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Title: Shift Colors
Fandom: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
Rating: PG-13 (language only)
Length: ~5000 words
Pairing: William Brandt/Ethan Hunt
Notes: There was a new movie and my brain decided to see if we could work that canon into Mission Anomalies (but then it took a long time, surprise.) Also, this turned into fluff when I was expecting not much but a PWP, \o?.

Summary: Because nothing in their life ever plays out the simple or easy way, even after the team delivers Lane to the joint MI6-CIA task force, Will barely has time to check Ethan for obvious injuries before they’re each pulled in opposite directions.

Link (AO3): Shift Colors
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My dad is watching UFC, welcome to the holiday, sigh. Have some yuletide goodness?

second squad, this is delahoy, be advised by [ profile] Anonymous, The Unusuals, gen, Delahoy, 1669 words, Teen === Second Squad rallies around Delahoy, everyone in perfect character. Note the warnings, but if the show had gone this way, this is exactly how it would have played out.

A cold, beautiful truth by [ profile] Anonymous, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, gen, team, 1578 words, Teen === Undercover snark mixed nicely with tension, gunfire and feels. Pretty much exactly what sucked me into this fandom to begin with.

On The Same Page by [ profile] Anonymous, The Mummy, Evy Carnahan/Rick O'Connell, 3040 words, Teen === Evy isn't getting cold feet about her engagement, not exactly. She's just concerned that Rick doesn't understand how boring a librarian's life generally is. Rick knows better. ♥ ♥ ♥

And the Waves Clasp One Another by [ profile] Anonymous, Persuasion (Jane Austen), Admiral Croft/Sophia Croft, 2065 words === Lovely story of Sophia joining her new husband aboard his ship.

Lost & Found by [ profile] Anonymous, Bourne Legacy, Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing, 3678 words, Teen === I really love this take of Marta and Aaron allowing themselves to find a new life, and I really, really love where they ultimately end up.

queen and consequence by [ profile] Anonymous, Princess Diaries, Nicholas Devereaux/Mia Thermopolis, 1778 words, G === Mia and Nicholas, navigating the waters of a modern romance in the public eye. A thousand bonus points for the cameo from Joe and the Queen.

Furlough by [ profile] Anonymous, Arrow, gen, John Diggle & Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak,, 3964 words, Teen === Everybody deserves a night off and Felicity has the frequent flyer miles to take care of it. Bonus points for Dig having many hidden domestic talents.

we are not your island (you are not our distant shore) by [ profile] Anonymous, Arrow>, John Diggle/Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak, 2751 words, Teen === In which Oliver is a little slow on the uptake, but he gets there in the end.

Always and Forever by [ profile] Anonymous, Pern, Sean Connell/Sorka Hanrahan, 1078 words, G === Sean and Sorka through the years. Actual drabbles, be still my heart.

In the second house on the left by [ profile] Anonymous, The Scarlet Pimpernel, gen, 1162 words, G === Chauvelin does not give up easily; the Pimpernel accepts the challenge.

Peppermint by [ profile] Anonymous, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Yukon Cornelius/Hermey, 1454 words, G === Y'all! This is so adorable and sweet and, just, full of love and caring. I swear it will not scar your childhood.

Repercussions by [ profile] Anonymous, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, gen, 5025 words, Mature === Post-canon, Hansel deals (not so well) with missing Mina while Gretel has more important things on her mind.

meme time

Apr. 21st, 2013 03:44 pm
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From perusing the flist/circle, I gather that it is once again time for the Top Ten On AO3 meme, with optional kudo listing.

Top 10 by hits )

Top 10 by kudos )

So, drawing conclusions... I don't know? (You're shocked, I'm sure.) There's a mix of het, slash, and gen-ish romance in there, as well as a mix of fandoms. There are a couple of "big" pairings (McDanno, J2, Wincest) but the rest are a pretty varied set, so I'm guessing people are good with my love of picking out an odd couple and going for it (she says as she gets back to the Bruce/Clint that's languishing in g-docs...)
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monday. ::squints:: oh, time-change monday. no wonder I'm only barely functioning.

Anyway. FinishIt!February! (pretend it's not a third of the way through March, 'k?) I did kinda do the write-every-day thing (though I didn't keep track) and it was relatively successful.

Rounding things up:

  • sunday (past present) === MI4, Hunt/Brandt, timestamp to Love and Other Mission Anomalies, in which there is an encounter with Will's ex and things turn very much NSFW.

  • Hurry Up and Wait === Avengers|MCU, gen-ish Steve, with background Hawkeye/Black Widow, for the prompt five times Steve waited with Clint or Natasha and one time they waited with him, started *and* finished during February, \o/.

  • The Physicist and The Assassin === Avengers|MCU, eventually Bruce/Clint, technically not finished, as this is just Part 1 of 3, but finished enough that I felt okay posting the first chapter and have a pretty good feel for what's happening in the next two.

  • all kinds of guns === Avengers|MCU, Darcy/Clint, timestamp for you need a rock not a rolling stone, where Darcy is seriously less than impressed by this whole being a grown-up thing.

    There was also some meme-age happening, where I threw out a list of my favorite tropes and people picked one and gave me fandoms and/or pairings to go with them. Still working on those (I'm slow; we all knew this) but so far I've got:

  • Steampunk AU|Supernatural|Sam/Dean: Snippet

  • Secretly a virgin|Avengers/MCU|Clint/Natasha: Two comment snippet

  • Historical AU|MI4|Hunt/Brandt: Story summary (I feel like I should actually write this; I came up with a title, which, as everyone who's gotten hit on gchat when I'm scrambling to post something, I never have a title.)

