topaz119: (#1OTP)
topaz119 ([personal profile] topaz119) wrote2017-05-31 08:55 pm

closing out some of the open tabs

  • The Star Wars photoshoot. This link is old news, I realize, but I have to ask if it's just me, or is Leia giving off a Bene Gesserit vibe?

  • This seems like it could come in handy: How to Binge Watch All the Television That Matters

  • MIT Teaches You How to Speak Italian & Cook Italian Food All at Once. Unrelated: One of the cable movie channels has Moonstruck on seemingly every night. I'm still not tired of it.

  • No link, but BabyBoy came back from his first day of Shakespeare rehearsals with stars next to the lines where they're going to make it clear it's a dick joke. And he's underlined all the lines that Orsino is flirting with Viola even though he thinks she's a he (Cesario) so he knows to really play it up. I am not sure D's family is ready for actual Shakespeare.

  • I had my third interview for a new job and thus far, everyone seems to like everyone else (me, included.)

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