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how can it only be the first of february?

I like the idea of Crafting Tuesdays, but all my creative energy is going toward figuring out what the hell to do with my house, so I doubt I'll pick that up. I do resolve to do more with the Wednesday book meme, and to pick up Recipe Fridays, because I am always reading and cooking, no matter what...

Hamilton: The Revolution, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jeremy McCarter – BabyBoy ended up getting this for Christmas, and then it showed up as a possibility for the first week of the 52-week challenge I fell into on Goodreads, so I picked it up and ran with it. Obviously, it's geared toward fans, but I found a lot of interesting stuff in it, everything from the specific hip-hop influences to just the sheer amount of re-work that was going on right up to opening night. The book itself was hell to lug around, though. ;)

Black Widow: Red Vengeance, Margaret Stohl – Her second Black Widow novel, which, I think, addresses the 'there wasn't enough Natasha' criticism of the first book. There's a lot of Natasha here, and the plot does revolve around the Red Room, and the other Widows. Plus, there is a bonus guest-starring role from Captain Marvel, and I am not ever going to say no to more Carol Danvers (especially when there's no connection to Civil War II.) (I would still like more Hawkeye, but that shouldn't surprise any of you reading this.)

Why Kings Confess, Who Buries the Dead, When Falcons Fall, C.S. Harris – The last 3 St. Cyr historical mysteries, though there is one scheduled for release in the spring, and while I'm still enjoying them, I'm happy enough to take a break for a bit. I'm kind of at the point where I'm going yes, yes, murder and mayhem, right, just tell me what's going on with the Earl and the family and have we found [redacted] on the continent yet?

Smarter, Faster, Better: The Secrets of Being Productive, Charles Duhigg – Not a lot of actionable advice here, but it did have actual interesting examples of SMART goals (I do them every year and usually find them a waste of everyone's time) and some higher-level thoughts. I did not ever feel like throwing it across the room, if that helps?

A Study in Scarlet Women, Sherry Thomas – This is the first of her gender-swapped Sherlock (Charlotte) Holmes mysteries. I literally just opened it this morning but it has great buzz.

The Unleashing, Shelly Laurenston – The first of *her* Call of Crows paranormal shifter romance series, in which the women are all Norse warrior-shifters. Yeah. Sometimes fandom really does prepare you for reality.

Ghost Story, Jim Butcher – This is … ::squints:: … good lord, #13 of the Dresden series. I seriously can't believe I'm still hanging in there, but here I am. Still just doing the audiobooks with these, so James Marsters' voice is permanently in my head now.

I swear I'm going to dig through my TBR stacks, both virtual and real, so who knows. I may just do a random number generator and see where that takes me…
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Sounds like some fun reading! Especially the Hamilton book.