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Title: Long Way Home, Epilogue
Fandom: CWrps
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 (this part)
Length: ~4400 words (for this part) // ~33,000 (total)
Disclaimer: Clearly, this never happened, but just in case you're confused, nope, I don't know anything about anybody.
Notes/Thanks: This is the epilogue I should have written when I originally posted, but I ran out of time (and inspiration.) Better late than never? The whole story, which was written for the 2010 [ profile] j2_everafter Disney movie challenge (for Candleshoe) starts here on LJ, and here on AO3.

Summary: Jared is all grown up now, and he has plans for New Year's Eve.

Long Way Home, Epilogue )
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Title: ho'ololi (transform)
Fandom: CWrps
Pairing(s): J2
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~8300
Notes: Written for the 2011 [ profile] spn_meanttobe romance novel challenge.
Prompt Title & Summary:
#31 Pleasure in Hawaii
Gene Malloy is finally ready to get on with his life. And he just may have found the perfect woman to share it with him. From the moment Gene rescues Sloane Hepburn from a rogue wave on the beach, she makes his most passionate fantasies come true. With her sultry beauty and lively spirit, Sloane is turning the divorced Maui B and B owner's life upside down—and he's loving every minute of it….

Relocating to Hawaii is a big step for the overextended career woman. But with hunky, seductive Gene Malloy romancing her under a tropical island sky, how can a woman keep from falling? Now he just has to make her see that their love is here to stay. And that the pleasure is just beginning…

Also posted on AO3, here

ho'ololi (transform) )
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Fic Title: An Uncommon Season
Author name: [ profile] topaz119
Artist name: [ profile] buff_iroh
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jensen Ackles/Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~53,000
Summary: London, 1816. Napoleon has been defeated and the Prince of Wales rules England as Regent. Mr. Jensen Ackles, younger brother to the Earl of Richardson, travels to town in order to find a wealthy bride, to help the family finances recover from several generations of excess and poor management. At the same time, Mr. Jeffrey Morgan is summoned home from the Continent at the express request of his autocratic grandmother, the Dowager Countess of Graham. A London Season progresses along standard lines of balls and routs, assemblies and the daily promenade in the Park. As Jensen and Jeff meet over the faro table and become better acquainted as the weeks go by, this Season proves to be most uncommon.

Link to art: Art Master Post

Link to AO3 for single file/downloadable versions: AO3

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five

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Title: the fine reality of hunger satisfied
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Rating: Sam and Dean, gen, PG-13
Length: ~1600 words

A/N: Written for Round 1 of [ profile] silverbullets for the prompt buy one, get one free from [ profile] ebcdic. Thanks to [ profile] without_me for the quick beta and [ profile] withdiamonds for the title, which is from a quote by M.F.K. Fisher.

Cross-posted to AO3, here.

There are days when Sam just does not *get* Dean. )
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Title: faraway home
Fandom: popslash
Pairing: JC/Justin
Rating: PG
Notes/Warnings: Written for the Brave Author challenge. I went with my Anon Reader's prompt for a timestamp to Closeout, because how could I not?

Present-day timestamp, inspired by the ungodly number of surf documentaries that get me through the winter months. )
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Title: The Popsicle Job
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing: Parker/Hardison/Eliot
Rating: PG13ish. ::shrugs:: They're in compromising positions, but it's all pretty tame for me.
Length: 1000 words
Notes/Warnings: Written for the 2010 [ profile] picfor1000 challenge. My picture is here. And no, I have no idea why my brain went from that picture to a Parker voice, but there you go.

Also posted to AOOO, here.

Parker tries to figure out who did what when and how they ended up where they are. )
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Title: Silver Star
Fandom: CWrpf
Pairing: Jensen/JDM
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~20,000 words
Warnings: Guns, threats, people get hurt
A/N: Written for the [ profile] spn_meanttobe challenge. My prompt was:
Beneath the Badge === As a Texas Ranger, Hayes Keller was used to tough assignments. But protecting Taylor Landis after a recent attack and keeping his professional distance was the most challenging job Hayes had ever faced. Every instinct told him not to let her get under his skin, but sticking by her side--all day and through the hot summer night--was pushing him to the limit. (1)

It, uh, got a little complicated on me. Thanks and babbling at the end.

Also posted in one part at AOOO, here.

Jeff Morgan hated hospitals. )
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Title: Caught Inside
Author: [ profile] topaz119
Artists: [ profile] feyuca and [ profile] theantimodel
Genre: CWrps, AU
Pairing: Jensen/Steve/Chris, Jeff/Jared (with a little Jensen/Jeff and Steve/Chris)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~ 40,000
Disclaimer: I don't know anybody.
Warnings: Language, casual drug use, explicit sexual content.

Summary: It's been a year since Steve left, and three months since Jensen's last talked to him, but if there's one thing Jensen knows, it's that Steve's invitations never expire. When Jensen finally decides to take Steve up on his offer, though, there's a strange guy in the house and nothing's like Jensen expected it to be.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Art Master Post (theantimodel)

Art Master Post (feyuca) -- Coming Soon!

AO3 (for ePub/PDF/Mobi click the Download link at the top of the AO3 page)

Podfic (read by [ profile] chemm80): MP3 || Audiobook (m4b)
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Title: He'll Make Me Happy
Fandom: CWrpf
Pairing: JP/JDM
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: So much with the not knowing ANYONE.

