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I am having an awesome time with the autumn ship meme--do come play with me!

Give me a pairing and I'll tell you who:
- Chooses the pumpkin
- Carves the pumpkin
- Gets scared and clings to the other in a haunted house
- Matching costume ideas
- Makes a cozy blanket fort to cuddle in
- Steals the others candy
- Accidentally gets lost in a corn maze
- Tells spooky stories to scare the other
- Collects cool looking leaves

Current and previous fandoms welcome, crossovers are cool, characters from any books or TV shows you've seen me mention are good, and I can probably fake this for most fandoms except TW, bandom, and 99% of the anime fandoms.

The original posts are here on DW and here on LJ, but it never fails that my friending isn't in sync and the LJ is locked down, so I'm putting everything here so I can link to this post on DW.

So far I've got:

Walsh/Beaumont (The Unusuals)
Allison buys the pumpkin because the youth group at Cole's church is selling them as a fundraiser and she is powerless to resist. Jason carves it (or, really, hacks at it while she sits and harasses him about it.)

Neither one of them is very fond of people jumping out at them, so they hold hands the whole way through the haunted house to keep each other from automatically flattening any overzealous actors.

Group costume - Classic 1960s/70s-era Playboy bunnies. Allison can barely stand up she's laughing so hard. Walsh lost a bet with Schraeger so he's in heels and shaved legs and falsies. And the little tail. He makes it work. (And the post-costume sex is epic. They resolve to explore the whole cross-dressing thing a little more thoroughly.)

Who needs a blanket fort when Walsh's bed is the focal point of his living space?

Walsh is definitely a candy thief (mostly absentmindedly) but since Beaumont is the one who gets to watch him eat it, she doesn't mind.

It's really very strange how two NYPD detectives can get so lost in a simple corn maze that nobody can find them for hours and hours. And how bits and pieces of stalks end up inside all their clothes. Very strange.

Beaumont's family has all these stories of this auntie who was a bruja, or that cousin who just knew when bad shit was going to go down, or how all the old ones had long conversations with the dearly departed on Dia de los Muertas. Jason isn't scared, exactly, but it's a little creepy how matter-of-fact everyone is about it.

Walsh collects the leaves because he's in a long con on Alvarez about how you put a precise combination of different tree leaves in water and let it steep like tea and drink it to keep your, uh, manly strength up. (Eddie doesn't want to disappoint Nicole in the bedroom, and he was clueless enough to ask Walsh how he keeps up with his hot Latina girlfriend, so Walsh is seeing how nasty of a brew he can sucker Alvarez into drinking.)

Clint/Darcy (MCU)
Darcy buys the pumpkins, plural, and draws the designs, but Clint takes one look at her knife technique and figures he better handle the sharp objects. He turns out to be a super-perfectionist, so they have the creepiest, most elaborate pumpkins Darcy has ever had. (Clint, too, but if his family had jack-o-lanterns, he doesn't remember them.)

Darcy absolutely does some clinging in the haunted house. She is not going to miss out on *that* opportunity, scared or not.

Clint only has one rule: no bow-and-arrow characters. Darcy weeps for the loss of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, but recovers strong with Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood (in the white, backless dress, which goes a long way toward soothing Clint's irritation with having to get dressed up in the first place, thanks a lot, Stark.)

Darcy has to explain the concept of a blanket fort to Clint, but once he gets the idea, he builds the best ones ever.

There is no candy stealing! Darcy has very strict trading rules, and they may gift each other with candy at any time, but no stealing!

To everyone's surprise, Darcy is aces at corn mazes. They all expect her to need rescuing, but she goes through that maze like a pro, Clint following along in her wake, having an awesome time watching her do her thing. (Ok, this Darcy grew up in a semi-rural area where there were always mazes in the fall. She got lost when she was little and vowed never again.)

Darcy is totally addicted to Abbie and Ichabod on Sleepy Hollow, which leads them to the actual short story and then from there to Poe, which Clint ends up reading out loud because Darcy says his voice is better with the subject matter than hers is. Since she wraps herself around him (for protection) while he reads, he's not really objecting.

Darcy really loves the fall and goes nuts collecting leaves and soaking them in glycerin to keep the color. Clint finds himself picking up especially cool looking ones for her whenever he's out and about.

Kate/Clint (and Kate & Clint) (Marvel 616)
Clint chooses the pumpkin (because he knows the guy who's selling them and it's easy enough way to toss a couple of bucks his direction.)

Kate carves the pumpkin because, seriously, Barton with a knife? It's only going to end in tears and a dozen stitches when he tries to get fancy.

At the haunted house, they both get spooked at one point or another and jump a little, but nobody else was around so they're blackmailing each other to keep the secret.

Kate begs, threatens, wheedles, and tries blackmail in an attempt to get Clint into the original circus Hawkeye outfit ("I was fifteen and half-starving when I wore that, girlie. It ain't gonna fit now." // "You have heard of seamstresses, right?" // "Besides, what are you gonna be, if I'm the Amazing Hawkeye?" // "I get to be the boss." // "So, you're not wearing a costume, then?" // "Got it in one, Hawkeye." // "Yeah, no, Hawkeye.") When that doesn't work, she defaults to her wearing an old, worn Jack Daniels tank and puts a Coke t-shirt on Clint. If this is Kate/Clint, he makes it about an hour into Tony's party before she takes pity on him and drags him into a bathroom for a quickie. If it's Kate & Clint, he gets to glower threateningly at everyone who so much as looks twice at her.

The blanket fort is a dual operation--Clint gets a cold and is a miserable lump on the couch; Kate takes all his blankets and pillows and drapes them over the back and sides and gets Lucky up inside with them.

