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my backlog is ridiculous, so please bear with me as I try to catch up. These are the oldest on my list, but possibly you might find a few you haven't already seen?

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Oct. 8th, 2014 11:12 am
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long time, no talk, but really nothing exciting has been going on. Getting up for school is kicking my ass this year (due to various logistical and work-related issues, this is the earliest I've had to haul my not-a-morning-person self out of bed in about a decade and it SUCKS), to the point that I forgot fall TV was back. I have managed to start reading again (sloooowly, but I have finish 2 whole books recently, go me) and writing is picking up, too (also slowly, but 100 words/day is better than 0.)

My greatest accomplishment (other than not burning the house down while I stagger around at the end of the day and attempt to make dinner) is to have chipped away at the ridiculous backlog of recs from the last months (or longer, sigh.) So, here are the eleven oldest Avengers/MCU bookmarks I have, slash, het, and gen, mostly featuring that archer (no surprise there, right?) but occasionally (more than once, even) not.

MCU favorites (older, but maybe you've missed one or two?) )

Previous recs available on [ profile] topaz119 (sloooowly closing on that magic 1000 number...)
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I thought I'd posted this last week, but apparently my brain is telling me stories again. So, more things that made me happy, all older, pre-Cap2//AOS Clint/Coulsons this time (because, wow, I really do read a lot of that pairing...)

SHIELDHusbands4ever!!? )

As always, previous recs (in many fandoms) are available on [ profile] topaz119
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Wow, so I missed a couple of pages of bookmarks from way-back-when. Let's call this start on catching up The Things That Made Me Happy, v. Avengers--Older, Gen/Het/Slash, all with the Hawkeye factor.

13 in this batch, no Cap 2/AOS end-of-season spoilers )

Previous recs available at [ profile] topaz119
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Title: ask ourselves what road to take
Fandom: The Avengers / Agents of SHIELD / Hawkeye (comics)
Pairing: Clint Barton / Phil Coulson
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~ 47,100
Disclaimer: Not mine
Notes/Warnings: Established relationship, canon-typical violence, H/C (physical and emotional), PTSD, reconciliation, lots of friendships and a bit of TEAMFEELS. Also for the deathfic prompt on my [community profile] trope_bingo card (but it's okay, because we all know where canon went with that thing that happened in The Avengers, right?)
Summary: Clint knew it was going to be bad as soon as he saw Fury standing in front of him. 

Link on AO3: ask ourselves what road to take
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Ugh, back to work/school yesterday morning and WonderDog has something going on with his eyes/face, so I had to zoom by and grab BabyBoy from school & then took the dog to the vet & then went home & finished up clearing out my work inbox (I did not log in even once over spring break, yay me, which means I had a 4-figure unread count when I got back*) while I sat & waited for karate class to end.

And, to show that I truly do have my priorities in the right place, the laundry is only half-done, the suitcases are still only halfway unpacked, the kitchen is a freaking disaster area, I had to stop on the way to the office to buy nail polish remover/cotton balls & then got my chipped to hell & back polish (pink sparkles with Minnie Mouse confetti) off my nails while I got gas in the car (but I did not run out on the side of the road, \o/), & the taxes aren’t done yet...


I managed to upload all my vacation pictures and figure out Instagram (yes, late to the party, whatever, I’m old), write up some recs (see previous post) and, most importantly, see Cap 2 and get caught up on Agents of SHIELD!

spoilers within )

Back in the real world, my closest friend at the office is abandoning me leaving for a great opportunity elsewhere, sigh. Change, man. So hard.

*pro-tip: in MS Outlook, there is a Clean Up command that is a life-saver. It deletes all those long chains of emails, where 20 different people weigh in on an issue & just leaves the most recent email. (It preserves anything that branches or adds an attachment, too.) This got rid of 175+ emails right off the bat this morning. I felt so productive!
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Hello, lovely peoples! I've been meaning to post for days and days now, but it has been A Week, and for no discernible reason other than there having been too many weeks like that in the recent past.

Summing things up:

  • Thank you for all the birthday good wishes! In spite of the stupid week, I did get to have deconstructed gumbo and coconut cream pie at Watershed on Peachtree. Since I count the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot as a birthday trip, the rest of my gifts are (much) lower key--just things like new cooling racks (just in time for the holiday baking season) and a new pepper grinder. Still, lots of fun.