A/N: For [ profile] caarirose's Jeff, Jared and Just About Anybody Else Challenge, because how could I resist Jeff, Jared, and the Muppets? *g*

Many, many thanks to [ profile] without_me, who never doesn't make time to wrangle my grammar and sort through my character motivations, and to [ profile] maschalismos and [ profile] beanside and [ profile] nilchance and [ profile] poisontaster, all of whom took the time to read a very early draft and cheerlead nonetheless.

Days go passing into years//Years go passing day by day )
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Title: (Have Yourself) A Merry Little Christmas
Fandom: CWrps
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Warnings: So sweet it made my own teeth ache.
Word count: ~1600
Summary: You know that Vancouver weather can't be trusted...
A/N: This started out as comment fic for [ profile] tvm's J2 domestic fic meme, for a prompt by [ profile] annella here. Then it got a wee bit out of hand, and got tangled up with the idea I had for the presents challenge at [ profile] spnflashfic. And then I forgot to post it here. Still unbeta-ed.

It doesn't really catch up to Jared until he's on the phone with Megan... )
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Title: Upside Down (You're Turning Me)
Fandom: Popslash
Pairing: Justin/JC
Rating: NC-17
Notes/Warnings: Written for [ profile] phaballa in the 2008 JuC Swap. Crack. (Crossing my fingers that it's the good kind, but still. Crack.) Also, schmoop.

Also posted at AOOO, here.

Does it count as mpreg if I genderswapped the boy in question before I knocked him up? )
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Title: Warm Oil and an Innocent Smile (the French Quarter Remix)
Fandom: Popslash
Pairing: Lance/AJ
Rating: R
Notes/Warnings: Written for We Invented the Remix: 6 Catch the Latest Trend. I took [ profile] pensnest's Warm Oil and an Innocent Smile off to New Orleans (mostly so AJ could be a pirate. *g*)

Also posted at AOOO, here.

James Lance Bass, eldest son and heir to Blackwater Ridge, was many things, but a farmer was not one of them. )
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Title: When Push Comes to Shove
Author: [ profile] topaz119
Artist: [ profile] nyaubaby
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean, some Dean/OFC, Sam/Dean/OFC
Rating: NC-17 (Explicit sexual content)
Word Count: ~ 26,000
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings/Spoilers: Through 3x16.

Summary: They're Winchesters--they're good at making sure that not dealing with things doesn't slow them down, and mostly, just doing the job is enough to let them not think about a lot of stuff. But some jobs are worse than others, and even a little time off isn't going to fix things after you let them go long enough.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Acknowledgements & Thanks

Art Masterpost

Also posted to AOOO
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Title: Happy Hour 101
Fandom: Bones
Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen
Length: 1000 words
Spoilers/Warnings: General series spoilers through Season 3
A/N: Written for the 2008 [ profile] picfor1000 Challenge. Picture behind the cut; thanks to [ profile] cardamom_23 for the second pair of eyes.

Also posted to AOOO, here

Angela takes care of her team... )
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Title: Whitewater
Fandom: Popslash
Pairing: Justin/JC, AU
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: ::shakes head:: Nope, never happened.

A/N: Written for Megan in the 2007 JuC Author Swap

Also posted on AOOO, here

Two guys, a river, and zero communication... )
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fortunate son
Gen; PG-13
Disclaimer: Recognizable names don't belong to me, but I love them dearly regardless.
Notes: Pre-series; general spoilers for the show. Written for the [ profile] poorboyshuffle challenge. I picked CCR's Fortunate Son, because I've had that song in my head for the Winchesters from about 30 seconds after we first met John for real.

Mary had asked him about it once, when she was pregnant with Sam, right when the dedication ceremonies were playing out nightly on the six o'clock news, Tom Brokaw pacing grave and restrained along the length of the black granite wall. )
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JC Chasez and the Magical Amulet of Doom (...if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need)
Pairing: Justin/JC
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: uh, forgetting the whole amulet of doom part, no, it's all just a made-up version of a very pretty thought.

A/N: For We Invented the Remix 5, I took [ profile] phaballa's JC Chasez and the Magical Amulet of Doom for a little spin, using the [ profile] slashfic25 prompt strangers. It was great, great fun.

Read it on the Remix Web site here (handy, so you can pop on over and read all the rest of the remixes) or at AOOO or here, behind the cut )
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Pairing: JC/Justin
Rating: Adult, a little kink
Disclaimer: Not true, all made up, yadda, yadda, yadda...

Written for [ profile] silveryscrape for the JuC Swap 2006. Thanks to C for tactfully not asking how things were going, and to A for the beta in the back of a car eastbound on I-20, and to R and L for listening to me whiiiiine about trying to finish while trapped in the same car.

Also posted to AOOO, here.

pretty much straight-up porn )
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Black-Throated Wind
Supernatural Crossover
Pairing: Dean/*cough*mutter*mumble, um, take your best guess?
Rating: NC-17; violence, sex, language; y'know, pretty much all of it
Disclaimer: At the end, to not spoil the pairing.

Co-written by [ profile] topaz119 and [ profile] without_me for the "All CW All The Time" Kink/Cliche Challenge. We ended up using the prompts bruising in compromising places, biting to leave marks, and enclosed spaces. If you tilt your head and squint, we might have also managed a passing nod to masturbating for your partner.

Many thanks to [ profile] aproposofnothin, [ profile] cardamom_23, [ profile] darkseaglass, and [ profile] liz_w for reading and beta duties.

Also posted in one part on AOOO, here.

Black-Throated Wind, Part 1 )

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