Kate recognizes no ownership when it comes to candy. Clint's candy is her candy.

Clint gets lost in the corn maze, but only because he swore he could do it blindfolded *and* without his hearing aids, and Kate isn't stupid enough to pass on that challenge.

If it's Kate/Clint, Kate starts telling him the old Hookman story and then realizes he's never heard it and goes all out and improvises a 'hook' from a kitchen knife. Clint is actually kind of hurt, because she had him going and he thought it was some horrible traumatic experience she was sharing with him. The make-up sex is outstanding. If it's Kate & Clint, Clint keeps trying to tell her scary stories that the fortune teller told him when he was with the circus--they're not that spooky but Kate really hates the stories are all the Halloween he remembers so she pretends she's more freaked than she is.

Clint has a drawer full of leaves in his kitchen. Kate thinks he's insane, but that's because she doesn't realize they're from an afternoon she and Clint spent in Central Park when the leaves were blowing and they were seeing who could hit the most with little pocket slingshots. It's a good memory; Clint likes to keep them around.

Sherlock & John (Sherlock)
Sherlock definitely picks out the pumpkin. John, of course, carves it (it's semi-menial labor after all.)

No one gets *scared*, precisely, but Sherlock annoys the actor with the chainsaw enough that John is dragging Sherlock out bodily, so there is, if you squint, a bit of clinging going on. (Sherlock merely informed the gentleman that his grip would not give him adequate torque and so his threats were quite meaningless, bordering on an embarrassment to his profession.)

Sherlock sees no reason for costumes, but since it's for Molly's party and he does recognize that she would be disappointed, he makes arrangements for costumes, his as the King of the Wild Hunt and John as one of his men. (John was planning on something calm, like scrubs or possibly an old uniform, but since he was the one who insisted they had to go in the first place, Sherlock ignores this rather feeble effort and off they go.)

John is the master of piling up pillows and wooly blankets when he's not feeling well. Sherlock is not invited. (John's kind of bitchy when he's sick.)

John doesn't even bother trying to keep his candy separate. Sherlock is above such petty notions as candy ownership.

Sherlock tells the most grisly, horrifying stories, all of them true, which makes them even worse, except that he only tells the stories he's figured out and stopped, so John soldiers on.

The leaves are part of an experiment, John.

Clint/Coulson (MCU)
They usually only barely manage to celebrate the big holidays, so Halloween almost always falls through the cracks, but one year they get back from a really really bad op, the kind that leaves them both with no hope for mankind, and Phil is at the market, wandering around listlessly, picking up random food (his basket holds eggs, jicama, blue-cheese-stuffed olives, mangos, and Chef Boyardee ravioli) when he notices the sad, picked-over display of pumpkins and realizes that the woman at the register is wearing an actual costume, not just the latest bizarre trendy clothing, and that's it's actually Halloween. He can't remember the last time his life was even approaching normal, so he buys the best of the sad pumpkins, goes back to his little house in Arlington and googles the best way to carve a pumpkin. (He vaguely remembers his father talking to him as he cut into pumpkins in his childhood, but he can't remember what the precise advice was.) He is somewhat bemused by how complicated this has all become, but dammit, he has a pumpkin and he is going to carve it. Clint comes home from his own listless wandering (he has 6 different kinds of ice cream, because they made a deal early on that they wouldn't enable each other with anything alcoholic, no matter how bad things had been) and finds Phil sitting on the floor of the kitchen, newspaper spread out and several pumpkins in various stages of disembowelment surrounding him. He watches for a few seconds and then goes puts the ice cream away and gets a trash bag to clean up while Phil creates his masterpieces. Halfway through, he realizes they'll need candles so he's the one who runs back to the store and gets some, plus some peanut butter cups, too, because hey, Halloween. In the end, they have three aggressively cheerful jack-o'-lanterns to set out on the porch and it's a good thing that Clint bought candy because it turns out that there are kids in the neighborhood and, encouraged by the pumpkins, they troop up on the porch to ring the doorbell. It's not a bad way to come back to the real world.

After Loki, Phil does not react well to things moving in his peripheral vision, so when one of his nieces invites him to her school's Harvest Festival and there is a haunted house put on by the sixth graders, Clint presses close to Phil the whole way through, just so he knows someone's got his back.

Coulson goes as Fury (eye patch, leather coat, RPG (you didn't think that time on the helicarrier was the first time Fury took down a rogue aircraft, did you?) and his scariest smile.) Clint goes as Coulson (suit, one of Coulson's own ties, C4 in his pocket.) It's unnerving enough that no one ever invites them to a costume party again, which is really the best case scenario.

It is a little known fact that Phil Coulson is a world-class blanket fort engineer. ::nods::

It takes Clint years to break the habit of hiding his things away where no one can take them; Phil makes extra sure never to take anything without asking.

Well, Clint does beat Phil's best time getting through the maze by more than 3 seconds, so clearly Coulson was lost and confused for a while, right?

Natasha. The woman knows stories that will turn your hair white. Everybody knows it; nobody even tries to challenge her these days, because that just encourages her to go for the really scary stuff.

Clint spends a lot of time up in trees and stuff; he picks up leaves and tucks them in his pack and Phil helps him research them to see which tree gave him shelter this time.
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I'm enjoying these memes not just for the characters but because these are all things I've never done in my life! So fascinating! I pick Darcy and Jane, or Tony and Steve if you think you've done enough Darcy already.
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This is adorable! Jane is very literal, but Darcy makes sure she has some fictional fun. I love their costume!