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topaz119 ([personal profile] topaz119) wrote2017-06-05 01:57 pm
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[fic] spinning on that dizzy edge, 2/3, MCU, Clint/Darcy, Explicit

So, I was supposed to be clearing out my closet this weekend (the shelf/hanging rod pulled out of the wall a few weeks ago, so I am taking the opportunity to Kondo it), but, yeah, I really wasn't in the mood. (Am I ever in the mood for cleaning tasks?)

Instead: pr0n. ::curtsies::

Part 2 of spinning on that dizzy edge, Clint/Darcy, MCU, Explicit, ~11,600 words (total), mostly just a PWP.

(Also, argh, expired acct=wrong icon, sigh, happy monday, let me go find my fandom credit card...)