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Hi, hello, how's it all going?

Mondays are so much more manageable when it's not raining. I'd just like to state that up front.

#2 & I went to see Guardians 2 last night, and much fun was had. We ended up at a 3D showing (b/c we were going late and my usual no-3D stance was overtaken by the extra hour of sleep I'd get if we didin't wait for the regular showing), which was actually not bad. Yondu's zippy little arrow-thing's trails looked very cool with some extra depth and space looked super pretty and candy-colored.

We were a little late, and so missed the first bit of trailers, but we did get to see the new Wonder Woman trailer, which made me very happy (ngl, I might have squealed a bit at "I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta"), and the trailer for The Last Jedi (also squee-worthy, but I've watched that a dozen times and I had no idea there was a new WW trailer. Though… did I just miss that it's in 3D?) We also got the new Mummy trailer (about which we agreed it would probably make a fun ride/experience at Universal in Orlando but it's not going to be more fun than the original), the new Transformers trailer (really? Another one? And this one with medieval knights? Still, Mark Wahlberg>>>>Shia. Also, Anthony Hopkins is now barred from supercilious Thor comments given his involvement with this trainwreck), and Dunkirk (BabyBoy is already massively on board with this one even if he will be at camp when it premieres.)

All this before we even got to the movie (and thus, by complicated family rules, allowed to start in on the popcorn.)

So, was Kurt Russell having fun or what?

I am also happy that they didn't just do the Peter-finds-his-father plot. There might have been a little too much going on, what with that plus Gamora and Nebula coming to some kind of understanding, Rocket and Yondu making friends, the Ravagers having an actual code of honor (Sly! And OMG, THAT WAS MICHELLE YEOH, TOO), the gold people wanting revenge, Groot being adorable, and Mantis taking baby steps to finding out how to be her own person, but all the other plots gave everyone some much-welcomed depth. (I mean, not a LOT of depth, this is still popcorn flick to the max, but people had things to do that mattered to their characters.) And as stupidly charming as I find Chris Pratt, I am not really up for another entire movie about Quill.

So, that was pretty good for a boring Sunday night.

And in a random fic-writer/reader observation, I would really be excited for the story of how Gamora and Quill find a third for their relationship, someone aromantic enough to be super-happy with Quill's casual attitude toward sex, because I totally read Gamora as ace, but slowly reaching for a relationship and getting tangled up in knowing how her orientation differs from his. Everyone would be happier if he had someone to bang who didn't want anything more from him, right?

So if you see something like that, point me to it. (Or I suppose I could always write it myself, yeah? Which means the question is who to send off to the Guardians part of the galaxy…?)

In other news, my grandmother's dining room set is near! I am waiting for the driver to call and set up a delivery date! So excited (of course my lovely brain is whining that we can only that its side trip to southern New Mexico did not totally destroy the wood, please, please, please let me not have just spent money to ship trash…)

How's everyone else doing this fine Monday?
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I'm sad we did not get the WW preview at my theater. Maybe because it was the 2D version? No one warned me that my beloved Ben Browder was going to be in the movie, even if he did look like a golden statue:)

Hey you!