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Holiday greetings to everyone celebrating!

cutting for the holiday mundanity? mundaneness? )

I've been dipping into yuletide a little at a time--before I lose track, have a few of the stories I've enjoyed:

Indian Ocean. Present Day., Top Gun, Maverick/Ice, ~16,500 words, Mature === Post-apoc Navy pilots trying to hold it all together, holy cow, how many tropes does this one hit for me? Many, many, many is the answer.

Therefore Is Winged Cupid Painted Blind, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Jack/Phryne, ~6200 words, Explicit === ::fans self:: When pressed, Jack has quite the mouth on him. (Mind the warnings.)

We Arrive In The Dark, The Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, ~5800 words, Mature === Fantastic Miranda Priestly voice, an Andy who is both mature enough to deal with Miranda and still not very polished, all woven together with a lush fairy tale theme that remembers both the sparkly part and the darkness of reality, all without being a fairy tale itself.
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AO3's 502 issue is playing havoc with me trying to get this post done, so I'm conceding for now and putting these out there and will cross my fingers that I can get the rest of them coded up and posted later this week. I have no idea

Lies to Buy Myself Some Time, by [ profile] k8andrewz, The Unusuals, Jason Walsh/Casey Shraeger, Explicit, ~18,000 words === This totally captures the off-beat charm of the show and spins out in a dead-on perfect Walsh voice exactly how he ends up having a thing for his partner. (Or you can read here on lj.)

The American Guest, by [ profile] embroiderama, White Collar/Downton Abbey (AU? Fusion?), Thomas/Neal, NC-17, ~2000 words === An American comes to stay at Downton. To no one's surprise, Thomas arranges to take care of him, but all is not as it might seem on the surface. You know, I can hate on T with the best of them, but I am also incredibly sad for him sometimes, so I'm kind of happy (?) he gets a little bit more than he expects here. And Neal is impeccably Neal here, so no, nothing is what it might seem.

What You Don't Know, by [ profile] chemm80, Top Gun, Ice/Maverick, NC-17, ~7700 words === Ice misjudges things and Maverick finds himself in the unlikely position of rescuer (which he actually handles fairly well; yay, I did not feel the need to whack him upside the head with a 2x4 which is often my default reaction to canon-Maverick, yes I have issues, we all knew that already), but then realizes that once you see something, it's kind of hard to unsee it, for good or, well, there is no bad here, IMO. :D

The Leadership Breakfast, by [personal profile] musesfool, Captain America, Steve/Bucky, Teen, ~4000 words === Future fic drawing on comics canon, so… spoilers for that? Or for possible directions of future movies? Maybe? Regardless, Bucky is uncertain of his place in this new world, but matters are resolved most satisfactorily over breakfast. Because bacon is never a bad thing, y/y?

RED, by [ profile] waldorph, Avengers, Natasha/Maria Hill, Explicit, ~9800 words === It's Natasha's backstory, so, seriously, check the warnings, because her life is not pretty. She doesn't just survive it, though: she transcends it. I especially love the relationships built between everyone. (Spoilers for, uh, lots of stuff.)

To Be Modified As Necessary, by [ profile] ignipes, Avengers, gen-ish (a little Clint/Natasha, Steve/Bucky, Bucky/Natasha), Teen, ~6000 words === If you're going to have all these superheroes living in the same house, you have to have some rules up front. They're fairly amusing in and of themselves, but what's better is that behind every rule is another part of the story of how these "sad, lost creatures" became a family. My heart, y'all. (Spoilers for the movie.)

The Lovely Couple, by [ profile] celli, Avengers, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, Teen, ~3000 words === Every pairing needs a good undercover-married fic, right? Right.

Living Dangerously, by [ profile] penknife, Avengers, Bruce/Tony(/Pepper), R, ~1600 words === I'm all for Bruce getting a little love and attention and even moreso when Pepper is not slighted. And a sequel! Putting Out Fires (With Gasoline), which is just as delightful, but is more Bruce/Pepper(/Tony).

