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I am having an awesome time with the autumn ship meme--do come play with me!

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you who:
- Chooses the pumpkin
- Carves the pumpkin
- Gets scared and clings to the other in a haunted house
- Matching costume ideas
- Makes a cozy blanket fort to cuddle in
- Steals the others candy
- Accidentally gets lost in a corn maze
- Tells spooky stories to scare the other
- Collects cool looking leaves

Current and previous fandoms welcome, crossovers are cool, characters from any books or TV shows you've seen me mention are good, and I can probably fake this for most fandoms except TW, bandom, and 99% of the anime fandoms.

The original posts are here on DW and here on LJ, but it never fails that my friending isn't in sync and the LJ is locked down, so I'm putting everything here so I can link to this post on DW.

So far I've got:

Walsh/Beaumont (The Unusuals) )

Clint/Darcy (MCU) )

Kate/Clint (and Kate & Clint) (Marvel 616) )

Sherlock & John (Sherlock) )

Clint/Coulson (MCU) )
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So, this is turning into Rec Week around here... 3 Avengers crossovers (with Grimm, Hansel & Gretel, and Skyfall) and 11 other recs in Bourne Legacy, Pacific Rim, Hansel & Gretel, Generation Kill, Star Trek, Sherlock, and Julia Quinn's Bridgertons

Read more... )
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I have more (all my old Iron Man links that I never wrote up), but I've been coding this for days, and I'm tired of it. I hope you find something you enjoy, even if it's just something you can re-read, and I seriously doubt I managed actual fb or kudos on everything, so I'll issue a blanket Thank you; I loved it to all the writers, artists, and vidders. *mwhah* Your creativity makes my life a happier place.

Hawaii Five-0, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers, X-Men, Supernatural, Sherlock, CWrps, popslash, American Idol, and White Nights )
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So far, it's not a complete disaster, so I guess I'll take it. One day at a time, for sure.

I know I have more than this, but if I don't post these, I'll lose them again:

curving like the ocean toward you, by [ profile] gyzym, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, NC-17, ~20,500 words === Steve, Danny, John's house. I keep seeing people talk about how Steve never really deals with John's death on the show, and while I subscribe to the theory that hanging people off of a roof, and threatening others with deportation *is* how Steve is dealing with it, this is another take on him dealing, and one that I could also subscribe to. There's also a short sequel, weight of days lost holding you down.

The Break-Even Point, by [ profile] faye_dartmouth, Hawaii Five-0/Ocean's 11, Adult, long === Pre-series H50, O11/O12/O13. How Turk Malloy became Danny Williams, with a sequel addressing the missing $10 million from the vault. It'll probably help if you've seen the Ocean's movies, but if you have, this is awesome fun, with a solid foundation and great characterization under it all.

All The Girls Out On The Stoop, by [personal profile] mirabella, Hawaii Five-0/HP fusion, Steve/Danny, NC-17, ~13,000 words === Danny is a Veela. No, seriously. (And I can't believe I haven't mentioned this one yet, but apparently I was asleep at the wheel or something.)

As The Night Caves In, by [ profile] zarah5, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, minor Chin/Kono, Adult, ~19,000 words === Nightmares, prescription drug smuggling, stakeouts, and kidnappings. These are the stuff that relationships are built on, at least in the Five-0 world, right? Right.

Ho'omaka'ana, by [personal profile] kassHawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, NC-17, ~2500 words === A little sexy, a little schmoopy, a little bit of pining, a little bit of banter. What could be better?

If You Die, I'll Kill You, by [ profile] tailoredshirt, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, PG-13, ~5,000 words === So there's this thing called the Death Race (no, really, it exists.) Raise your hand if you're not surprised Steve wants to do it. Raise your other hand if you can predict Danny's less than enthusiastic response. :D

There's A First Time For Everything, by [ profile] kate_lear, Sherlock, Sherlock/John, NC-17, ~21,000 words === Most of the time, I think I'm firmly in the 'Sherlock is asexual' camp (RDJ's Holmes aside, because, yeah, no) but this makes a sexual and romantic relationship between Sherlock and John work and I don't think I once thought it was even the slightest bit out of character. Also, 21K words and I read it on my phone, in the car, with the usual chaos from the House of Boys on a roadtrip in the background. It was a fabulous distraction.

Got A Mortgage On My Body, by [ profile] cards_slash, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, NC-17, ~ 4100 words === For a trope that's been written a million times in SPN (bondage, rough sex), this is very fresh and vivid. Very Sam, very Dean, with well-done Sam POV that never slips but also gives a crystal clear picture of Dean, too. Plus, it's hotter than hell (pun intended.)

With Open Eyes, by [ profile] madame_meretrix, CWrps, Jeff/Jensen, NC-17, ~ 5000 words === This is that most rare of breeds, a Jeff/Jensen where there really aren't any power issues. Don't get me wrong, I'm generally okay with the norm (clearly--how often do I write it myself, at least a minor level of it) but this is a really sexy Jensen and a kindof quiet, caretaking Jeff and it's very very nice. And hot.

At First Sight, by [ profile] cleflink, CWrps, Jared/Jensen, PG, ~ 8000 words === Sometimes you just need a fairy tale where the prince wears a blindfold because his fairy godmother blessed him with the gift of love at first sight, and the stableboy is hopelessly in love with him already, especially when the prince is kind of snarky and the stableboy is really, really hopelessly in love. This is one of those ones that you draw hearts around for a year and a day.
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My list of things that made me happy is growing violently out of control; this is the first part, from my super-awesome, super-talented flist. I'm going to take it as given that I'll have forgotten to comment at least once even with people I know, so please take this as a blanket "thank you; I really enjoyed it!"

