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okay, time to clean out the bookmarks -- non-Avengers-related favorites first. 10 recs in 10 fandoms, slash/het/gen

At Home With Lady Damerel, by [ profile] brutti_ma_buoini, Venetia (Georgette Heyer), Venetia/Damerel,~3100 words, Teen === Venetia & Damerel are (initial meet-not-so-cute aside) my favorite of Heyer's couples. I love that they're very clear-sighted about themselves and each other, but they still become friends. That lays the path for their romance, which is one of my most favorite tropes. This picks up after their marriage and is really just perfect.

dwarves are very upsetting, by [ profile] empressearwig, Bet Me / Into the Woods, Min/Calvin, ~3600 words, Teen === Min's dream has a familiar, Broadway bent to it.

Unwritten Rules, by [ profile] lyra_wing, Almost Human, Dorian/Kennex, ~4700 words, Mature === John and Dorian and feeeeeeeelings. All totally in character, ♥

Forty-Two, by [ profile] knitmeapony, The Unusuals / Warehouse 13, gen, ~1500 words === Delahoy calls in a consult wrt Banks & his issues about 42.

measure a year, by [ profile] noplacespecial, The Unusuals, Walsh/Shraeger, ~4800 words, Teen === Walsh & Shraeger dancing around each other, chronicled through a year of birthdays (and one that didn't quite make it.)

One Night Stands and Vanilla Cupcakes, by [ profile] redtoes, Arrow, Feliciy/Oliver, ~16,000 words, Explicit === Oliver wakes up and smells the coffee when presented with evidence of Felicity actually having a life outside of Team Arrow. Dig thinks it's about damn time.

Five Times Oliver Held Felicity (And The One Time She Held Him), by [ profile] ageless_aislynn, Arrow, Feliciy/Oliver, ~3400 words, Teen === Quick snapshots that actually manage to feel pretty true to the show's atmosphere and satisfy my Olicity cravings at the same time. This happens far less often than you might think.

always room in life for this, by [ profile] Siria, Bourne Legacy, Marta/Aaron, ~936 words, Teen === Marta and Aaron find a place.

Reconstruction Site, by [ profile] disco_vendetta, Pacific Rim, Raleigh/Mako, ~8300 words, Teen === Raleigh and Mako (and Herc and Newt and Hermann) adjust to life after the Rift. Generally, movies that are all about giant robots punching giant monsters don't lend themselves to fluffy domesticity like this one does, but that's why we love it so much.

Come Once Again and Love Me, by [ profile] janekrahe, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Hansel/Gretel, ~7300 words, Mature === Hansel tentatively lets himself think about Gretel and who she really is to him.
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My dad is watching UFC, welcome to the holiday, sigh. Have some yuletide goodness?

second squad, this is delahoy, be advised by [ profile] Anonymous, The Unusuals, gen, Delahoy, 1669 words, Teen === Second Squad rallies around Delahoy, everyone in perfect character. Note the warnings, but if the show had gone this way, this is exactly how it would have played out.

A cold, beautiful truth by [ profile] Anonymous, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, gen, team, 1578 words, Teen === Undercover snark mixed nicely with tension, gunfire and feels. Pretty much exactly what sucked me into this fandom to begin with.

On The Same Page by [ profile] Anonymous, The Mummy, Evy Carnahan/Rick O'Connell, 3040 words, Teen === Evy isn't getting cold feet about her engagement, not exactly. She's just concerned that Rick doesn't understand how boring a librarian's life generally is. Rick knows better. ♥ ♥ ♥

And the Waves Clasp One Another by [ profile] Anonymous, Persuasion (Jane Austen), Admiral Croft/Sophia Croft, 2065 words === Lovely story of Sophia joining her new husband aboard his ship.

Lost & Found by [ profile] Anonymous, Bourne Legacy, Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing, 3678 words, Teen === I really love this take of Marta and Aaron allowing themselves to find a new life, and I really, really love where they ultimately end up.

queen and consequence by [ profile] Anonymous, Princess Diaries, Nicholas Devereaux/Mia Thermopolis, 1778 words, G === Mia and Nicholas, navigating the waters of a modern romance in the public eye. A thousand bonus points for the cameo from Joe and the Queen.

Furlough by [ profile] Anonymous, Arrow, gen, John Diggle & Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak,, 3964 words, Teen === Everybody deserves a night off and Felicity has the frequent flyer miles to take care of it. Bonus points for Dig having many hidden domestic talents.

we are not your island (you are not our distant shore) by [ profile] Anonymous, Arrow>, John Diggle/Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, 2751 words, Teen === In which Oliver is a little slow on the uptake, but he gets there in the end.

