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So, when I mentioned I’d gone on a Yankee Candle outlet shopping spree this past weekend, the first question was, “Did you get the Chris Evans candle?” And my answer was, "Sadly, no." :( Despite looking high and low (and googling the original tumblr post to make sure I had the name right), I couldn’t find even one. ::sadface::

But then, I realized that there was an actual YC store at the high-end mall near the new office, and, well, I haven’t gone out for lunch for ages, right? And fandom people I have known for a gazillion years were curious! And I had fall-type scents, and Christmas-y scents, but I could maybe look for some scents for the long post-holiday slog. And the sale, right? And… and…
And, you know where this is going, doncha?

Yep, you do: As of Tuesday afternoon, I am the proud owner of a small tumbler Mountain Lodge candle. (Also, because I am weak and not to be trusted in a store, I snagged another small tumbler of Beach Holiday (because, hey, that’s half my life) and then, since I’d passed some threshold of spending (I didn’t even ask) I could buy one of their wood wicks for under $10, so I ended up with Stargazer or something like that. (I told you I couldn’t be trusted in a retail establishment. Also, this is really too close to my office. Temptation abounds.))


I only got the small tumbler (you don’t know how many times I’ve typed tumblr, sigh) b/c in addition to the fangirl CE rhapsodies of joy, I’d also read that it smelled like rancid, cheap aftershave. And I gotta tell you, that in the store (surrounded by 200+ scents, I have no idea how the women working there don’t go home with migraines every day), I was leaning toward Option #2. I decided that the price for the small tumbler was worth the experiment, though, and stayed strong.

And, y’know, Option #1 actually wins out. There’s definitely a cedar-y top note, which is really all you smell from just the wax and gives that cheap aftershave suggestion, but once you light the wick, that gets sucked down into the sage and something else warm and deep, and becomes just a hint of the outdoors. And surprisingly enough, it’s a very subtle scent when it’s burning. Tres yummy.

The verdict: I totally can go for Evans in a flannel shirt for this one (or, pursuant to my more recent obsession interest, a certain much shorter, Tahoe-dwelling person. Also in flannel & denim.) And really, that might just be enough to stave off a day or two of the screaming jeebies during late January, which is totally worth the 10.99 USD.

And thus ends my fangirl expedition to the fancy mall (it’s the kind of place that has an American Girl store and café.) Thank you for reading along and stay tuned for more exciting adventures (there’s a Lucky store that I made myself pass, but I feel like that won’t last for long (my most favorite purses all come from Lucky and they’re starting to fall apart.)
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In news of the random, we finally broke down and bought a new (to us) car: a 2011 Toyota Sienna, which is one of the bigger minivans out there. It’s all black, with tinted back windows--it is in desperate need of a SHIELD logo for the back window. Nothing too flashy, just something textured and black. =D Unfortunately, it did not come with Melinda May to drive it (or Mack to keep it running.) Back in the real world, it has bluetooth! My podcasts/audiobooks never sounded so good. What I’m really excited about, though, is not having to juggle rentals for when we go somewhere long-distance with everyone. (I think it even has enough outlets for everyone to be able to run their electronics w/o killing their batteries, \o/.)

It was a quiet weekend—D’s father is still not back up to his usual strength, so D took BabyBoy down to help out w/farm-related stuff. There was homework to make up and I messed around in the kitchen enough to trash it a couple of times, but other than that, um… I bought a lot of candles? (Yankee Candle had a sale, even at their outlets, which just barely gets them into the realm of what I’m willing to pay for burning wax. I might have gone a little nuts, like 3 bags worth of nuts. But, sale!)

