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Good morning, happy Monday, omg, I went to see Rogue One last night at a 10:15 show and I am already staggering around like a zombie. If I don't use my brain over lunch, I will fall asleep with my head on my desk. Plus, there is a sad lack of actual geeks at this new workplace, so I have no one to actually babble at.

Tag; you're it!

First off, we almost didn't make it to the movie at all. #2Son was having a really rough weekend, anxiety-wise, and I had just about given up on him wanting to leave his safe spaces at the house when he came up after 8 pm and wanted to know if it was too late to go. *I* certainly wasn't going to tell him 'no,' but we couldn't make the 8:25 show and there wasn't another one starting until 10:15. That actually was good on the regular part of life, as BabyBoy had some complicated print job he was trying to put together for his lit project (we ended up at Kinko's on the way to school this morning) *and* had just remembered that he needed cookies for a Drama Club party/cookie swap today. You all will be very proud in that I didn't leap in to make them for him, just found the box of Ghirardelli chocolate-carmel cookie mix and yelled answers to his questions while running around dealing with the dogs, etc. But he got them made and Oldest, #2 & I took off for the theater.

spoilers (and mostly squee. 99% squee. BUT SPOILERS.) )

As I said to the boys, I must now go and read ALL THE STORIES (and really, truly watch the rest of Clone Wars and Rebels.)

Come babble at me!
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ugh, I have cold (not the flu, just a cold, thank goodness.) I'm self-medicating with tea and Austen adaptations (S&S for some lovely Rickman-Brandon and then Persuasion for a little RPJ-Wentworth drama. I may possibly shift over to the Brontes, but only for Tom Hardy's Heathcliff. This is all [ profile] powrhug's fault, btw. She needed new Brit series and my brain went, ooooo, we haven't watched any of *that* in a while...) We got a wee dusting of snow overnight, but not even enough to freak out the Southerners. It's cold and windy, though, so I am helping the furnace along with some baking and pizza-making.

On twitter, [ profile] withdiamonds linked to the Hogwarts Running Club, and I somehow ended up registered for the Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper 5K. I guess my brain decided that a goofy medal was a worthy reward for my last few months on the treadmill?

Due to one of those long, random sessions on the internet, where you start out looking for recipes and end up an hour later reading podcast reviews, I stumbled across Story and Star Wars, which has been vastly entertaining over the last few days of commuting. (Seriously, anyone who can spend a solid 10 minutes waxing rhapsodic over "I love you" / "I know" in intellectual, geeky glee is one of My People.)

Stay warm and safe, y'all!
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Apologies to those people whose questions I’m skipping, but this topic is date driven: [personal profile] musesfool said: Talk Star Wars to me!

Which, really, you don’t have to ask me twice!

So. My family never went on vacation. We only went to the movies when they came to the second/third-run theater that shared a wall with the bowling alley on the dying Main Street of the little steel mill town we lived in. (For scene setting purposes, think Super 8, JJ’s other movie. My aunt’s house was on (CGI) fire in it. My grandparents are buried in the cemetery they show. My uncles all worked at that mill. The tanks rolled over the (v. v. sad) playground we used to hang out in. I had some seriously freaky flashbacks while watching that movie.) But for some reason in the summer of 1977, we went to Lake Erie. We stayed in an actual motel (definitely a Winchester special.) We had dinner at a non-fast-food restaurant and then my dad announced that we were going to see the Star Wars movie that everyone was so jazzed about. Please to remember that movie theaters were just one screen. No multiplexes. Everybody was milling around, waiting to see the same movie. It was pretty exciting even before the crawl started. Also, please to remember that in 1977, sci-fi meant Star Trek original series reruns and Space 1999, which, while I have fond memories of both, in no way did they prepare anyone for that first shot of Leia’s starship zooming across the screen, shooting back at the audience, let alone the Star Destroyer that was chasing her, the one that went on and on and on, and then you realized you’d only seen half of it.

And then there was this princess who could handle a blaster and face down the nastiest Bad Guy every.

So, yeah, not-quite-15-year-old me (who already had a small thing for the X-Men thanks to Jean Grey and the whole Scott & Logan triangle—yes, my romance roots go back far, too) got sucked in hard, and then, in that blinding split-second of OMG-HAN-CAME-BACK, Fannish!Me was born.

True story: a relatively few years later, I talked my way into a graduate level seminar with a legendary author/professor and essentially wrote Star Wars fanfic for him. (Well, it was basically a fanfic assignment—we had to write a scene with established characters, so the fic part was okay, but the rest of the class did things like Holden Caufield, etc, not Han, Luke and Leia.)

Another thing: I hope Marcia Lucas got a healthy percentage of that first movie, because it’s the editing that made the legend. She (and the 2 other editors that worked on ANH) cut *everything* that wasn’t absolutely necessary. She’s the one who made Leia, because if the stuff that was originally written had been in the final cut, our fabulous space princess would have been dreck. You think that incredibly painful Padme/Anakin romance was just an aberration? Sadly, no. Luckily, all of the trite, banal, cringe-worthy characterization was left on the cutting room floor (listen to the radio drama if you want the painful proof) and then someone who was not GL wrote Empire, where the Han/Leia just sparkled and my first OTP truly arrived.

Also, now that we’re here, 30 years later, looking at all the awesome photoshoots for TFA, squeeing over every second of trailer footage, holy crap, am I glad Harrison Ford didn’t talk George into killing off Han Solo.
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I meant to warn you all that I was going to flip my shit over Star Wars things, but RL interfered and I missed that bus. BUT. I AM FLIPPING MY SHIT OVER THE TEASER TRAILER.

spoilers (incoherent for the most part, so don't expect any analysis) )

also, I'm sorry to have added everyone & then disappeared but we had a new addition to the list of medical issues & I've been either sitting in ICU waiting rooms or driving back and forth between Atlanta and Charleston. Or on the phone with ICU doctors while driving, etc, etc, etc. So far we're just in holding mode, which is better than some of the options... With any luck, things will get back to normal here soon.

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