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Also, Trader Joe's cookie butter is EEEEEVIL.
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Ok, so, back from DragonCon and only mostly dead, so: success! More about this later in the week when my brain un-mushes. For now, a few links:

  • I was taking random pictures of cosplayers this year, just snapping them on my phone and uploading to tumblr (so easy), so if you're at all interested (and not already following me on tumblr) they're on this tag.

  • I think I posted that I got my [ profile] marvel_bang draft completed right before the deadline and the full madness of D*C started, but the claims post for accompanying fanworks went live over the weekend (the last four days are a blur) so if you're an artist or a vidder or make playlists or other fanworks and are into the Marvel spangly crowd, there's still time to snag a story.

  • …and speaking of fanworks, [personal profile] kalakirya went and podficced you need a rock not a rolling stone, the Clint/Darcy fic that took possession of my brain the spring before the movie came out, to which I must say: \o/!!!! Also: BRAVO, as Darcy tends to think/speak in run-on sentences and I'm not sure where/how a podficcer might be able to breathe. But it's marvelous and (if you couldn't tell) I'm super-excited to add a Marvel story to the list of my stories that have been podficced. Her post on AO3, with links to mp3 and podbook versions is here.

    Back to work I go (certainly not singing 'heigh ho,' though)
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    Hi everybody new! ::waves::

    quick background things, aka: context!yay! )

    I cross-post pretty faithfully between DW & LJ, and like my little cross-post link on LJ says, comments are groovy wherever you'd like to make them. Fic is going to [ profile] topaz these days, but I usually get everything to [ profile] t_fic at some point. I'm also [ profile] topaz119 on tumblr and I'm on goodreads and pinterest as well. Feel free to ping me if you'd like to link up there, too.

    ...and I'm off to dig out the house so the lady who cleans for me can actually find something to clean other than holiday detritus, ciao!

    where i am

    Jan. 2nd, 2013 01:30 pm
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    I cross-post pretty faithfully between DW & LJ. Feel free to comment wherever is easiest/most convenient for you; I am happy to engage across multiple platforms. You can also find me:

    [ profile] topaz (AO3) my fic & bookmarks

    [ profile] topaz119 (tumblr) fic announcements & endless reblogging of Jeremy Renner-related content whatever catches my eye, mostly fannish but with the occasional science/techonology/space related photo/video

    [ profile] topaz119 (pinboard) recs/favorites/things that made me happy, crossposted from the rec sets I do on DW/LJ/tumblr, but tagged and sortable.

    [ profile] topaz119 (livejournal) daily stuff, recs, & fic announcements, xposted with dw (flocked but I'm happy to add you back)

    [ profile] t_fic (livejournal) (unlocked, sadly out-of-date) my fic, xposted to AO3

    I'm also on pinterest (mostly food & holiday stuff, some geek (steampunk & cosplay), occasionally astronomy or science) and goodreads (er, currently I seem to be reading fluff of the cozy mystery or Regency/Victorian persuasion.) Feel free to comment/dm if you want to hook up there.

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