Also, I am still going with [ profile] mini_wrimo and in the process, posted a short little start to a Darcy/Sam romance. I have no idea where I’m going with it, but sometimes that’s the most fun—when I’m just writing and seeing what’s coming up next. Anyway:
loving you whether whether, MCU, Darcy/Sam, PG-rated (for now.)
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So, I am in the full throes of January making me hate everyone. I had lunch on Monday with a couple of people I work with, and the second woman, who we don't see much these days due to her business unit getting shifted to a different campus, left me frothing at the mouth a couple of times. We're not the closest of friends but we've known each other for more than a decade and I was literally biting my lip to keep from telling her to shut up by the end of the hour. (I was already annoyed because she was, once again, late, even though we defer to her schedule, but still, the rest of it was a little over the top.)

By lunch yesterday, I decided it was probably more prudent not to inflict myself on actual co-workers, so I took myself off for a bit of end-of-season retail therapy. Did *exceedingly* well, in that I found a coat I'd been looking at online but found that it really didn't look good on me, and so didn't buy it, but then did find a pair of gray slacks and a gorgeous tuxedo-cut black jacket at Chico's for something like 80% off. Possibly not the most exciting of purchases, but definitely useful. (And one of my goals for this year is to curate my closet and see if I can't manage to wear decent clothes this year, rather than the closest pair of jeans and the first sweater I find, and these fit well into gaps.)

Today, I am on calls all day, and so am carting my cell phone around on mute while I continue to excavate the house from where D decided he should clean out the cupboards and the garage while I was off playing over NYE. Again, not the most exciting of days, but I may actually find my kitchen and dining room tables before this day is done.

Also, books!

Catching up from the holiday (time spent w/my parents===books for distractions)...

What I Just Finished
Mary Shelley, Miranda Seymour, which was fascinating for more than just the life Mary led (which was outre enough, at least when she was young, that every time someone asked me about her, I'd get the 'wait, that's *reality*?' reaction) I got sucked into the everyday life of the late Regency and not just for the part where she was living with the Romantics, but for the rest of it, too. Fascinating woman. Fascinating.

Saga, written by Brian K. Vaughn, drawn by Fiona Staples, non-superhero graphic novel. I love the couple at the center (and the fact that the story is told by their daughter relieves the tension of whether they're going to live, because there were a few points where that was in doubt.) They give me the same vibe as Cordelia and Aral Vorkosigan.

Breakout, Alisa Kwitney, prose adaptation of Bendis' New Avengers arc -- I was in a Hawkeye/Black Widow mood. The fact that I've read better fic isn't a condemnation (as I know you all know); I've also read much, much worse. I wouldn't ignore the characterizations here, but they aren't going to be the sum total of what I use writing these characters going forward.

A Kiss at Midnight, Eloisa James -- vaguely Regency-ish adaptation of Cinderella. I floated along just fine with it all (as is usual with James, there are strong female friendships and people thinking of others, not just themselves, which I always appreciate), though the story I really want is the one in the epilogue, where they're spending half the year in the crazy castle of exiles and half the year in Egypt. I feel certain there's enough conflict there to give me at least a novella.

What I'm Reading Now
Nothing much--the new Black Widow solo title is out (and written up in USAToday, which was kind of a kick to see this morning) so I'll grab that. I think there's a new Hawkeye, too? More Kate, I think.

What I'm Reading Next
I have stacks from the library and virtual stacks on my ipad. The only printed matter I got for Christmas were cookbooks--I may just wallow in those for a while...
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...and then it was Monday and cold and raining and there was work and school and it was Tuesday and I had an all-day training class. But now I'm home and in my pajamas and trying to decide if I am motivated enough to go get some wood for a fire to brighten up the rest of the day...

Back in the Land of Mickey )

Tomorrow, I will have recs and other fannish content, but for now I think I am going to go hide under the covers and pretend like I don't still have to clean out my inbox. Ciao, bellas!
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oh, ffs, I can't for the life of me get this draft to save properly on AO3. So much for getting my [ profile] marvel_bang queued up and ready. ::frowns::

Random question: has anyone ordered from both welovefine and threadless? Can you tell me how the sizing runs in comparison? I've been eyeing the Banshee Squadron t-shirt, but the sizing is giving me headaches.

