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Title: in deep with you darling
Fandom: MCU (post-Thor, Avengers, CA:TWS, A:AoU, with a little AoS thrown in for fun)
Rating: Mature
Length: ~48,000 words
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton
Notes: I kept it as close to canon as I could but I had to go a little AU for Age of Ultron (sorry, but I was 30,000 words in before Laura was dropped on us and there really wasn't any other way I could finish but to pretend that part hadn't happened. I promise to make it up with more Clint/Laura in my small town girl series, ♥)

Summary: Darcy could have, under normal circumstances, resisted the aesthetics (however awesome they are, and holy crap are they awesome), but there's an itch under her skin—apparently, nearly dying by giant, fire-breathing robots from space in the middle of Nowhere, New Mexico will start you questioning your life choices. Who knew?

Link to AO3: in deep with you darling

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Oct. 8th, 2014 11:12 am
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long time, no talk, but really nothing exciting has been going on. Getting up for school is kicking my ass this year (due to various logistical and work-related issues, this is the earliest I've had to haul my not-a-morning-person self out of bed in about a decade and it SUCKS), to the point that I forgot fall TV was back. I have managed to start reading again (sloooowly, but I have finish 2 whole books recently, go me) and writing is picking up, too (also slowly, but 100 words/day is better than 0.)

My greatest accomplishment (other than not burning the house down while I stagger around at the end of the day and attempt to make dinner) is to have chipped away at the ridiculous backlog of recs from the last months (or longer, sigh.) So, here are the eleven oldest Avengers/MCU bookmarks I have, slash, het, and gen, mostly featuring that archer (no surprise there, right?) but occasionally (more than once, even) not.

MCU favorites (older, but maybe you've missed one or two?) )

Previous recs available on [ profile] topaz119 (sloooowly closing on that magic 1000 number...)
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Wow, so I missed a couple of pages of bookmarks from way-back-when. Let's call this start on catching up The Things That Made Me Happy, v. Avengers--Older, Gen/Het/Slash, all with the Hawkeye factor.

13 in this batch, no Cap 2/AOS end-of-season spoilers )

Previous recs available at [ profile] topaz119
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I had to take a break from the angst-fest I'm in the middle of writing (at least I'm at the point where I can write the turn but I clearly did not think through the implications of all this when I blithely started down this path) so I wrote up a batch of 10 more things that made me happy.

all Avengers/MCU, multiple pairings, slash, het & poly )
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Today was the first day I had to be at the office and get the regularly-schooled kid to his campus, too. (He went back yesterday, but I was working from home, so a hoodie and sweatpants worked just fine.) It's also the day the lady who cleans for me is due, #2 started on a new round of meds, and Oldest is currently wandering the house until all hours of the night. (D, of course, got himself up and out, but that's the extent of his morning routine. Oh, and he 'forgot' he needed to tidy his little nesting corner until I snarled at him, so I'm sure we'll be talking about *that* later today.)

It was not a pretty morning, let me tell you.

In other, better news, I posted a story last night, yay! It's pure fluff, but it was for a prompt on my [community profile] trope_bingo card (and not one I thought I'd be dying to write, either), so whoo hoo, I already haven't been blanked out on that one (still not seeing where I'm going to go for a bingo, but we'll deal with that later.)

It was totally inspired by this picture. When it floated by on my tumblr dash, Darcy's voice popped into my head and told me the story. I just transcribed it. I love it when that happens, :D

Title: something you can hold onto
Fandom: Thor / Avengers / MCU
Pairing: Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton
Rating: very mild PG-13
Length: 1060 words
Notes: future fic. kidfic. total fluff. this picture told me the story

Link: AO3
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Hello, lovely peoples! I've been meaning to post for days and days now, but it has been A Week, and for no discernible reason other than there having been too many weeks like that in the recent past.

Summing things up:

  • Thank you for all the birthday good wishes! In spite of the stupid week, I did get to have deconstructed gumbo and coconut cream pie at Watershed on Peachtree. Since I count the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot as a birthday trip, the rest of my gifts are (much) lower key--just things like new cooling racks (just in time for the holiday baking season) and a new pepper grinder. Still, lots of fun.

