Jan. 16th, 2016

topaz119: (it was a dark and stormy night)
Wow, so asking for prompts/questions to keep myself entertained during our deployment call turned into the kiss of death, as instead of the normal 'excitement' of listening to the server/database engineers ticking off the stats as the new services start, something in the new code did not play well with more than one of the big production servers and all hell broke loose as people scrambled to roll back the deploy and minimize down time (we have very tight downtime allowances that start to impact people's bonuses v. v. quickly.) My team's architect and lead developer are not native English speakers and while their English is really good, in times like this we've worked out a process where I act like a real-time validator to make sure they're writing what they mean to say. It was a little crazy for a couple of hours and then we had the audit forms to write up and submit and then we had the post-mortem and then we had the re-deploy (where everything went fine, because it turns out it *wasn't* our code that was the problem, it was an out-of-date patch on one of the IIS servers) and yay, we are now live with the new stuff (and everything else is now super-behind, so we're all triaging that.)

So, yes, this week did not go as planned. But it is the weekend! And I am not going anywhere! (I've been out of town for the last 4 weekends in a row, mostly all for fun/good reasons, but still. I may not get out of bed at all today.)

and now for the ask-me-questions meme... )

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