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So, you know, it’s always good to do a friending meme and introduce yourself and add interesting people and have others add you… and then disappear for a week or two.

Um, oops?


Hello to the new people! (and to the rest of you, too, who’ve been hanging around here for a decade or so, ILU.) The me (lj) | me (dw) tag has an introduction and assorted random posts (like favorite movies and books, etc.) Feel free to poke around and interact as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

At least the disappearing act was for a fun reason: the Annual Epcot Food & Wine trip was last weekend, \o/. There was food! And wine! And I got a tiara! (I don’t know why, just that my friend L walked up and handed me what she assured me was a Belle (my favorite Disney princess) tiara, and that no, it wasn’t the $200 one from the shop in the Mexican pyramid so I shouldn’t worry about losing it. (She’d started making noises about how I needed a tiara then, but I put it down to the tasting flights of tequila layered on top of half a World Showcase worth of wine. Clearly, the idea stuck.)

Happily enough, it was really comfortable and hey, it was Disney World—nobody even blinked at the sight of a 50ish woman wearing a crown. So, yeah, I have sparkly headgear in about half the pictures from the weekend. It’s not the strangest thing that’s ever happened on one of these weekends.

surprising no one, this got long )

favorites )

And now it's almost Halloween and thus time to haul out all the creepy crawlie stuff, to further distract myself from the election insanity... I will try for pictures this year.
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And we’re back for Part 2 of How to [Over] Plan Your WDW Vacation. :D

This part is centered on the Holy Grail of getting all my favorite WDW restaurants in a single Spring Break, which means I kind of have to figure out which park we’re going to on which day 6 months in advance of said day, because that’s when the Disney reservation system opens for restaurants.

I know, I know. It’s crazy. But here’s the thing: *you* really don’t have to get this obsessive, especially if you’re not going during times when schools are on break. I, however, have a husband who teaches and I still have a kid in high school, so I’m stuck going when the crowds are high. And I’m always much happier if I have good restaurants on the plan, so if you’re good with counter service (which is really very much improved around the World) or if you just want someplace where someone brings you your dinner, you probably don’t need to go to this extreme. I usually just think of it as gaming my vacation—I do it almost everywhere (you don’t want to see the spreadsheet I had for the trip to NYC this past summer) but WDW rewards my obsessiveness and creates a vicious cycle.

All that being said, though, if you want to get crazy, here’s how I do it.

crowd assessments and park selection )

Ok,*now* we finally get to the restaurant portion of all this! )

what to do if you don't have 6 months to plan )

Also, everybody always wants to know our favorite counter-service restaurants so here’s the list )

Helpful links:
Touring Plans Crowd Calendar's Menu Index (crowdsourced but often more helpful than official WDW)
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I’m not sure how or why it’s already Monday, but here we are…

On the plus side, I did manage to finish up that post-Star Trek Beyond Kirk/Pike sequel I’d been playing with (see my previous post), but the rest (ie, the mundane part) of my weekend to-do list is sadly un-lined-through. Priorities, yeah?

So, a couple of people have asked for my Disney World planning strategies, and since I’m in the middle of planning out a trip with my brother & s-i-l for next spring break, I thought I’d do it in a series of semi-real time posts.

First things first--where to stay )
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let's see...

1. I'm on the Imzy train--no idea what I'm doing there yet, but I'm topaz119 there, too, and I have a zillion invites if anyone would like one.

2. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with Disney World tech support this past week -- as a software development professional, I am qualified to say that they got their Happy Path right (which is what 99.9% of you all will be doing should you ever decide to go & stay there for a while and it's really very nice) but more than half the time we do a trip, we are not on said path and it always takes a call (or 3) to sort things out. At this point, I am officially OVER the Food & Wine trip wrangling and will have Oldest use BabyBoy's Magic Band and FP+ schedule as it looks like BB will not be going and (of course) all of his stuff went through on the first try while Oldest somehow got dropped from the room reservation (which means I can't do his FP reservations for another month.)

(Please don't take this as an indication of oh-this-is-too-hard, because, really, I'm trying to coordinate 16 people across 3 different Disney master accounts with a DVC reservation + a resort package w/the Dining Plan and a mad combination of 1-Day tix, APs & the package tix. Kudos to the people on the phone with me trying to sort it all out.)

I can't wait to do this for NYE. /sarcasm

3. DragonCon is less than a week away! Preliminary schedule planning is in progress and I am on a quest for the spare cell phone batteries. I know I have 4 or 5 of them but they are totally not where I think they should be.

4. We have reached the conclusion that it is time to add a new furkid to our household and have been visiting with local rescue organizations and reviewing websites daily. BB wants a pug, my good-old-boy husband needs him something not-small and yappy, and I, of course, have fallen in love with a Shi-Tzu mix. Please stay tuned for further developments.

5. I wrote something! (points to icon) Well, I'm almost always writing something, so I guess the proper verb is: I finished something! Except, not really? I got Part 1 of 2 done, but it's better than 400 words here and another 200 somewhere else, rinse, repeat with different files the next day.

Anyway! When I went to see Star Trek Beyond, it was pretty clear (at least to me) that they'd mostly just ignored whatever the hell that mess was with Into Darkness, so my brain just skipped right over that one and started in on a sequel to my Kirk/Pike Trek Big Bang, Shining On The Quay, and it got longer and a little more involved than I expected, but there is definitely more to come.

So, yeah, \o/:

Starlit Wave, Kirk/Pike, ~3600 words (so far) of angsty schmoop, roughly summarized as Space!Husbands on R&R--sexy!times to follow.

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