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topaz119 ([personal profile] topaz119) wrote2016-03-07 07:44 am

[fic] in deep with you darling, MCU, Darcy/Clint, Mature, 5/5 (complete)

Title: in deep with you darling
Fandom: MCU (post-Thor, Avengers, CA:TWS, A:AoU, with a little AoS thrown in for fun)
Rating: Mature
Length: ~48,000 words
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton
Notes: I kept it as close to canon as I could but I had to go a little AU for Age of Ultron (sorry, but I was 30,000 words in before Laura was dropped on us and there really wasn't any other way I could finish but to pretend that part hadn't happened. I promise to make it up with more Clint/Laura in my small town girl series, ♥)

Summary: Darcy could have, under normal circumstances, resisted the aesthetics (however awesome they are, and holy crap are they awesome), but there's an itch under her skin—apparently, nearly dying by giant, fire-breathing robots from space in the middle of Nowhere, New Mexico will start you questioning your life choices. Who knew?

Link to AO3: in deep with you darling

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