Feb. 20th, 2013

topaz119: (somanybooks)
I had a very video oriented week (most of Downton and the last six episodes of the first season of OUAT), plus I spent 2 hours on the phone to Apple support getting some weirdness with iCloud worked out so there wasn't much reading going on, but I hate to lose my posting streak.

What I'm Reading
Still with The Billionaire's Vinegar, but the book club meets tomorrow night and whether I finish this or not, it's going back to the library on Friday. I can't tell if I'm just distracted or what, but I'm still fighting to get through this. On the other hand: good wine tomorrow night, \o/.

Also still reading The Art of Possibility, which is definitely something I'm going to have to clear a couple of hours and read straight through.

Do cookbooks count? I tend to read them like novels, so I'm counting them. This week, I've been going through Joy The Baker and let's just say there are a lot of pages bookmarked. I'm supposed to be doing a Ugh-It's-Cold-And-Gray-So-Let's-Have-Soup-In-Front-Of-A-Fire dinner party next weekend and I'm trying find something fun for dessert (other than Snickers Surprise cookies.)

What I Just Finished
Mark Oldman's wine books, which were fine, but what I want is something that will take what I like and cross-reference that with a wine list and tell me what to order. Shouldn't there be an app for that? Also, I finally sat down and read through Hawkeye #1-7 all at the same time, which was very enjoyable, except there is no comparison with how much I like David Aja's style and how meh the other artists left me.

What's Next
I fully intended to go for the latest Lady Julia/Brisbane, but then one of last week's kindle daily deals was Grave Mercy, by Robin LaFevers, which is about 15th Century nun assassins, and seriously, how can I pass on that?

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