  • Also on the birthday topic, [ profile] rogoblue, thank you for the cheeses, they were/are very yummy! (I somehow lost your email address, which is why one should never clean out inboxes uncaffeinated.) Also, the, uh, odd gift that will probably arrive w/o a note is from me. (I could not figure out how to add a note to the order and then it processed before I could go back and change it. I got a shipment notice on it, though, so it did get sent. Someday, I will manage to do presents w/o all this attendant drama. I live in hope that it's before I go on Social Security.)

  • BabyBoy and I went to see Thor 2 and had an excellent, popcorn time, though I think my favorite part was the 5 minute Cap 2 trailer (yes, we did 3D--13 year old boys don't go for anything else.) I seriously cannot wait for that movie. Back in Thor-land, I have this Clint/Darcy that's been kicking around on my hard drive for the last 6 months that seems to have been kick-started by all the snarky Darcy in the movie, which is a pleasant surprise. Extra bonus points that what I already had didn't get jossed by the movie--maybe I'll even manage to find an end for it at some point?

  • I finished an actual, full-length novel last week--will wonders never cease? It was one of my Victorian-widow-turned-private-investigator mysteries, Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series. It was fine, but suffers by comparison to Raybourn's Lady Julia/Brisbane series with which it shares a fair number of similarities. But sitll: a book! of fiction. Finished!

  • Still watching SHIELD (May continues to own me, but FitzSimmons are growing on me fast; also, so far not-jossed on the AOS/Avengers Clint/Coulson, writing as fast as my brain will process); Arrow (Oliver and a sense of humor--I so approve; still on the Olicity train); Sleepy Hollow (I'm not sure which is more fun: the IchAbbie or Orlando Jones live-tweeting the episode). Still lagging behind on SPN and OUAT, and Castle gets watched in bits and pieces in the mornings so I'm watching but I'm not entirely focused.
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    yay, new Thor trailer!

    squeeful babblings )

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wednesdays (where I will not be doing What I'm Reading Wednesday, because my entire week was spent trying to get into Murder As Fine Art only to concede and send it back to the library last night. Maybe there will be something to fit my mood on my Reserve shelf today?)
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    I'm running behind this week, so Reading Wednesday is happening today )

    …and today's bookmarks…
    she blinded me with political science by [ profile] thingswithteeth, Avengers | MCU, Darcy Lewis/Bruce Banner, ~61,800 words, Mature === This is nice and long and sets things up so that I can totally buy this account of how Darcy ends up dealing with the Avengers PR needs.

    lifehack by [ profile] edibleflowers, Avengers | MCU, Natasha Romanoff/Clint Barton, ~17,900 words, Mature === Very nice take on Hawkeye making the different call and how it might have gone after that, both good and bad and tying in with Natasha's "you know that I have," from the movie.
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    I should be writing holiday cards, but sorting out this list was *much* more pleasant. Again, I hope I managed to comment/kudo everyone, but if I missed, or if I was logged out on AO3 when I kudo'd, thank you! I had a great time with your story.

    This first batch is from my first go-round with Iron Man, so they're all a couple of years old...but I re-read all of them recently and had much fun with them again.

    Grease-Stained, by [ profile] nekare, Iron Man movie-verse, Tony/Pepper, PG-13, ~4600 words === This is as close to how it might work in canon as you can get, I think. Tony's head is kinda scary, but that's not really news. A little angst, but good banter and surprisingly sweet.

    Wish You Were Here, by [ profile] splash_the_cat, Iron Man movie-verse, Tony/Pepper, PG-13, ~1560 words === In which there is flirting by blackberry, shoe orgies, and the sexual applications of sea urchins. No, really, it makes perfect sense. :D

    "The Kids Aren't All Right" by Christine Everhart (, by [ profile] samdonne, Iron Man movie-verse, gen, PG-13, ~11,500 words === The Vanity Fair article that should have been written after the press conference at the end of the first Iron Man movie, complete with layout and photos.Even if you're just reading Tony/Steve these days, this is a pretty solid backstory for Tony Stark, and I don't think it's been jossed much by any of the other movies. I remembered that I loved this, but I'd forgotten how totally awesome it truly is.

