Mar. 25th, 2016

topaz119: (shamrock love)
Hello, Happy Friday!

The office is dead quiet today (apparently everyone likes to take off Good Friday? Who knew?) but before I bang on out of here to go "shop" through a friend's closet for the upcoming Gala Weekend, I thought I'd leave you with a couple of links…

Real Simple's Peeps Wreath -- Tacky food-based decorations FTW!

Waaaay back when I first started posting fic and admitting to it (no, you will never find my XF or Buffy fic, never ever) something possessed me to write a popslash, post-Camlan Authurian AU (popslash didn't really do AUs (reality was crazy enough)). Anyway, I saw this picture on tumblr and that's basically the setting for the story. So that was fun to see.

Even further back in time (seriously, this is like the Stone Ages), I did a business trip to LA and got to spend the evening at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, which is seriously one of the coolest experiences I'd had by that point in my life. I was super-excited to see this video, A Day With Misty Lee, who is a medium and a magician and the only female resident of the Magic Castle. Very cool.

Cherry Blossom Cam! -- Live from the Tidal Basin in DC.

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