Always and Forever by [ profile] Anonymous, Pern, Sean Connell/Sorka Hanrahan, 1078 words, G === Sean and Sorka through the years. Actual drabbles, be still my heart.

In the second house on the left by [ profile] Anonymous, The Scarlet Pimpernel, gen, 1162 words, G === Chauvelin does not give up easily; the Pimpernel accepts the challenge.

Peppermint by [ profile] Anonymous, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Yukon Cornelius/Hermey, 1454 words, G === Y'all! This is so adorable and sweet and, just, full of love and caring. I swear it will not scar your childhood.

Repercussions by [ profile] Anonymous, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, gen, 5025 words, Mature === Post-canon, Hansel deals (not so well) with missing Mina while Gretel has more important things on her mind.
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What I Just Finished
Thanks to a VP who is alll frothing at the mouth about efficiency, I haven't read much but things associated with Getting Things Done this week. Don't get me wrong--I find this system of managing tasks, projects and the inboxes of Doom to be my favorite and it has been for years, but I could have done without the "lunch and learn" discussion groups. (New VP. All energetic and stuff. Go team?)

Anyway. The only non-work-related thing I read this week was a novella I found while cleaning up my kindle library (said cleaning being a part of the great We Will Become More Efficient mandate, and quite frankly, one of the better results. I mean, who really cares if I went through 11,000 emails in my inbox and assorted folders? Nice, but doesn't hold a candle to reading material I'd forgotten I had) -- one of Deanna Raybourn's Lady Julias. The wedding one, to be exact. V. v. enjoyable, mostly because it had high crazy-family-to-Julia/Brisbane-fighting-about-how-involved-she-should-be ratios and those are always my favorites. Also, Aquinas was at Belmont Abbey to oversee the nuptials and I do love me some competent, organized butlering with a heavy side of sarcasm (cf. Jarvis.)

What I'm Reading Now
Amazon/Audible have a thing where you can get a narrated book for cheap if you have the kindle edition, and they do a free one every month. This month happened to be Little Women, the kindle edition of which is also free, so hey, Marmee and Jo and Laurie are currently living on my phone for freeeeeeee.

I've got Mary Shelley (thanks, [ profile] ariadnes_string!) to fill in around where last week's free verse biography left me itching for more details.

Hey, I actually have watched some! Cutting for spoilers...

Arrow )

Agents of SHIELD )

Supernatural )

I might keel over before we actually get to Cap 2 next spring. The boys are already preparing to point and mock when we hit Thor 2 this weekend and get the bonus Winter Soldier footage. And let's not even *talk* about Days of Future Past. The X-Men were my first comics love and I read them religiously in the 70s. I usually count Han Solo blasting Darth Vader away from Luke's X-Wing as my fannish triggering event, but Jean/Scott/Logan had me primed for that trigger.

Has anyone seen a post-Avengers timeline? IM3 happened the Christmas after the Chitauri, but have we nailed down how Thor 2 and Cap 2 fit in? I have all these ideas that need to be slotted into a timeframe.

If you got that far, please! have a virtual cookie! mwhah!
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stuff, cut for your scrolling convenience

Arrow, spoilers through the end of the season )


Otherwise, I think the highlight of the weekend was finding purple shoes for the Team Fortress 2 Administrator cosplay that did not have 5" heels, thus saving me from a broken ankle later this week. And they were on clearance at the outlets, so they were cheap (my AmEx bill is looking for any positive it can find.) Also of the good was a menswear outlet that had cheap shirts and vests for the Redmond | Blutarch. We're slowly getting there, though the deadline is upon us.

And speaking of deadlines, my [ profile] marvel_bang story cracked 18K words this weekend, without the sex. I still am not exactly sure where I'm going with it, but I think I can have it in decent enough shape by Wednesday that I can turn in what's supposedly an 80% draft in good conscience ([ profile] wendy is laughing at me because she's seen what I've turned in for drafts before, but I'm trying to be better! Really! I hate to traumatize artists, even if I haven't ever missed a posting date if I got a draft in, no matter how rough it was.) [ profile] polybang is still there, too, though I think that's in the stage where I think I know what's going on and then I'll really dig in and it'll be a mess, but for now, we'll pretend it's all okay.)

...and I meant to finish and post this over lunch, but clearly that didn't happen, so I'll just end now and go to bed...
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Despite never having seen an episode of the show, I, um, might have fallen into the felicity/oliver tag on youtube two hours ago.

help me.

or, you know, tell me what episodes are best, koff.

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