    A Small and 100% Innocent Token of Gratitude, by [ profile] svilleficrecs, Iron Man movie-verse, Tony/Pepper, NC-17, ~7,500 words === Pepper does wear kick-ass shoes, but you know sometimes her feet have to be killing her. Tony takes care of it, which leads to not-unexpected (and certainly not out-of-character) complications.

    The Value of Secrets, by [ profile] mayatawi, Iron Man movie-verse, Tony/Jarvis (no, really), NC-17, ~5000 words === Note that this is Jarvis the AI, not Jarvis the actual person from the Noir run of the comic-verse. Note also that this is most definitely NC-17, as Jarvis the AI also runs the suit. I ♥ fandom.

    More recently...

    Mr. July, by [ profile] jibrailis, Avengers movie-verse, Steve/Tony, R, ~10,100 words === Steve. Posing (for charity!) in nothing but the shield. Things get totally out of hand after that, and Tony seriously hates his life. :D

    Specialist, by [ profile] gqgqqt, Avengers movie-verse, gen, PG-13, ~5000 words === Nice alternate backstory for Hawkeye, with an awesome Coulson.

    When The Lights Go On Again, by [ profile] seanchai and [ profile] elspethdixon, Avengers comic-verse, R, Steve/Tony, loooong === Aliens invade. Things do not go well. But! There is Steve/Tony pining and H/C and a younger, more vulnerable Hawkeye. I think that if you haven't read in the comic-verse, you might want to have the Marvel wiki open in another tab at first, just to help keep the other characters sorted out, because you'll care about them, too. If you have read in the comic-verse, you'll love that everyone has an arc. I read all 21 parts of this on my phone, which tells you how invested in this I was. Characters die and are hurt terribly and struggle to make a difference and the title is very apt but there is a happy ending.

    Talking Trash and Wasting Time, by [ profile] victoria_p, Avengers movie-verse, Darcy/Clint (Hawkeye), PG-13, ~7600 words === I think this is my favorite Darcy/Clint yet, probably because of the terrific group interactions, and the extra-awesome Pepper.

    These Three Things Remain, by [ profile] siria, Avengers movie-verse, Steve/Tony, Adult === Life in the twenty-first century is odd, but at least a few things haven't changed. My heart, you guys. ::clutches::

    (Un)Covered, by [ profile] rageprufrock, NCIS, DiNozzo/Gibbs, explicit, ~27,100 words === Okay, I'm probably the last person in ten fandoms to read this but just in case you haven't, here, have a genderswapped Antonia and Jethro. They're awesome. (And I'd never seen the episode this takes off on but then I lost my remote and ended up watching several NCIS marathons on USA and it was one of the first episodes I saw after reading this. I think it's a sign.)

    A Muggle-Born Marriage, by [ profile] Musyc, Harry Potter, Hermione/Draco, Adult, ~50,000 words === A Regency fusion where Miss Hermione Granger, struggling to pay off her father's debts, accepts the position of tutor to the son of Mr. Draco Malfoy. Matters progress in a most delightful fashion. :D

    The Other Side of the Mystery Spot, by [ profile] epicycles, Supernatural, Dean/Tessa, PG-13, ~4800 words === Somebody had to be there every time Dean died, and he and Tessa already have history. Very fun and bantery and in-character, but with a full awareness of the really crappy shit that's going on and the worse stuff that's about to go down.

    Fight the Rising Odds, by [ profile] bertee, CWrps AU, Jared/Jensen, NC-17, ~29,500 words === The entire Greek pantheon--and their skeevy children--keep hitting on Jensen, so what chance does Jared stand? Silly question, right? This one is so much fun, you guys.