Two Sleepy People, by [personal profile] icepixie, The Thin Man, Nick/Nora, Teen, vid === Y'all! This is the most perfect thing EVER. It's adorable, it's charming, it's them. I had to haul out all my Thin Man DVDs for a glorious weekend of rewatching after this.

budapest, by cupoftea991, Avengers, Clint/Natasha, Teen, vid === It is fortunate for us all that Renner has all that lovely MI4 footage out there--it makes putting together BlackHawk secret agent vids so much easier!

compromised, by TatyanaOracle, Avengers, Clint/Natasha, Teen, vid === While it could be argued that the movie was Very Clear on Natasha's reaction to the news, I don't think it hurts to have another take on the subject. (Spoilers for the movie.)

as long as it lasts, by VilyaXxX0llwyna, Avengers, Clint/Natasha, Teen, vid === Yes, BlackHawk vid #3. Just so you know: I'm watching every damn one of these so you don't have to wade through the soppy ones. /selfless
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My list of things that made me happy is growing violently out of control; this is the first part, from my super-awesome, super-talented flist. I'm going to take it as given that I'll have forgotten to comment at least once even with people I know, so please take this as a blanket "thank you; I really enjoyed it!"

Aloha, Dr Watson, by [ profile] ariadnes_string, Hawaii Five-0/Sherlock, pre-series gen, Steve, John, PG, ~2300 words === I'm developing quite the thing for Martin Freeman's quietly competent John Watson. This is Steve and John in Afghanistan and it rings very true to both canons.

Fudge You, by [ profile] deirdre_c, Supernatural, Adult NSFW, vid (the full-uncut Cee Lo song) === Dean is less than impressed with the whole concept of Sam/Castiel, which actually is pretty amusing.

This Town's Religion, by [ profile] destina, Top Gun, PG, vid === We've covered my Navy flyboy issues around here pretty thoroughly, but [ profile] destina does them one better in this vid by filtering the movie through Charlie. I got a little incoherent and babbled at her, and I still don't have much sensible to say about it. Let's just leave it that it struck me on a LOT ("") of different levels.

Leeward, by [ profile] dotfic, Hawaii Five-0, pre-series gen, PG, 1000 words === This is Chin and Kono, growing up, and it says so much in just a thousand words.

hum a few bars, we'll remember the tune, by [ profile] killabeez, Supernatural, gen, PG, ~1500 words === [ profile] silverbullets has only been going for about a week, but I'm not sure how I got through without a near-daily dose of unapologetic shmoop. This one is Sam and Dean, in that special Winchester way where it doesn't matter if it's Wincest or not because they're so entwined regardless.

Raindrops, by [ profile] lilly_the_kid, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, PG, vid === One of the things that makes me happy about H5-0 is that they have these small, quiet moments that they sprinkle in between the chases and the explosions and the stunts and the yelling. They're telling in what they don't say but show, and this vid captures a lot of them (including possibly my favorite of those quiet moments.)

This Year's Wars, by [ profile] luzdeestrellas, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, PG, ~1200 words === Another one from [ profile] silverbullets, this one is another way that we (all of us, including Dean) are so freaking happy Sam is Sam again.

The Suspension, by [ profile] tjournal, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, PG, ~5000 words === You know it's going to happen sooner or later--"full means and immunity" can only cover so much collateral damage and there's no way our Steve isn't going to blow through those limits. And, of course, Danny's going to be the one to deal with the fallout, even if he is making Steve pay for dinner. WiP but noting it here so I don't lose track of it.

Faster, faster, faster..., by [ profile] withdiamonds, Hawaii Five-0, Chin/Danny, PG-13, 1000 words === Danny is surrounded by adrenaline junkies, and that includes one Chin Ho Kelly and his motorcycle. Certain portions of Danny's anatomy are completely on-board with that. Very funny, very Danny, very Five-0.

Also, [ profile] powrhug has assorted drabbles (the exactly 100 word kind) and some longer fic with various pairings in H5-0 indexed here. God knows I love me some Steve/Danny but it's nice to have a different pairing occasionally.

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