This week's distraction to keep me from screaming at work is the countdown to the Disney Food & Wine Festival trip, which is currently at T minus 3 days and counting. Crossing my fingers that #2Son will be able to go with us, but if not, BabyBoy and I will go and meet friends and D/#2 will stay home and watch college football. (This is where I am contractually obligated my the terms of my marriage to add a WAAAAREAGLE. Sorry about that.) Anyway. BabyBoy is angling for an extra day in the parks to ride mountains, so we'll see how that unfolds. On the plus side, this is the first time in ... many years I haven't had to have a conference with his teachers about how he hasn't been turning in any assignments, so a little positive reinforcement probably isn't a bad idea. On the minus side, the kid is a born Slytherin so if I give him an inch, he'll weave it into a nonstop argument for a suite at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. He smiles so cutely when he argues, too. I can't wait until he turns that into an actual career and I don't have to finance it.

Seriously. Why will this not save the extra chapters in draft format?
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So, yesterday morning, I heard the thermostat click at about 6:30, but the AC never kicked on. Several not-exciting consults later, and I am working from home again today while we get a new furnace and the inside half of an AC unit. My emergency fund (and a goodly portion of my discretionary spending for the year), she has vanished.

Oldest did something (good) on reddit and ended up on the front page. I'd be proud if I really understood, but I feel I'm faking it well. (See also: motherhood, things they never really explain.)

Between the cold and the funeral and BabyBoy's determination that I will be caught up on Warehouse 13 before the D*C panels I have not read anything recently, so the Wednesday book meme is kindof anemic this week. I did finish Understanding Comics, which I enjoyed, but was more for homeschooling purposes rather than enjoyment.

I did have fun with all the SDCC photos and gifsets on tumblr this past weekend, but I don't know how people actually survive it. I can barely make it through Dragon Con at a third of the size.
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Ok, lj/dw, what would be an appropriate gift for BabyBoy (who is 12, almost 13, now; I should probably come up with a new nickname for him) to give to his friend for her bat mitzvah? He was invited to the synagogue and to lunch and to the dessert/dance later that evening. They've been friends since kindergarten (she "manages" him--you don't want to know how many times I've heard, 'yeah, R says I need a haircut' or 'If I don't read this, R is going to give me that look' or 'there's this thing going on on Main Street and R says we should get there around 1'.) They're not boyfriend/girlfriend. Both of them say that--R could and did roll her eyes at that at age 5--but they've been the kind of friends where we used to tell the teachers to make sure they weren't sitting together in any classes because they'd get into all kinds of trouble if they were. TIA.

ok, books...

What I'm Reading
Grave Mercy, by Robin LeFevers. The one with the 15th Century nun-assassins (I can't say that too often) but it also has a ton of political intrigue and world-building so I can only read it when I've got a good chunk of time. Also still reading The Art of Possibility which is another one that needs a good chunk of time if I'm going to get anything out of it. And last night, while I was waiting around for a kid, I started To Marry A Prince, by Sophie Page. I'm only about 25 pages in, but I have yet to roll my eyes or feel the need to throw it across the room, so that's promising.

What I Just Finished
I stopped about halfway through The Billionaire's Vinegar because a) I knew how it ended; b) I just could not make myself care about whether people who have hundreds of thousands of bottles in their wine cellars are being defrauded or not. I felt badly about once again bailing on a book club book, but since we tabled all discussion of the book itself for a session led by a sommelier about what makes a wine able to age well (complete with tastings) I didn't mess up anything. I also went and slammed through a contemporary romance called A Royal Pain which pissed me off to *no* end. I went off on it on goodreads; I'll spare you here, except to say that the very least you can do if you're writing a book where the hook is that the male lead is a British duke is to make double-damn sure you get the forms of address right. I mean, I get that it's a little quirky but if I can do it for a fucking *fanfic*, you can do it for pro fic. IIRC, several romance novelists maintain little charts on their websites. It's not *that* hard. /frothing at the mouth

What I'm Reading Next
The three I'm reading now are going to take me a bit to get through, so I doubt anything new will come up on the horizon.

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