    The Idle Job, by [ profile] kelleigh, CWrps AU, Jared/Jensen, Explicit, ~50,300 words ===Yes, I'm still working my way through the SPN/J2 Big Bangs; I'm slow, but you already knew that. This one is gritty and somewhat harsh, but not hopeless. Jensen is a Texas Ranger in a not-quite post-apoc US, investigating a case in a small town where Jared is the local doctor. Sparks fly, but it's not just that the sex is hotter than hell (which it is) -- it was more that I got invested in Jensen's character and wanted him to find someplace for himself.
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    I have more (all my old Iron Man links that I never wrote up), but I've been coding this for days, and I'm tired of it. I hope you find something you enjoy, even if it's just something you can re-read, and I seriously doubt I managed actual fb or kudos on everything, so I'll issue a blanket Thank you; I loved it to all the writers, artists, and vidders. *mwhah* Your creativity makes my life a happier place.

    Hawaii Five-0, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers, X-Men, Supernatural, Sherlock, CWrps, popslash, American Idol, and White Nights )
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    I sort of stopped keeping track of things that I'd read and loved somewhere in May (right around the time I realized I had maybe half of what I needed for Big Bang and OMGFIRSTWEEKPOSTINGDATE) so these aren't particularly new, but I thought I'd pass them along regardless. I really have been reading SPN/J2 Big Bangs, but I think those are going into a separate post (mostly because I need to backtrack and leave comments on stuff, especially the ones I've downloaded for my Reader.) And speaking of fb, I sincerely hope I left some on all of these, in some form or fashion, but if I didn't please know that I really did love your work, life just dragged me off in the other direction.

    All The World Is Waiting For The Sun by [ profile] leashy_bebes, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, PG-13, ~6500 words === ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Danny & Grace riding out a tropical storm with advice from Kono and Chin, and Steve coming to check on them. The very best sort of banter and warm-fuzzies, the kind you want to just wrap around you and cuddle (of which there is a bit in the story. Just the right amount.) I mentioned this on lj a while back, but thought I'd include it here, too.

    Tiger Soup, by [ profile] auburn, Hawaii Five-0, gen, R, ~37,500 words === Family (blood and otherwise), what it means to be a cop (the good and the bad), a case fic with lots and lots of shades of gray, all wrapped up in an awesome Kono-voice. AU for the end of S1 now (for the last few eps -- my brain is a little unclear of what happened when at this point, and if I start digging around I'll never get these posted, but you'll be able to follow it just fine) but don't let that stop you, because it still could be how everything plays out with Wo Fat once we sort out the mess from the actual season finale.

    The Game Has Changed, by [ profile] zap99nad, Hawaii Five-0, vid === Spoilers through the end of the season (and how) as Danny starts trying to figure things out. The music is from Tron, and it's a perfect, driving background to Danny's stream of consciousness. I think I watched it 3 times before I could think of something coherent to say in my comment.

    You Make Me Happy (When Skies are Grey), by [ profile] ecarian, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny/Catherine, NC-17, ~5200 words === It's raining; Five-0 is kind of in the doghouse, so they can't go to work; and Catherine has a 3-day pass. What to do, what to do...

    Just Temporary, Ma'am, by [personal profile] sutlers, Thor, Darcy/Clint (Hawkeye), R, 4700 words === Darcy is Jane's political science major of an assistant; Clint is Hawkeye (Coulson's "eyes in the sky" when Thor is breaking into try to get to Mjolnir). No, they don't have a single scene together, but trust me, it doesn't matter at all here--they're still snarky and funny and sexy. This doesn't limit itself to only Thor; it pulls in more of the Avengers, which is a big plus for me, because a little Stark Industries craziness is always going to make my day.

    I Get By With A Little Help, by [personal profile] frostfire, Star Trek XI, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, ~2500 words === Kirk is trying to tell Starfleet what happened with the Narada but he's flying so high on adrenaline and victory he can barely think. So, naturally, he turns to his personal physician for a little help. Kink bingo fill for public sex. 'Nuff said.

    Call Me By His Name, by [ profile] sinuous_curve, X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik, NC-17, ~2700 words === A year after that day on the beach, Charles wakes up to silence next to him. This is very definitely Charles and Erik, so the connection and the sense of wanting and needing is palpable, but so is the loss and grief and heartache.

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