Mar. 8th, 2016

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So, circling back to posting topics that people suggested back in December (shh, yes, I know it’s March, but you know I’m perpetually behind in everything that’s not paying bills or making money *to* pay the bills), [ profile] alphaflyer came in with “Darcy and Clint. Discuss…” Seeing as how I (FINALLY) finished what turned out to be a New Adult romance novel set just off-screen in the MCU with the two of them as protagonists, this seemed like a good time to tackle that topic. (Also, in Dec of 2014 (argh), [personal profile] musesfool weighed in with “Darcy Lewis: how so awesome?” which I’m pretty sure I delayed for when I finished that self-same NA novel, definitely not intending it to take multiple years to wrap up.)

Definitely time to get my babble on, yeah?

Of course, every time I sit down to write meta, it’s all very boring and I can’t think of anything. Then I get to the point where I’m editing a fic and realize that I wrote the whole thing because my subconscious saw something about a character or a reaction to that character and ran with it (without consulting the rest of my brain.)

Darcy’s fun because she’s the normal, regular girl who gets swept up in the madness that is the ‘wider world’ that Fury talks to Tony about at the end of IM—and most importantly, because she doesn’t freak out and run. She’s there at the end of Thor, still working with Jane and somebody must have been paying attention to fandom because not only did they bring her back for TDW, but they dropped her into the comics tie-ins. So, you know, normal person dealing with the craziness, that’s always interesting. And you can pair her with anyone--I have the one fic I started with Sam that I need to finish and one bouncing around my head that pairs her with Steve that I’d really like to play with, too (a continuation of the Thanksgiving fic I wrote a little while back, starting with her knowing how to Lindy Hop and going from there in a (surprise!) friends-to-lovers trope.)

Hawkeye’s cool because before The Avengers, he was 47 seconds of snarking over comms with Coulson, which left him wide open for interpretation. He didn’t look like they were going with the regular Marvel-616 happy-go-lucky goof, which was good, because we all know I have a *thing* for Special Forces types (all the Hawaii Five-0 and Mission Impossible stuff was your tip-off.) I am always up for another version to add to my gaggle of guys I love to write. And lord knows I’ve written him with lots of partners during my time playing in the MCU.

And then, in the post-Thor, pre-Avengers timeframe, some very fun writers got hold of the pairing and ran with the idea. That’s never a bad thing for me. Sometimes it just means I’m having a great time with the ‘what if…s’ but other times my brain comes out to play. This is probably where I blame [personal profile] musesfool for reccing and writing some of the best because the next thing I knew, one morning I woke up and had the first rescue of rolling stone written before I even thought about it and I haven’t really ever looked back.

I don’t know that I’d have two novel-length stories if they hadn’t gone with the Ultimates-Hawkeye, but I was writing around the goof with rolling stone anyway--I remember telling myself that this was the guy who founded and led the West Coast Avengers and who came back from the dead as Ronin. I was convinced I was writing right on the edge of OOC, but then he came sliding down that rope & didn't take the headshot at purple spandex in sight. I was kind of giddy about that when I came out of the theater (I finished rolling stone the day before the movie opened in the US, so I was in that whiplash-y state of having finished something long, in a new fandom, and getting to see the characterization I picked playing out on the big screen.)

Plus, D/C kind of opens up the pairing possibilities--if I ever can ever wrap my brain around it, there’s half of a Steve/Natasha sequel to rolling stone sitting on my g-docs b/c when I went back and re-read the whole thing, I kept seeing where I was writing all kinds of pre-relationship stuff for them, too.

So, yeah, I certainly never expected this to be such a big deal, but here we are & it's been a blast getting here. <3

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