Aloha, Dr Watson, by [ profile] ariadnes_string, Hawaii Five-0/Sherlock, pre-series gen, Steve, John, PG, ~2300 words === I'm developing quite the thing for Martin Freeman's quietly competent John Watson. This is Steve and John in Afghanistan and it rings very true to both canons.

Fudge You, by [ profile] deirdre_c, Supernatural, Adult NSFW, vid (the full-uncut Cee Lo song) === Dean is less than impressed with the whole concept of Sam/Castiel, which actually is pretty amusing.

This Town's Religion, by [ profile] destina, Top Gun, PG, vid === We've covered my Navy flyboy issues around here pretty thoroughly, but [ profile] destina does them one better in this vid by filtering the movie through Charlie. I got a little incoherent and babbled at her, and I still don't have much sensible to say about it. Let's just leave it that it struck me on a LOT ("") of different levels.

Leeward, by [ profile] dotfic, Hawaii Five-0, pre-series gen, PG, 1000 words === This is Chin and Kono, growing up, and it says so much in just a thousand words.

hum a few bars, we'll remember the tune, by [ profile] killabeez, Supernatural, gen, PG, ~1500 words === [ profile] silverbullets has only been going for about a week, but I'm not sure how I got through without a near-daily dose of unapologetic shmoop. This one is Sam and Dean, in that special Winchester way where it doesn't matter if it's Wincest or not because they're so entwined regardless.

Raindrops, by [ profile] lilly_the_kid, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, PG, vid === One of the things that makes me happy about H5-0 is that they have these small, quiet moments that they sprinkle in between the chases and the explosions and the stunts and the yelling. They're telling in what they don't say but show, and this vid captures a lot of them (including possibly my favorite of those quiet moments.)

This Year's Wars, by [ profile] luzdeestrellas, Supernatural, Sam/Dean, PG, ~1200 words === Another one from [ profile] silverbullets, this one is another way that we (all of us, including Dean) are so freaking happy Sam is Sam again.

The Suspension, by [ profile] tjournal, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, PG, ~5000 words === You know it's going to happen sooner or later--"full means and immunity" can only cover so much collateral damage and there's no way our Steve isn't going to blow through those limits. And, of course, Danny's going to be the one to deal with the fallout, even if he is making Steve pay for dinner. WiP but noting it here so I don't lose track of it.

Faster, faster, faster..., by [ profile] withdiamonds, Hawaii Five-0, Chin/Danny, PG-13, 1000 words === Danny is surrounded by adrenaline junkies, and that includes one Chin Ho Kelly and his motorcycle. Certain portions of Danny's anatomy are completely on-board with that. Very funny, very Danny, very Five-0.

Also, [ profile] powrhug has assorted drabbles (the exactly 100 word kind) and some longer fic with various pairings in H5-0 indexed here. God knows I love me some Steve/Danny but it's nice to have a different pairing occasionally.
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I know I'm forgetting things, but it's been a long week, complete with lay-offs and re-orgs (still employed! don't know exactly what I still own project-wise, but since I'm drowning, not waving, I'm hoping the news of things going to other teams don't turn out to be just vicious rumors) so I'm just throwing these out to the universe. I hope I managed to comment/kudo on everything, but if I missed somebody, thank you! I loved it!

Inked, by [ profile] thehoyden, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, NC-17, ~5700 words === There's a serial killer out there, and he's going for people who have the name of their lover tattooed on them somewhere. Of course it's Danny who's leaning over his desk getting Steve's name (temporarily) inked on his ass, because that's just the way these things go. Of course. And of course, they're off to a gay resort to hunt down the killer. It goes about as well as you'd expect. :D So much fun.

Danny Williams and The Case of the Consulting Detective, by [ profile] apetslife, Hawaii Five-0/Sherlock, Steve/Danny & John/Sherlock (about to the level of the show), Adult, ~9000 words === Another serial killer! (It's not a theme, I promise.) This time the investigation involves a consulting detective to the FBI on loan to Five-0. You know how excited Lestrade generally is with his consulting detective? Yeah, Danny's got him beat. I think you'll probably enjoy it even if you haven't watched Sherlock, but this is an excellent excuse to hunt down those DVDs as well.

Single Handed, Took Me Alive, by [personal profile] twentysomething, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, R-ish, ~3500 words === AU in which Det. Danni Williams follows her ex-husband to Hawaii to be near her daughter, Grace. Other than the pencil skirts and the heels, everything else is pretty much the same as what goes by on-screen every Monday night, which just makes this even more awesome. (More in the 'verse, here, read from the bottom up and have fun!)

Coffee Laced Intoxicating On Your Lips, by [ profile] wickedtruth, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, Adult, ~1700 words === Porn Battle fill! With extra helpings of domesticity (pancakes!) amid the kitchen porn. What could be better?

Lonely People Do Stupid Things, by [ profile] waketosleep, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, NC-17, ~14,000 words === Danny's going to New Jersey for Christmas and dragging Steve with him. Steve, who's never really had a big family holiday. *koff* Danny's in his element; Steve's maybe a tiny bit shell-shocked. Maybe. Just a bit. *g*

we believe in the sum of ourselves, by [ profile] gyzym, Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, Adult, ~4600 words === The end of 1.16 was crying out for codas; this fits the bill nicely. I really like why and how Danny loses control--as for where, well, of course it's in Steve's house.

and the bells were ringing out , by [ profile] pathstotread, Castle, Castle/Beckett, PG, ~2800 words === Castle invites Beckett over for Christmas Eve. It's Castle, so there is laser tag involved, of course. Excellent character voices for everyone, including Martha and Alexis.

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