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Okay, the adulting portion of my life has been totally out of control lately--

BabyBoy is freaking out about grades, and his freaking out is freaking out his friends, so it's like a big round robin of freaked out drama kids, which is EXHAUSTING. WonderDog managed to drink too much water too fast and ended up at the emergency vet's for sedation and a tubing to relieve the air pressure and drain some of the liquid (ngl, I was pretty sure I was going to have to make the How Much Intervention Do We Want To Do call by myself, so I admit to some freaking out of my own, but it all turned out okay, except that he's still tender and getting blown up a few days later.) Despite multiple attempts and an hour on the phone to tech support, the IRS would not accept our e-filed taxes, which necessitated the whole print-staple-big envelope-stamp tango in the middle of working a second 60-hour week (after working nearly 30 while I was on 'vacation.') Even cooking let me down last week, as I had two major dinner-fails in less than 5 days (and seriously, over stuff like shepherds pie and sloppy joes, stuff I've been making for decades.) Also, that fire at the end of March that you maybe saw on the news, the one that made part of an interstate collapse in Atlanta? Yeah, *that's* doing faaaaabulous things for traffic all over the metro area. My commute is Seriously No Fun these days (until June, they say, which seems awfully optimistic to me.)

I am attempting to maintain sanity by:
  • Walking the new, Crazy!Dog daily and putting my mileage toward the shiny Deatheater medal for the latest virtual run at Hogwarts Running Club.
  • Continuing to listen to the audiobook version of As You Wish, Cary Elwes's memoir of the making of The Princess Bride. If nothing else, listening to him do a pitch-perfect impression of Rob Reiner in and around all the commentary that RR is actually doing in the narration is worth a laugh or two every day.
  • I did manage a roast braised in tomatoes and garlic and onions and mushrooms (and wine!), with some pasta and bread and roasted asparagus on Sunday, so I am officially already ahead of last week in the dinner department.
  • Debating whether or not to do the spring Readathon... At the very least, I am poking through my TBR list/stacks to assemble potential reading lists just in case I decide to go for it.

    I'm not sure if it's working (sanity-wise), but the alternative is to throw in the towel and buy All The Easter Chocolate, and I'm not there yet, so...

    How are all of you? (thank you for listening to me whine yet again.)
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    OMG, your life is so crazy. You have all my sympathies!

    Luckily, just a bit of sickness here, but otherwise sane. :-)