  • Also on the birthday topic, [ profile] rogoblue, thank you for the cheeses, they were/are very yummy! (I somehow lost your email address, which is why one should never clean out inboxes uncaffeinated.) Also, the, uh, odd gift that will probably arrive w/o a note is from me. (I could not figure out how to add a note to the order and then it processed before I could go back and change it. I got a shipment notice on it, though, so it did get sent. Someday, I will manage to do presents w/o all this attendant drama. I live in hope that it's before I go on Social Security.)

  • BabyBoy and I went to see Thor 2 and had an excellent, popcorn time, though I think my favorite part was the 5 minute Cap 2 trailer (yes, we did 3D--13 year old boys don't go for anything else.) I seriously cannot wait for that movie. Back in Thor-land, I have this Clint/Darcy that's been kicking around on my hard drive for the last 6 months that seems to have been kick-started by all the snarky Darcy in the movie, which is a pleasant surprise. Extra bonus points that what I already had didn't get jossed by the movie--maybe I'll even manage to find an end for it at some point?

  • I finished an actual, full-length novel last week--will wonders never cease? It was one of my Victorian-widow-turned-private-investigator mysteries, Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series. It was fine, but suffers by comparison to Raybourn's Lady Julia/Brisbane series with which it shares a fair number of similarities. But sitll: a book! of fiction. Finished!

  • Still watching SHIELD (May continues to own me, but FitzSimmons are growing on me fast; also, so far not-jossed on the AOS/Avengers Clint/Coulson, writing as fast as my brain will process); Arrow (Oliver and a sense of humor--I so approve; still on the Olicity train); Sleepy Hollow (I'm not sure which is more fun: the IchAbbie or Orlando Jones live-tweeting the episode). Still lagging behind on SPN and OUAT, and Castle gets watched in bits and pieces in the mornings so I'm watching but I'm not entirely focused.
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    What I Just Finished
    Thanks to a VP who is alll frothing at the mouth about efficiency, I haven't read much but things associated with Getting Things Done this week. Don't get me wrong--I find this system of managing tasks, projects and the inboxes of Doom to be my favorite and it has been for years, but I could have done without the "lunch and learn" discussion groups. (New VP. All energetic and stuff. Go team?)

    Anyway. The only non-work-related thing I read this week was a novella I found while cleaning up my kindle library (said cleaning being a part of the great We Will Become More Efficient mandate, and quite frankly, one of the better results. I mean, who really cares if I went through 11,000 emails in my inbox and assorted folders? Nice, but doesn't hold a candle to reading material I'd forgotten I had) -- one of Deanna Raybourn's Lady Julias. The wedding one, to be exact. V. v. enjoyable, mostly because it had high crazy-family-to-Julia/Brisbane-fighting-about-how-involved-she-should-be ratios and those are always my favorites. Also, Aquinas was at Belmont Abbey to oversee the nuptials and I do love me some competent, organized butlering with a heavy side of sarcasm (cf. Jarvis.)

    What I'm Reading Now
    Amazon/Audible have a thing where you can get a narrated book for cheap if you have the kindle edition, and they do a free one every month. This month happened to be Little Women, the kindle edition of which is also free, so hey, Marmee and Jo and Laurie are currently living on my phone for freeeeeeee.

    I've got Mary Shelley (thanks, [ profile] ariadnes_string!) to fill in around where last week's free verse biography left me itching for more details.

    Hey, I actually have watched some! Cutting for spoilers...

    Arrow )

    Agents of SHIELD )

    Supernatural )

    I might keel over before we actually get to Cap 2 next spring. The boys are already preparing to point and mock when we hit Thor 2 this weekend and get the bonus Winter Soldier footage. And let's not even *talk* about Days of Future Past. The X-Men were my first comics love and I read them religiously in the 70s. I usually count Han Solo blasting Darth Vader away from Luke's X-Wing as my fannish triggering event, but Jean/Scott/Logan had me primed for that trigger.

    Has anyone seen a post-Avengers timeline? IM3 happened the Christmas after the Chitauri, but have we nailed down how Thor 2 and Cap 2 fit in? I have all these ideas that need to be slotted into a timeframe.

    If you got that far, please! have a virtual cookie! mwhah!

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