Oct. 13th, 2015 12:20 pm
topaz119: (path through the woods)
My mom was discharged from the hospital last week, so I went to her house to hang out for a while. I don't know that she's better, precisely, but she's very happy to be home, and goodness knows we all trust her visiting nurse more than just about anyone to take care of her complicated medical needs. My brother is still staying with her, and I overlapped with his wife being there, too, so that was good to see her. Mom is so worn down that she's falling asleep in between sentences, so we had a very low-key weekend, mostly going through 70 year old pictures. When she napped, did electronic housekeeping (updating her phone and tablet, getting the chromecast rebooted, showing my brother how to stream Netflix on it, etc) In the middle of that process, we (he and I) ended up watching Chef, which ended with him (he worked his way through grad school as a line cook/sous chef) getting all inspired in the kitchen. I made soup, he made flan and a Spanish tortilla and I don't even know what else, but it was very companionable.

And then I went by the barbecue place with the amazing spareribs (different than the barbecue place with the amazing pulled pork because I am married to a bbq snob) and loaded up, and googlemaps managed to find me a way back across the washed-out/flooded roads and I got home in time to feed the HoB ribs of the gods for dinner.

I am still doing fairly well with bringing my lunch—today is some of the soup I made for my brother (chicken with wild rice) and ham / cheddar / whole grain mustard on a pretzel roll. I'm experimenting with assorted noodles, too, to see if I can do some kind of makeshift ramen w/o the chemicals and sad little bits of dehydrated veggies that make up standard US versions. If I work it out, I'll let you know.

Also, it is really really bad (in a good way) to have a Starbucks in the lobby (aka, wow, the Toasted Graham Syrup is v. v. tasty.)

Alsoalso, if you want to prompt me with a pairing, I'm still happy to do more of the autumn ship meme.

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