who lost her head last year due to an unfortunate ladder-climbing incident.
  • Baked 10 dozen Gingerbread Kisses for my mom's cookie exchange. (If I don't bake some, she won't go, and it's an easy trade-off for me to get her some socialization w/o my dad.)
  • Saw Thor 2 again, this time with my parents. (At some other time, I will go into the blissful irony of explaining comics book canon to the people who literally burned any copies of said comics if they found them in their house.)
  • Concocted a ham dinner with all the trimmings when we all decided we weren't in the mood to eat turkey multiple times during the week.
  • Ate wild mushroom ravioli and pan-seared grouper over grits and was harassed by my favorite waiter (he was upset that the Beach Week crew dared to come in on his off-day last summer, so I promised we'd check his schedule first next year.)
  • Did not check work email, not even once.
  • Drove 500 miles back home (detoured to pick up Oldest.) Met the new GF, looking and feeling my best after 6 hours in the car, but apparently did not scare her unduly.
  • Made an assortment of cream-soup-based casseroles for the in-laws Tgiving.
  • Spent Tgiving keeping my mouth shut and reading by the fire at said in-laws, surfacing only to show my father-in-law pictures of his niece on the red carpet at the Catching Fire premiere. Made a valiant attempt to explain the plot and her role in it, but crashed and burned.
  • Threw out the remains of the cream-soup-based casseroles.
  • Ran around and dug the house out from under all the crap so the wonderful lady who cleans for me could, y'know, find the house to clean.
  • While out stocking up on general food necessities, saw that they had fresh, free-range turkeys for under a dollar per pound and decided to make an actual Thanksgiving dinner, mostly because #2 had spent the week being overwhelmed and didn't get any feasting in.) I had cornbread dressing in the freezer, so I hit the (clean) house at about 4:30 and we were eating by 7:30. I have to link you to Smitten Kitchen's Green Bean Casserole because it is SO FREAKING GOOD. Holy moly, I was mostly just making it as general cooking therapy for me, but guh, it was amazing even though I made it with 1% milk instead of cream. (I'm not even apologizing to the tumblr/pinterest people who are seeing this again because it is just that good.)
  • Cleaned up the kitchen. Made brunch. Cleaned up the kitchen again.
  • Administered oxygen to the Auburn fans in the house after that finish.
  • Made dinner. Left the kitchen a wreck.
  • Read some stuff. Watched some other stuff. Caught up on AOS and Arrow. Didn't quite get there with SPN or Sleepy Hollow.
  • Did not shop. Am not 'mostly finished' with my holiday shopping. Do not care.

    My life. So exciting. ;-)
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    oh, ffs, I can't for the life of me get this draft to save properly on AO3. So much for getting my [ profile] marvel_bang queued up and ready. ::frowns::

    Random question: has anyone ordered from both welovefine and threadless? Can you tell me how the sizing runs in comparison? I've been eyeing the Banshee Squadron t-shirt, but the sizing is giving me headaches.

    This week's distraction to keep me from screaming at work is the countdown to the Disney Food & Wine Festival trip, which is currently at T minus 3 days and counting. Crossing my fingers that #2Son will be able to go with us, but if not, BabyBoy and I will go and meet friends and D/#2 will stay home and watch college football. (This is where I am contractually obligated my the terms of my marriage to add a WAAAAREAGLE. Sorry about that.) Anyway. BabyBoy is angling for an extra day in the parks to ride mountains, so we'll see how that unfolds. On the plus side, this is the first time in ... many years I haven't had to have a conference with his teachers about how he hasn't been turning in any assignments, so a little positive reinforcement probably isn't a bad idea. On the minus side, the kid is a born Slytherin so if I give him an inch, he'll weave it into a nonstop argument for a suite at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. He smiles so cutely when he argues, too. I can't wait until he turns that into an actual career and I don't have to finance it.

    Seriously. Why will this not save the extra chapters in draft format?
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    Oh, dw/lj ... it was the last weekend of the summer (yes, school started this morning, ugh) and the House of Boys was in mourning/pre-panic attack/in denial/already aggravated, so I needed *something* to keep me from strangling them all and D23, the Disney rah-rah convention was conveniently timed for maximum distraction.

    First, there was Chris Evans babbling on about how much he loves his co-stars, which I went and liked on as many different media outlets as possible because ♥ ♥ ♥ And then Hiddleston sang the Bare Necessities, which was more ♥

    But then. But then, somewhere in the middle of other D23 stuff, I kinda, sorta, felllllllll into the Disney Bound tags on tumblr and pinterest and maybe did not come back out for hours and hours and hours. It's slightly scary how many things I can pull from my closet and make work for some character or another (having the boot collection I do definitely helps.)

    [ profile] withdiamonds! Should we ever manage to align our schedules again, we have to think about Flora/Fauna/Merryweather, y/y?

    In other news, my [ profile] marvel_bang draft broke the minimum word count yesterday, which is \o/, but I don't think it's more than a third done and the draft is due at the end of the month, which is /o\. Also somewhere in there was a start on my [community profile] polybigbang draft, which is holding steady on a Kono/Danny/Steve and about which I have *no* idea. I mean, I haven't written a word in H50 in almost 2 years, but who am I to question my brain?
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    First up, for all your multi-fandom, fever!fic writing and reading needs, [ profile] ariadnes_string is doing Running Hot again this year. I quote: Colds, flu, infections, insect-borne pathogens. Poisons, curses, spells.

    Chills, sweats, delirium, hallucinations.

    Huddling for warmth. Cool cloths. Unanticipated handsiness.

    Delirious confessions of love. Confessions of love while the other person is unconscious.

    Repressed memories rising to the surface.

    The possibilities are endless.

    Rules, prompts (and fills, it's a laid-back fest, with no deadlines, just deliriums koff, sorry)are at the link above.

    Happy Things of the Day
    Something old, something new...

    Rule Number Nine by [ profile] DevilDoll, Avengers, Steve/Darcy, ~24,300 words, Explicit === Steve and Darcy and the rules of being fuckbuddies. If I say this fic gives All The Warm Fuzzies, please do not think I mean that it is sappy and ridiculous. Because it does, and it is not.

    Never Sold A Lie by [ profile] nerdwegian, Avengers, Clint/Coulson, ~7300 words, Mature === Post movie fix-it roadtrip that half-killed me with the feels.


    Mar. 20th, 2013 05:42 pm
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    What I'm Reading Wednesday is taking a brief hiatus as I haven't cracked a book all week. So, still reading The Dark Enquiry (Raybourne), Barryar (Bujold), and the nun assassins. Haven't finished anything.

    There was socializing and stuff going on, and it's the week the house gets cleaned so I'm trying to get all the bits and pieces picked up, and the wine auction & associated festivities are this weekend, so I'm doing stupid stuff like calling in to meetings while I'm getting my nails done (because D is in full games/practice season which means I'm covering all the kid dropoffs/pickups/etc).

    I did see this, though: What Would a Rational Gryffindor Read?. It includes rationalist-based reading lists for each house--given the books included, I am less a Ravenclaw and more a Hufflepuff, which is maybe less of a surprise than it should be?

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