Jan. 23rd, 2013

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My living room is almost de-holidayed--I am both sad (I like my winter lights) and relieved (all the stuff I shift out of there to make room for the 9-foot tree and the *cough*mutter*mumble*-dozen Dept 56 houses always ends up just stuck in my bedroom, so it is nice to get it all back on shelves where it belongs.)

On to the real, actual de-cluttering. (That sentence should probably be punctuated with an exclamation point, but as much as I would like to find a house under all the Stuff we have, I am not at all enthusiastic about the process. Which is why we're in this mess in the first place, I guess. sigh.)

What-I'm-Reading Wednesday

Originally snagged from [personal profile] musesfool and passed along to [livejournal.com profile] ariadnes_string. We can make it a thing!

What I'm Reading

Persuasion, Jane Austen. I finished up a few things and this was sitting on my iPad and it's been years and years since I last read it, so off I went to Bath.

Roselynde, Roberta Gellis. Medieval romance with pretty impeccable historical details.

The Tempest, Shakespeare. BabyBoy & I are going to see this performed at the Shakespeare Tavern this weekend & he always enjoys it more if he knows the story.

What I Just Finished

Dark Road To Darjeeling, Deanna Raybourne. Julia and Brisbane remain stupidly in love, which is about all I care about. Just as I'm about to swear off their tiresome power struggle, Brisbane gets a migraine, Julia takes care of him, Brisbane lets her, and I'm good for another hundred pages. I did think the death count was a little high in this one, though.

Richard III, Hamlet, Shakespeare. The joys of homeschooling a teenager. (The BBC adaptation of Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart made reading along an utter joy, I must say.)

Lusitania: Saga and Myth, David Ramsay. Again with the homeschooling.

A Lady Awakened, Cecilia Grant. I did give this one a little bit more of a try, but no go, so DNF (and the sequel A Gentleman Undone is going to be DNS.)

What I'm Reading Next

The library is holding a pile of things for me if I can manage to get there during their reduced operating hours: Wonder Show, Barbara Rodgers Barnaby (YA traveling carnival mystery set during the Depression); The Secret of the Pink Carnation, Lauren Willig (which I've read before, but I ended up with some of the later books in the series and thought I'd refresh my memory); Something Like Normal, Trish Doller (YA PTSD vet romance--I am dying to see if she can pull that combo off); The Billionaire's Vinegar, Benjamin Wallace (foodie book club). yikes.

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