  • Apocalypse fic|Downton Abbey: Part 1/? (serioiusly, this one could turn into total insanity and crack, I just have to figure out how much of canon I want to use, which is to say: yes, finally all caught up now.)

  • Accidental baby acquisition|Avengers/MCU|Steve/Bucky: ficlet

  • Pretending to be dating/married|Star Trek|Jim/Bones: snippet (I actually already had this exact trope/pairing combo started so I happily posted the beginning of that longer story.)

    I'm still working on the prompts y'all left--they make a nice warm-up for other things (or a rage-reducing distraction when things get stupid in RL)--so thank you for your patience! (And if you'd like to see the whole list/leave me a prompt, the original posts are here on LJ and DW.
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    Title: sunday (past present)
    Fandom: Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol
    Pairing/Characters: Ethan Hunt/William Brandt
    Length: ~5800 words
    Rating: Explicit
    Notes: Future timestamp for Love and Other Mission Anomalies -- Ghost Protocol started streaming on netflix and I remembered that I wanted to go revisit these two. It was supposed to be a simple PWP but you know how my brain always has to work those pesky feelings in there. For the mirror prompt on my [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card.

    Summary: Ethan knows who the guy has to be as soon as he hears him call to Will, even before Will tenses up ever so slightly.

    Link: AO3
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    many, many holiday exchange stories made me happy this year. and then I lost the post--twice!--so I am tossing this first batch out there and retiring to the kitchen to de-stress with (more) baking.

    9 stories in The Mummy, Sharpe, The Montmaray Journals, The Unusuals, MI4, and Avengers RPF fandoms )
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    I won't tell you how much time I've spent combing through the comments at [ profile] ghotocol_kink, but I do have this list of my favorites that have been cross-posted for your (and my own) reading convenience.

    Open Like a Bank Vault Door, by [ profile] ariadnes_string, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Ethan Hunt/William Brandt, NC-17, ~1700 words === I'll put this one first, because it doesn't matter if you have any idea who the characters are, if you have a thing for gun kink this one is allll for you. You could, if you wanted to, google some movie stills or a trailer or two, just so you have faces and voices to go with the characters, but trust me, that is so not necessary. They're right here in all their fucked-up glory. The kink is deftly, responsibly handled, neither of which detracts one bit from the smoking hot.

    the secrets we keep, by [ profile] dearprose, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, William Brandt/Ethan Hunt, R, ~2500 words === Five times Ethan called Brandt by his first name, all of them quick and sharp, deeply felt but not sentimental. Also, sex against an elevator wall is always appreciated.

    post hoc ergo propter hoc, by [ profile] shipmateee, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, William Brandt/Ethan Hunt, Mature, ~2500 words === Another Five Times fic, this one for kisses. This format is always a little dicey for me, but I love it when I find ones that can punch the scene with just a few words, and build a story around those scenes. This one delivers exactly that.

    Plays Well With Others, by [ profile] linaerys, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, William Brandt/Ethan Hunt/OMC, NC-17, ~2800 words === Seducing the rich guy turns out to be a tag-team effort, which is kind of a flip description on my part, because this is more edgy and tense and possessive than not.

    Sometimes Necessary, by [ profile] katydidmischief, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol/RED, William Brandt/Ethan Hunt, Victoria Winslow/Ivan Simanov, Mature, ~4400 words === This one I think you definitely need to have seen RED to get the crossover, but it's an awesome fusion and I really loved both the premise and how the story is presented, in alternating, multiple points of view that give both backstory and present day action.

    By Any Means Necessary?, by [ profile] salvage, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol/Avengers (movie-verse), Clint Barton/Tony Stark, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson, NC-17, ~12,000 words === More Avengers than MI4, but with Brandt and Barton being the same person some of Brandt's more pertinent issues bleed over in a believable way. Set during Iron Man 2, with Barton being sent in to "soften up" Tony Stark, koff, to look more kindly toward SHIELD and ultimately the Avengers. He does his job very well, even if he is a little oblivious about some other stuff.

    ...and one from the Avengers only

    Gift of Asylum, by [ profile] carleton97 and [ profile] Sister_Wolf, Avengers movie-verse, Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton, NC-17, ~47,182 words === Snarky, sexy, long -- I nearly turned cartwheels with glee over this one.
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    Title: Takin' Care of Business
    Fandom: Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol
    Pairing: Gen, background Brandt/Hunt
    Rating/Warnings: H/C
    Length: ~4300 words
    Notes: Written for [ profile] ghotocol_kink, for this prompt: Brandt has become a member of Ethan's team as a field agent, but he's being hounded by the agency to help the new chief analyst on the side.
    Summary: There are days Jane Carter really loves working on Ethan Hunt's team, and there are days when she wants to smack him for being clueless. Some days, those are the same day.

    Links: LJ || AO3.
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    Title: Love and Other Mission Anomalies
    Fandom: Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol
    Pairing: Brandt/Hunt
    Rating/Warnings: Explicit M/M sex, H/C
    Length: ~13,000 words
    Notes: Written for [ profile] ghotocol_kink, for this prompt, the short version of which is: Hurt!Brandt with him and Ethan cut off from the rest of team and Ethan realizing that he has feelings for his teammate (which are reciprocated - happy ending, please!).

    Hurt!Brandt is definitely hurt, but there is a happy ending

    Summary: The first step to solving an anomaly is identifying it.

    Links: LJ || AO3.

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