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Title: practically perfect
Fandom: Hawkeye (Marvel 616)
Rating: Mature
Length: ~10,000 words
Pairing: Clint Barton/Kate Bishop
Notes: Written for the 2016 Hawkeye Squared Xmas Exchange.

Summary: It’d started out to be just a normal day-after-assembly day, one of the ones where Kate had been too tired to make it to her place and they’d ended up crashed out on the couch with the TV flickering through the night, but now Clint’s staring at her like she just slapped him, which okay, maybe isn’t all that much of a stretch, and Kate’s hands are shaking hard enough that she has to put her coffee down before it sloshes over the side of the chipped mug and burns her.

(It’s bad, Kate thinks. She's putting her coffee down, that's how bad it is.)

Link (AO3): practically perfect
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I am having an awesome time with the autumn ship meme--do come play with me!

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you who:
- Chooses the pumpkin
- Carves the pumpkin
- Gets scared and clings to the other in a haunted house
- Matching costume ideas
- Makes a cozy blanket fort to cuddle in
- Steals the others candy
- Accidentally gets lost in a corn maze
- Tells spooky stories to scare the other
- Collects cool looking leaves

Current and previous fandoms welcome, crossovers are cool, characters from any books or TV shows you've seen me mention are good, and I can probably fake this for most fandoms except TW, bandom, and 99% of the anime fandoms.

The original posts are here on DW and here on LJ, but it never fails that my friending isn't in sync and the LJ is locked down, so I'm putting everything here so I can link to this post on DW.

So far I've got:

Walsh/Beaumont (The Unusuals) )

Clint/Darcy (MCU) )

Kate/Clint (and Kate & Clint) (Marvel 616) )

Sherlock & John (Sherlock) )

Clint/Coulson (MCU) )
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Title: Espresso Con Panna (The Pour-Over Mix)
Fandom: Marvel (Hawkeye/Young Avengers) AU
Pairing: Kate Bishop/Clint Barton
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Length: ~ 9700 words
Notes/Warnings: Written for [community profile] femmeremix, inspired by [ profile] subjunctive's coffee shop AU, Espresso Con Panna. I personally love Kate and Clint's platonic relationship in Hawkeye, but hey, what's fic for if not to say, 'well, yeah, but what if...?'

Summary: Of course, some of the people Kate was taking care of were more interesting than others, but hey, she was reasonably sure a jury of her peers (i.e., single and right-down-the-middle-Kinsey, male or female) would not convict her of bad taste when it came to making sure Mr. Espresso Con Panna lounging in the corner was super-definitely taken care of.

With a personal touch.

Link: AO3
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Title: home is where the heart is
Fandom: Hawkeye (Marvel comics)
Characters: Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, Lucky
Rating: Teen
Length: 1000 words
Notes/Warnings: Spoilers through Hawkeye 21 (crossing fingers for certain things in 22.) Written for the 13th [ profile] picfor1000 challenge. My prompt is here.

Summary: Clint knows everybody else has moved on, but he hasn't, not yet, and he's pretty goddamn sure nobody should be surprised by that.

Link: AO3

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